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Greetings Riders,
Well, looks like we are getting a little reprieve from the weather man. Beautiful riding weather this week and the evenings are getting into the low 70's. Can't beat that. Good opportunity to take a ride at sunset to enjoy the awesome riding weather and attend some of the bike nights in your area. They are popping up all over the Valley. If there is not one in your area, there probably soon will be. For you riders in the far West Valley, I am looking for something in your area. Stay tuned.
As most of you know by now, I tend to look at things and see more than is on the surface. I like to examine why things are the way they are. In doing so this past weekend, I have found that apparently someone is passing out free "Stupid Pills" and a lot of people are taking them. Otherwise, I wouldn't have to waste my time reading Dumb Warning Labels. I went to look at a new gas grill this past Saturday. As I was inspecting the grill I saw a sticker that said: "Warning! Grill may become hot." Now correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that why I am buying the grill? So are they warning me that the grill is actually going to do what I think it is going to do? Or are they warning the person high on "Stupid Pills" that when they plunk down their $200 for the grill not to cook meat that is attached to them?
So after being intrigued by the warning that my new gas grill was actually going to become hot, I decided to look around at a few other items that might warn me of the obvious.
Here are a few that I found:
1. On a Chainsaw: "Do not attempt to stop blade with your hands."
(In case you thought that just because it was cutting through that 10" tree that it would not hurt your hands.) 

2. This is on a Children's Cough Medicine: "Do not drive car or operate machinery."
(I don't know about you, but I think it is a good idea to keep the 5 year olds off the fork lifts and out of the drivers seat no matter what they are taking.)

3. On a Craftsman Push Mower: "Do not attempt to remove blade while lawnmower is running."
(Hmm, you have to be OD'd on Stupid Pills to try this maneuver.)

4. On the package of an Iron: "Do not iron clothes on body."
(No matter how fast of paced world we live in, ironing clothes on my body is not an option.)

5. Here is one of my favorites. This is on a child's Superman costume: "Wearing this garment does not enable you to fly." (OK, a childhood fantasy has now been ruined for me. So on the Bill Gates costume it must say: Warning: You are not a billionaire.)
6. This was found on a Chain Saw Sharpener: "Warning: Do not use while saw is running."
(Now there is some good advice if you want to sharpen more than one saw.)
7. On a bottle of Bowl Fresh: "Safe to use around pets and children, although it is not recommend that either be permitted to drink from toilet."
(Our policy was that after age 5, no more drinking out of the toilet.) 

8. On a Hair Dryer: "Do not use in the bathtub."
(Unless you are wanting that curly look.)
9. Nytol Sleep Aid: "Warning: May cause drowsiness."
(Alright, nothing wrong with a little reinforcement that the product is going to do what they say.) 

10. On a cardboard sunshade for a car windshield: "Do not attempt to operate vehicle with sunshade in place."
(I'm from Kansas and have peeked through a hole in the frost before, but trying to see through cardboard is a bit much.)
As you can see, warning labels have now reached ludicrous proportions. Do we really need these obvious warnings pasted all over the products we buy? Most of us know that coffee is hot, and that we shouldn't use an electric device in water or that a Superman cape is not going to pass along mystic flying powers. Surely there is some survival instinct that is passed along somewhere along the way. But as I said before, the "Stupid Pills" are free and a lot of people are taking them. I'm sure there is someone out there that thinks that ironing their clothes on their body is going to save them a little time. And as long as there are attorneys that will represent these frivolous cases and courts that will hear them, we might as well read them and get a good laugh. Hopefully when we buy a new motorcycle we won't see something like: "Tipping over while moving could cause Road Rash." Here's one we don't need a sticker for. We have all learned the hard way that touching the exhaust pipe when hot will burn you.

In This Issue: 
First Night of San Felipes Bike Night Wednesday Night
Father's Day Brunches at
Hailey's Grill and Sugar Daddy's on Sunday
Combo Deluxe all weekend at
Live Band at Casey Jones Thursday Night
Chandler Harley's 3rd Anniversary and Father's Day Celebration



New!! Starting This Wednesday June 11th.
San Felipes Wednesday Bike Night. How about some good Mexican Food, Good Drinks and a Rockin' Good Time? Then San Felipes is your place in North Scottsdale. Not only are you allowed to dance on the bar at San Felipes...It is encouraged! See the pictures. San Felipes starts out mellow for the dinner crowd and then builds as the night goes on. Billed as North Scottsdale's Only Dance Party with 100 Tequilas and No Cover, the DJ begins at 8:00 and will be playing your favorite tunes to get you going. And now they are inviting all riders to stop by and join in on the fun. Stop by for dinner and then sit back and wait for the fun to start. Located on the SE Corner of Pima and Thompson Peak Pkwy. There is a big new retail center there that is built to look like an old mining town. Really neat atmosphere with Bike Parking all across the front. San Felipes is easily accessible from just about anywhere. Just 2 miles N. of the 101 on Pima Rd. You can sit inside and eat, watch your favorite teams on the big screen or sit out on the patio and enjoy the evening weather. Bike night specials include: $3.00 Margaritas, $3.00 Bottles and 25% off all entrees.  This is really a fun place. Some of you might recognize the San Felipes name from their restaurant on the Main St. in Flagstaff. Bike night is from 6PM - Close. For more information: 480-563-9495. V.I.P. Cardholders will get 25% Off Entrees all week long.
The Wild Hare Wednesday Bike Night. Looking for a Bike Night on the East side? Here is a bike night for the East side of town at a really nice location. Stop by and take a look, you will be impressed. It is called The Wild Hare located at 4910 W. Ray Rd. That is the NE Corner of Ray Rd. and Rural Rd. This is a really nice place with a very large outdoor patio. The inside has just been remodeled to double the seating along with adding a DJ, pool tables and games. The Wild Hare has a broad menu including 20 different appetizers, salads, wings, 17 different sandwiches, chicken, filet mignon, burgers and desserts including strawberry cheese cake. There will be food and drink specials that will run during bike night from 6 PM till close. This will all start on Wednesday, August 14th. I will have an information page on the event calendar that will give you all the details. Stop by and take a look, I'm sure you will like what you see. Info: 480-897-6200.

Thursday Night

New!! Chuy's in Tempe on Baseline. Many of you remember this bike night from a few years ago when it was one of the biggest in town before the neighborhood made them shut it down. They are Now Coming Back bigger than ever and excited to once again publicly invite the riders. I remember many a Thursday night making the loop from Chuy's to The Billet Bar to ACME. Now you can even go on up the road to Jetz. Or do it in reverse. Chuy's will be doing raffles every hour for Chuy's Bike Night shirts, Beanies and other prizes. All you have to do is go up to the counter and ask for a ticket. Bike night specials include: $1.50 Long Necks 6-9pm, $2.50 Corona all day, $3.50 Whiskey Rivers, $2.99 Domestic small pitcher, and Tri Tip Sandwich and fries for $5.49. Stop by this Thursday night and relive some of the old times at Chuy's on Baseline. It is always a good time. Chuy's is located at 1831 E. Baseline Rd. in Tempe, just 1 mile West of the 101 on Baseline and 1 mile South of US. 60 on Mc Clintock to Baseline. You can also stop by the Chuy's in Ahwautukee for Sunday Bike Day. More information at 480-777-2905. 

Casey Jones Grill Bike Night in Phoenix on Thursday nights. Live Band starting at 8:00pm! The evening riding weather is perfect, Casey Jones will be packed as it always is from here on. You can always count on lots of bikes here. Ride in for what I call the Best Cheesesteak Sandwich in town. This thing melts in your mouth. They have 3 new pool tables, darts and foosball. Located in the Mervyns Shopping Center on the SE corner of 43rd Ave. and Thunderbird Rd. Casey Jones is a great place for a bike night featuring a large outdoor seating and over 150 people inside. And for those of you that want to watch a sporting event they have 50 TV's scattered throughout the restaurant connected to satellite to get any game you can think of. They have a full menu for lunch, dinner and a Happy Hour from 11:00AM - 7:00PM and a reverse happy hour from 10:00PM - 12:00 Midnight. $1.75 domestic bottles and $2.00 Jacks. There are always a lot of bikes showing up for bike night at Casey Jones Thursday night. Join them for open mic night on Wednesdays. Sunday.


Thunder Pass Food and Spirits Lounge Thursday Bike Night.
Far East Siders you now have a nice big place to go on Thursday nights. The newly remodeled and very large Thunder Pass Food and Spirits Lounge will be opening for the first time this Thursday May 29th to kick off their Thursday Bike Night from 6pm to close. Thunder Pass owners are the same as the Spirits Lounge in Gilbert that a lot of you have gone to in the past. Spirits closed the doors on Saturday due to the loss of the lease. Rick's new place, taking the place of Spirits will be Thunder Pass located at 9303 E. Apache Trail in East Mesa. One block East of Ellsworth on Apache Trail (Main St.). They will have ladies night on Thursdays with $1.00 drinks, extensive food menu and a huge dance floor with a DJ. Thunder Pass features 2 patios. One out front and one in the back. Park your bikes right next to you. Rick invites all that have come to Spirits for the last 21 years to the new 300 seat Thunder Pass located on the County island between Mesa and Apache Junction. 

Riders on the East side you now have the Thursday night Scottsdale Rd. Hat Trick!!
Jetz Americana, ACME Bar & Grill and The Billet Bar. Ride to all three. 

Jetz Americana Thursday Bike Night.

INCREDIBLE would best describe the weather right now for an evening ride.  INCREDIBLE is also the menu at Jetz prepared by Chef James Devine and the INCREDIBLE atmosphere created with DJ Aaron.  Don’t miss any of these this and every THURSDAY!  Preferred parking, delicious menu, and great music can be expected along with specials that run all night!  Nitro Happy Hour starts with ½ price cocktails and a $4.95 appetizer menu from 4-7pm.  Roll right into the Full Throttle Late Nite with $3 domestic bottles, $4 Jack Daniels, and a $7.95 Burger and Brew Special.  Jetz is in the SW corner of Scottsdale Road and Gold Dust, just one block south of Shea behind CPK.  Pull up, park, and party at one of Scottsdale’s finest.  Click here to see the pictures of where you will be going and all of the information.

The Bike Night At The Billet Bar. There is no better place to watch all the Bikes ride down Scottsdale road than from The Billet Bar Patio. The Billet is ALWAYS packed with bikes on Bike Night. The new bars front and rear provide spacious seating, fresh air atmosphere, perfect temperature and courteous staff. The food is amazing and always the latest in cold libations await. You can sit at the back bar and watch your favorite TV on any of the seven big inch televisions. Keep an eye on your prized possession (your motorcycle) on the monitors. Play pool, listen to the latest music and socialize. The front patio seats over 75 people and is perfect for people watching on Scottsdale Rd. The Billet Bar is located right next to Easyriders on 3752 N. Scottsdale Rd. Check it out this Thursday night and all weekend long. Info: at 480-941-1876.
The Bikini Contest continues this week at the ACME Bar and Grill . This is all building to the ACME All American Party and Bikini Contest Finals on July 3rd. All the winners will be back for one big show. Come check it out this week and see what happens. ACME is looking for contestants. 1st place $150, 2nd $50. Just show up with your best bikini. Contest begins at 9:30 PM. View the bikini contest while taking advantage of free appetizers and drink specials from the very cool rooftop lounge. Remember when downtown Scottsdale was the place to be? They are back with the complete remodel of the place including the new rooftop bar. You will enjoy a Free Buffet from 8:00-9:30 PM, Drink Specials, Raffles every week, Great Music, Pool and lots of fun in Downtown Scottsdale. Make your plans for Thursday March 20th to kick off the return of ACME. Come early for the free buffet and get your raffle ticket and return at 10:00 PM for the drawing. ACME is located in Old Town Scottsdale at 4245 N. Craftsmen Ct. just South of 5th Ave. and West of Scottsdale Rd. For more information call 480-990-7111. Ride by and be a part of the Rebirth of the Acme Ride Night This Thursday Night.  Click here for details and pictures.

Saturday Night 

Saturday Night Bike Night at Broker's Bar and Grill. Need a destination on a Saturday night for some great food and refreshments with other riders?? This is a great little place that reminds me of the show Cheer's. A lot of you already stop at Broker's for the excellent food and refreshments on the patio. Now they are having an official Bike Night starting May 10th from 6pm - Close with several food and drink specials. I'm sure the place will be packed on Saturday nights. Broker's is located on the SW corner of Scottsdale Rd. and Bell Rd. in North Scottsdale next to Paris Paris. Food Specials will be $6.00 Burger meal, $5.00 Chicken Sandwich meal and $1.00 Burger Sliders (each). Drink specials include $2.50 domestic bottles, $3.00 imports, $3.50 drafts, $4.50 Guinness and Black & Tans, $4.50 Well Drinks.  Click Here for pictures and more information.

Saturday and Sunday

Bike Days at The Hideaway
Stop by The Hideaway this Saturday and see a display of custom motorcycles from BOURGET'S BIKE WORKS. As seen on the Discovery Channel and made right here in Phoenix.
The HIDEAWAY Grill is the creation of a guy named Mark, a motorcycle enthusiast who loves to ride his Harley-Davidson ! The HIDEAWAY opened in August 0f 1998 and was the only biker friendly establishment in Cave Creek. Since that time The HIDEAWAY Grill has become known World Wide. Any day of the year you can stop in and see some of the most Amazing Show Quality and Road Warrior Bikes in the southwest. Some of the Hideaway events have become legendary.  If you haven’t heard about these then keep an eye on the website for events. At The Hideaway there is something to do every night. Click here for the Weekly Schedule of Events
Monday-Friday: 10am - 6pm: $2 Well, Wine & Domestic Beer. Free Pizza Buffet 3pm - 6pm
Exclusive Bike Shows at The Hideaway with the Hottest Custom Manufacturers:
Jim Nasi Customs: The 1st Saturday of Every Month.
Bourget's Custom Bike Show: The 2nd Saturday of Every Month.
Titan Motorcycles Show: The 3rd Saturday of Every Month.
Ramjet Racing Performance Parts Expo. The 4th Saturday of Every Month. In addition to the Bike Shows there will be a free Bikini Bike Wash during the shows along with Fun, Food, Entertainment, Vendors and More.
Saturday, June 28th: Big Hawaiian Luau Party. Pig in a Pit, Tropical Drinks, Grass Skirts. 


Sunday, June 15th
Hailey's Live Entertainment Sunday's 
This Weekend - "Father's Day Brunch and Cruiser Sunday".
Stop by for brunch starting at 10:00AM - 4:00 PM.
 You can make reservations. Here is your chance to take a ride up North and stop in to Hailey's for some good food and entertainment all weekend long. If you are looking for a short ride (only 60 miles from I-17 & Loop 101) this weekend, this is it. They also have a great ice cream parlor. I am giving the 5 spokes award for the best chocolate milkshakes I have had in a long, long time. These things are awesome.  Hailey's Grill is located just 60 miles from the Loop 101 and I-17 at 10434 S. Hwy 69 right next door to the Harley-Davidson shop in Mayer, AZ.  This is a fun ride for some great food and entertainment. For more information call 928-632-4448. Don't forget to use your V.I.P. Card for your 20% off food at Hailey's.
Upcoming Bands appearing at Hailey's on Sundays:
June 15th:
Father's Day Brunch and Cruiser Sunday.
June 22nd:
Combo Deluxe 2-6pm
June 27-29th: 1st Anniversary Party! Combo Deluxe all weekend. Fri. 8-12pm, Sat. and Sun. 2-6pm. Pig Roast all you can eat $9.95.
July 4th: Cash Dailey Band 8-12pm. July 5th: 2-6pm. July 6th: Danny Rhodes 2-6pm July 13th: Combo Deluxe. July 20th: Car and Bike Show and Joker's Wild 2-6pm. July 27th: Combo Deluxe.


Sugar Daddy's Blues Biker Sunday Brunch.
Live Music on the patio from 1-6PM this Sunday.
Forget the neckties and talking fish. Buy him a beer at Sugar Daddy’s while you listen to live music throughout the day on our temperature control 5,000 sq. ft. patio. Enjoy our brunch menu as well as our full menu starting at 11am. Build-your-own Bloody Mary Bar as well as a full selection of beers. It's a Cajun and blues delight. Even if you can't make it   Click here to see the awesome pictures and details of Sugar Daddy's located at 3102 N. Scottsdale Rd. between Indian School and Thomas on the West side of the road. Stop by and check it out. A great place to hang out. Plenty of Bike Parking. If you have suggestions, email them at . 480-970-6556.

Sunday, June 15th, "Combo Deluxe All Weekend".  
SUMMER CAMP IS HERE!!  Spend your nights in cool Cave Creek. Live Classic Rock and Blues Friday and Saturday Nights 9-Close and Sunday 4-8pm. 
Don't want to drive home?  Fandango will give you a "Camp Pass" for our special rate of $59.00 to stay at Carefree Resort and Villas.  This weekend we have COMBO DELUXE rockin' the house. OUT DOOR PATIO. FOOD AND DRINK SPECIALS ALL WEEK-END. PLENTY OF BIKE PARKING
Biker Friendly All Week Fandango has Happy Hour Monday- Friday 2-6pm with great drink prices and $2.00 off any appetizer. SPECIALS ALL WEEK LONG. Margarita Monday- $3 Margarita's and FREE Chips and Salsa. Taco Tuesday- $1.50 Crispy Taco's and $2 Tecate Draft. Wednesday Burger 'n' Beer-$6. Thursday- House Special Fundido- $8.85 ALL DAY. Friday Fish Fry All-U-Can-Eat $9.95. Seafood Saturday- Different Special Every Week
Join Us Wednesday,
June 18th 7:30pm Fandango Presents:  THE DATING GAME  Hosted by Comedian Dave Herman.  Win a Date With a Hottie!! 

This Week 

Saturday & Sunday, June 14th and 15th
Chandler Harley-Davidson's 3rd Anniversary & Father's Day Weekend Celebration.
Come celebrate the first year in our cool new 30,000 sq. ft. building. Saturday: Be the first 100 people on Saturday and get a free T-Shirt.
Free Hooter's Bike Wash 10-4pm. Free Papa John's Pizza 12-4pm. Sunday: Free gift to the first 100 people. Free Hooter's Bike Wash 10-4pm. Free breakfast from the Waffle Connection. Bike Show 10-3pm, up to $1000 in prizes. And don't forget the famous Tier Discounts all weekend. Open extended hours both days from 8am - 8pm. Chandler Harley is located at 6895 W. Chandler Blvd. in Chandler, AZ. Just E. of I-10 on Chandler Blvd. 480-496-6800. 

June 12-15th
Run with the Wolf Motorcycle Rally. This rally is located in Springerville, AZ. Vendor setup & free camping opens Thursday the 12th at Noon. Registration at 7:30am on Friday the 13th. Poker Run, Vendors, Tattoo's, & DJ all day. Bands start at 5pm & will continue until 12:30am. Saturday the 14th includes bike games, the parade through town, bands (including Mogollon), Vendors, & Tattoo's all day. CMA worship services on Sunday morning at 8am. Registration fees: $10 day pass, $20 event pass single, $30 event pass couple. Info at 928 333-2123 (8am-5pm, M-F) For Vendor Info: 928 333-2226 (8am-5pm) 

Next Week 

June 19th - 21st.
Arizona State H.O.G. Rally.
The cool pines of Williams are once-again the home of the Arizona State Rally. With average daytime highs below 85 degrees, Williams is an ideal location to spend the weekend with your fellow H.O.G. members! We will be providing many of the same activities as prior years, but this year we are bringing THE MOGOLLON BAND downtown on Friday and Saturday night for the always popular Street Dance. We invite you to come to Williams this year and take in the areas beauty and enjoy the town’s warm welcome by attending this year’s Arizona State Rally. Williams is located just 33 miles West of Flagstaff just off of I-40. Click Here for all of the Rally Activities.
Saturday, June 21st.
Cave Creek Road Benefit Poker Run.

For information on all Rides and Events go to .

Upcoming Events 

August 28th - 31st.
Rally In The Rockies. Many of you remember this as the Four Corners Rally. Last year this rally was cancelled. This year it is brought back under a new name and promoter and they promise it to be bigger and better than ever. The inaugural Rally In The Rockies to be held Ignacio, Colorado, over Labor Day Weekend is gearing up to bring a solid motorcycle rally back to the Four Corners Region.
"We are really excited about getting the party started," said Rally In The Rockies organizer Dan Bradshaw. "We've been working real hard to put together a program of events that will be a good time and make people want to come back next year. Labor Day is going to be a lot of fun in the Four Corners." The rally was created last year after the Four Corners Ironhorse Rally failed to stage an event in 2002. Rally In The Rockies will be held at the Sky Ute Events Center, as were past Rallies. "We've been scheduled in the same place for a while now, and as far as I know, there are no other events scheduled at the events center that weekend," Bradshaw said. The rally costs $45 for four days, which grants entry to the events center, entry in all poker runs, access to the car and bike show in Durango, a chance to win four motorcycles, and other good stuff. Single and two-day tickets are also available for $15 to $35. Click Here for full press release.
August 31st - September 11th
2nd Annual Americas Ride. If you have some time and want to be involved in something that definitely builds as you go then this is one for you. America’s Ride is a twelve-day, coast-to-coast motorcycle and community fundraising event that raises money for the World Trade Center Miracles Foundation. Leaving Los Angeles, California on August 31, 2003, the 2nd annual ride travels across the country to Shanksville, PA and Washington D.C., ending at Ground Zero, New York on September 11 to assist those who were affected by the terrorist attacks. They have a very good video from last years ride. Click Here for the Video Page. 


Father's Day is only 4 days away. There is still time to get your Father or Husband the gift that keeps on giving. The V.I.P. Card. $100 in free food and merchandise and one time 20% off all parts, accessories and motorclothes at Hacienda Harley for up to a $5,000 purchase. All for only $39.95. You can order online and it will be sent out the same day. We have just added San Felipes Cantina on the card. You will receive 25% off All entrees every day of the week.
Every once in a while you just need a break from your work.
Here is a very simple diversion that you might like. It is a little flash game called "The Flying Cow". You can try and get the top score. When you come into the page, put your mouse on the catapult, hold down the left mouse button for about 2 seconds and then let it go. Then click on the catapult once to get the cow back and repeat. If it is too hot to ride, this will give you something to do.
And here are 9 classic games to choose from including Pac Man, Tetris, Asteroids and Breakout. These are all on my Church website. Christ's Church of the Valley. Click the link to play one.
This is for those of you that like water sports
. Last weekend was a good one to be near water so I went with some friends to Lake Pleasant Sunday to try some slalom skiing for the first time in 14 years. There were also some kids jumping off of the cliffs that I got a few shots of. I have a 2 1/2 minute video clip of both. Click Here for High Speed connection. Click here for Dial-Up.
As for me this week, I am going to the opening night of San Felipes Bike Night tonight. Then take advantage of the great riding weather Thursday night for some of the bike nights.
Until Next Week,
Blessings and Safe Riding To All,
Barry Caraway
"The Road Is Yours - Take The Ride"

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