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Greetings Riders,
Well, the Hearts To Heroes is now complete for 2007 and what a special event it was. First of all, I want to thank everyone who attended for their support. In General Caldwell's words, "The troops were inspired and motivated by the overwhelming support that they saw from everyone in the crowd" of over 2500 inside CCV that not only rode, but drove to attend this event. You were surely a blessing to these guys and a boost to their morale. Thanks again for your loyal attendance to this event. I am already working on the end location for the event next year as another Hearts To Heroes or a welcome home. But it might literally take an act of Congress to make it happen. I will keep you informed on my progress.
For those of you that could not make it, the day started with the satellite truck rolling in at 6am to set up and start testing the sat feed to and from Baghdad. Motorcycles soon started lining up at 7am for the sign in where they found Coffee, Donuts and Water available provided by CCV. Inside the Church riders found a HUGE American Flag, and the stage lit up in Red, White and Blue colors. After a few warm up videos, the program started promptly at 9:30am when we went live on the Pentagon Channel TV worldwide to every military installation and cable station that carries the channel. We started with a short riding video with myself inviting everyone to join in to honor our troops before I rode in on stage.
We opened Jessica Schall singing a very powerful National Anthem followed by The video called "Remember Me", played to remind us about the sacrifices that our Military Men, Women and Families are making every day. It was now time for the moment that we had all been waiting for. After giving my thoughts on what the word "Hero" means to me, (Click Here For Video) I introduced our real Heroes Major General William Caldwell and accompanying Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines that were with him in Baghdad, Iraq. Right on queue, they popped up on the giant screen in the Church and I will never forget the ear to ear grin on their faces as they saw everyone give them well over a minute long standing ovation. That moment was priceless for me as well as all 2500 in attendance. You could tell that they were completely in awe of the overwhelming support for them. It was one of those moments that we won't soon forget. After some comments by General Caldwell to bring us up to speed on the mission in Iraq, we heard from some of the troops that were in attendance thanking us for our support. (Click Here for Video) This picture, taken in Baghdad, brings home the fact that they were really watching us.
After honoring our guys that are in the line of fire now, I wanted to honor those that had served in past wars including WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and Iraq. For the Vietnam guys, I asked that the audience would get up, shake a hand and give these guys the "Welcome Home" that they never got. It was pointed out to me later that there are other Veterans who did not serve in combat that should be honored as well and they are right. Next year I will have the call for ALL Veterans. Everyone who has served our military is extremely important. This was followed by Briel Batino who beautifully sang "American Tears" to honor all of our current and past military.
Sometimes back at home, we don't really realize how much our support means to our troops. My next guest was T.J. Kowacz, an E4 Specialist who is recently back from serving in Iraq. T.J. is largely responsible for me going forward with this years Hearts To Heroes. He came up to me at the deployment of the National Guard to Afghanistan and told me how much last years Hearts to Heroes meant to him. I had no idea that they were even looking. T.J. shared with the crowd how was his link back to the United States and also told how looking at all of the photos and video from last years Hearts To Heroes was an inspiration to him and all of his comrades as they would look at every single photo and video to see how we supported them.
The program then turned back to Baghdad where we brought 4 families on stage to be reunited via satellite with their loved ones in Iraq. This was truly an inspiring moment. It was especially heartwarming when SPC Jennifer Fulk got to say hello to her Mother and her Grandmother via satellite. There were also smiles all around as we provided reunions with Maj. Keith Turner, Sr. A Thomas O'Neal, and 1st Lt. Ryan Schmoll. It was truly a moment to remember.
That 50 minutes had flown by and were now at the close of the program featuring a video interview of Jessica Schall who lost her brother Sgt. Kenny Schall in Iraq about 18 months ago. Jessica performed a riveting rendition of "I Thank The Soldier". (Click Here for Video) I'm sure at the end of that song there was not a dry eye in the house. A very inspiring song and Jessica performs it with so much emotion. We then closed the one hour telecast via satellite with a prayer for our troops from Senior Pastor of CCV, Dr. Don Wilson.
We were then on our way for a DPS escorted ride with the Patriot Guard and their huge flags leading the way to Phoenix International Raceway for a victory lap around the track. After a slow ride down the Loop 101 due to the estimated 2000 bikes in tow, we eagerly anticipated entering the tunnel at PIR for our lap around the track. To make this work smoothly, we entered the tunnel on the left side of the road, went through the infield to turn 2, went left and made the entire lap around the track and entered back into the infield continuing on the wrong side of the road to make our way out of the PIR to head West on our way to Westgate. Riding around the track was really the icing on the cake that day. It was something that you just can't do every day and was a real treat to be able to be riding where they are going to be roaring NASCAR through there this weekend. Thanks to Phoenix International Raceway for the opportunity to do this.
After that spike of adrenaline that we got from going around PIR, it was off to Westgate City Center for the closing ceremonies with Jesse McGuire. We were able to line the street with bikes next to the fountains where there were food and drink vendors available. Rondavous closed out the day with some great music.
I think it was an inspiring and memorable day for everyone who attended. Even though I was the emcee, I was a spectator just like all of you when those Heroes wearing our United States military uniforms popped on screen and they gave us that big smile. That was a proud moment that I won't soon forget.
This was a big undertaking and I want to thank everyone who contributed in making this event happen including Christ's Church of the Valley for the awesome location and diligent staff, Roxie Merritt with the Dept. of Defense and her staff for making the satellite connection possible, Phoenix International Raceway and Richard Petty Driving Experience for the once in a lifetime lap around the track, DPS for the escort, Westgate City Center for hosting the end party along with Jesse McGuire and Rondavous. I would also like to thank David Whitten for his devotion to helping with this project. And most of all, I personally want to thank everyone who attended for making this a special event to honor our troops. And finally, I have gotten a couple hundred emails of Thanks and well wishes. I appreciate that more than you can imagine and will soon answer every one of them. Thank You for your support of and our events. You are the best!! 

Here is a great video report by Channel 5 News. Click Here to View.
Here is a report by TV3.
Click Here to View. 

I received this email from General Caldwell that I would like to share with all of you.
Barry -- would like to personally thank you for your continuing support for the Troops here in Iraq and for putting on the Hearts to Heroes – what a tremendous event! 
Seeing and personally experiencing an event showcasing support from the American people is tremendously uplifting for our Troops and I can tell you the group of servicemembers from Arizona and Southwestern present were inspired and motivated after the encounter. 
Know an immense amount of hard work and meticulous preparation went into planning and executing the operation, and hope the end result was as fulfilling for you as it was for all of us here in Iraq.  You are true Patriots and we are thankful that we have great Americans like you behind us here as we work to make a brighter future for all Iraqis.
Thanks again for your support and for putting on the Hearts to Heroes to honor our Troops.   
Very Respectfully -- Bill Caldwell 
William B. Caldwell, IV
Major General, USA
Deputy Chief of Staff, Strategic Effects
Multi-National Force - Iraq
Here is an email from Sgt. Ryan Kenner that you saw on the telecast.
Good Afternoon all!
First things first, thank you all for all of your hard work, dedication, and support. I am SGT Ryan Kenner, I was involved with the Hearts to Heroes videoconference with MG Caldwell (I was to his right 2 persons in the front row). It was hard at times throughout the program not to cry. And it was great to see the reaction of the other troops as their families were talking to them, I only wish you had another camera here so that you could see how much we talked about it afterwards.
What you are doing is great, I hope a lot of soldiers throughout the country see what is happening here. I used to see these things on the news and it was an awesome experience to actually be apart of it. I understand that it just isn't you that organized the program and I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone that participated in this event. The care packages are also a plus and an added experience. I answer every care package letter and usually end up forging a relationship with those on the other end.
I do have a request however, and I am not sure if you will have it posted on your website. The program in its entirety, if I could get a copy, also I can extend myself and experiences to help you continue your efforts so if there is anything you need or want to ask please do. You may be here for me but remember we like to be needed too. Also you mentioned Heroes, My hero are the men, women, and children that support us unconditionally and understand what we need. Without them, they wouldn't have heroes.
Thank you for your time. And thanks again to you and your crew for all that you do.
SGT Ryan Kenner
There were many responses about the ride and riders sharing their own experiences that I thought should be shared with others as well as our troops that read the site. So I have started a sort of a blog page with the comments that I have gotten. If you would like to add to it, just email me your comments about the ride or your support comments for the troops to read.
Click Here To Read the current posts.
Email your experiences or support to our troops to . 
Notes from the event:
**I have to say that I am very disappointed in the lack of local media coverage of this event for a City the size of Phoenix, AZ. The editors of the papers and producers of these television stations need to take a look at what is REALLY important. If it would have been an Anti-War Protest, Pro Immigration Rally, Gay Pride March or even a flippin' AKC Dog Show at Westworld, there would have been live coverage on TV, Front Page News in the AZ Republic and Helicopters flying overhead. But since it was just an unprecedented live 2-Way Live Satellite hookup  with over 2500 people in attendance to honor and support our troops fighting for the rights of those other groups to do what they do, we get NO COVERAGE in the Arizona Republic and cursory coverage by the TV Stations. Thanks for TV 5 and TV 3 for their coverage of the event, or there would not have been any. Yes, I am ticked!! I think our guys deserve better than this from our media.
**The ride took a lot longer than I had planned, I was wore out and sunburned by the time we got to Westgate, but I kept telling myself that this is a very small price to pay compared to what our Military is going through in Iraq right now. Maybe this was meant to be our small sacrifice to honor them.
**It was a great sight to see so many people standing on the side of the road with flags or just waving at the riders. I saw one man in particular on Glendale Ave. that stood at attention as we all rode by. Very inspiring.
**Some of you might have seen Mrs. C. stuck on the road as we exited I-10 to head to PIR. The top of the flag that was attached to her bike broke loose and when she slowed down the flag got wound up in the rotor and brake pads and locked up the rear wheel. She did a great job of keeping the bike up when the wheel locked. We could not get it removed, so we picked up the bike and dragged it to the median and left it. Mrs. C. got on with Lyman and continued the ride.
**We are working on putting together a full DVD of the entire day to send to the troops and have available for all anyone who would like a copy. It will hopefully be done within the next 30 days.
**We ran out of T-Shirts at the ride and I am getting more printed. I will have 3 styles of shirts available including a Women's tank top, Men's baseball shirt like I wore at the event, and a white t-shirt with black trim. Watch for the link in next week's letter to order shirts and pins.
**We will also have ride pins available next week if you didn't get one at the event.

Here is a good article by Samantha Quigley from the American Forces Press Service. 

Here is a great video report by Channel 5 News. Click Here to View.
Here is a report by TV3.
Click Here to View.

Pictures and Video will be added over the next few days. So keep checking back.
Click Here for the Photo Page.

Highlights This Week
NEW!! Every Thursday
Arrowhead Harley-Davidson Thursday Bike Night at Gordon Biersch Brewery at Westgate.
Live Music on the patio this week 6:30 - 9:30pm!!
Saturday, April 21st
Chester's Harley-Davidson Hot Rods and Harleys.
Hot rods and Harleys, does it get any better?
Saturday, April 21st
Victory BMW Open House. Stop by for the introduction of a new series
of BMW Motorcycles from 10am - 5pm.
Saturday and Sunday
NEW!! Harold's Cave Creek Coral Bike Weekends. Live music 12 - 5pm Saturday.
$8.99 Breakfast Buffet Sunday.


This Week's Bike Night Events
Tuesday Nights 

Chester’s Harley Davidson Biker Night at the Tilted Kilt in Tempe! If you are looking for some fun on a Tuesday night, With 2 outdoor patios and plenty of excitement, This place is a good time! The Tilted Kilt is home to the best Scotch-Irish experience in Arizona, with an award-winning menu, classic pub fare, and signature Kilt items sure to please any palate, not to mention twenty four globe-spanning beers on tap! Biker Night Tuesdays also mean $3 Jack Daniels and half-price appetizers. And, with a Tilted Kilt Biker Night Card, you receive 15% OFF your total bill. So what are you waiting for? Come on down and have a craic with Chester’s Harley-Davidson! The Tilted Kilt is located at 660 W. Warner Rd. in Tempe, AZ. Just 1.5 miles East of I-10 on Warner Rd. 480-592-0102. Click Here for Map.

Chandler Harley-Davidson Tuesday Bike Night at Nozzlehead's Grille & Pub. Stop by Two Wheel Tuesday Bike Night at Nozzlehead's Grille and Pub located at 4920 S. Gilbert Rd. in Chandler, AZ. Join us for Munchies and Music, Food and Drink, Specials, and good old fashion H-D fun! Nozzlehead's is a fun firefighter-themed restaurant that serves the best pure angus burgers and meatiest wings in the valley. 12 flavors of wings! 11 tap beers served out of the front-end of a real fire truck. Hot Times, Cold Drinks and Great Food! Stop by this Tuesday for the First Night!! Stop by Chandler Harley-Davidson located at 6895 W. Chandler Blvd. in Chandler for a Nozzlehead Food Discount Coupon.


Superstition Harley-Davidson and San Tan Flat are bringing Bike Nights back to the East Valley! Mark your calendars, because every Tuesday means one thing, cheap food and drinks for ALL bikers!  Come hit up San Tan Flat from 6pm to 9pm for a good-ole-fashioned biker bash.  There’ll be $1.50 drafts, ½ off appetizers, $5 Chilidog combos, and a bunch of prizes! Come sit and relax indoors or outdoors at San Tan Flat were there’ll be music, fire pits and marshmallows to roast-to bring out that biker in you. That’s Tuesday nights at San Tan Flat – the corner of Ellsworth and Hunt Highway.  Do it up right, ’Bike Night’ it baby! 6185 W. Hunt Hwy., Queen Creek, AZ. 480-882-2995. This is one of the coolest places in town and worth the ride to check it out. Click Here for Video of San Tan Flat.


Wednesday Nights


Bike Night at Buffalo Wild Wings Mesa-Falcon Field. This is a great new stop for riders on the East Side. Enjoy GREAT FOOD and Live Music every Wednesday night with Soul Catcher, featuring acoustic blues and classic rock from 7pm - 10pm every Wednesday Night at Buffalo Wild Wings located at 4425 E. McKellips Rd. in Mesa, AZ, just across from Falcon Field. Special motorcycle parking in front of the patio. Choose from the extensive new menu including Wings, Chicken Tenders, Huge selection of salads, Wraps, Sandwiches, Ribs & Combos, Burgers, Desserts and Beverages. Click Here for complete menu. Bike Night specials are 50 Cent Legs all day, $2.50 Coronas & Pacificos, $2.00 Well Rum and Coke, $2.00 Well Vodka Tonics, $1.75 Bud Light Pints, $1.75 Miller Light Pints. Sit inside and watch your favorite sporting events on over 50 TV's and 5 Giant Screen TV's or sit outside on the huge patio where there are more TV's and enjoy the evening air. Wherever you find to relax, you will be sure to have a good time, good food and good entertainment at the Buffalo Wings Wednesday Bike Night. 480-218-9464. Click Here to take a look at Buffalo Wild Wings.


Thursday Night 

Arrowhead Harley-Davidson Thursday Bike Night at Gordon Biersch Brewery at Westgate.
Live Music on the patio this week 6:30 - 9:30pm!! You can also sign up for the Gordon Biersch Passport card. What a great deal! Pay only $10 for the card, and you will get a $20 gift certificate to redeem for food and drink. On Bike Nights you will receive double rewards to build points for free food and drink. Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant in Glendale features the best Beer Garden you will find in this State, an impressive bar area equipped with TVs and speaker system, great food, and a large outdoor patio seating. Bike night specials include 1/2 off appetizers plus beer and drink specials. Try my favorite, the Gordon Biersch "Golden Export" or a sampler of all 5 of their beers brewed on site. Plenty of motorcycle only parking. Gordon Biersch is located at 6915 N. 95th Ave. at Westgate City Center, Loop 101 and Glendale next to the Cardinals Stadium. An easy ride from anywhere in the Valley. 623-877-4300


The Bike Night At The Billet Bar. Voted "BEST BIKER BAR IN PHOENIX" by New Times. There is no better place to watch all the Bikes ride down Scottsdale road than from The Billet Bar Patio. The Billet is ALWAYS packed with bikes Every Day. Stop by and take a look at the New Flamed Booths on the Paradise Patio. The new bars front and rear provide spacious seating, fresh air atmosphere, perfect temperature and courteous staff. The food is amazing and always the latest in cold libations await. You can sit at the back bar and watch your favorite TV on any of the seven big inch televisions. Play pool, listen to the latest music and socialize. The front patio seats over 75 people and is perfect for people watching on Scottsdale Rd. The Billet Bar is located on 3752 N. Scottsdale Rd. Check it out this Thursday night and all weekend long. Info: at 480-941-1876. Click Here for the New Billet Bar Page with pictures. 

Every Saturday and Sunday 

Harold's Cave Creek Coral Bike Weekends.
This is the patio that we have all been waiting for in Cave Creek. The new 4000 Sq. Ft. patio at Harold's is finally finished complete with misters, TV's and an outdoor bar. There is plenty of room to put some tables together and hang out with your riding group for breakfast, lunch or the cold beverage of your choice. Live Music from Noon to 4pm every Saturday with Bob Bouchard, the man who plays at Greasewood every weekend. Enjoy TV's all around the patio with a walk up bar. Ride out on Sunday's and enjoy the All You Can Eat breakfast buffet for $8.99 on Sundays from 8am - Noon. Or grab one of Harold's fantastic hamburgers and watch the bikes roll by on Cave Creek Rd. from the patio. 50% Off Appetizers and $2.00 Bud/Bud Light bottles. You can also choose from their full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu every day of the week. Plenty of new motorcycle parking right in front of the patio. A great destination patio for your weekend rides. Harold's is located at 6895 E. Cave Creek Rd., in Cave Creek. 480-488-1906. There are still no tickets being given for DB violations. Just continue to keep the noise down as much as possible when riding through Carefree. 

Western Trails Ranch Bike Weekend. Take a nice ride out of town and Enjoy a relaxed country atmosphere with good food great Music every Saturday and Sunday Afternoons from Noon to 4pm. See the upcoming band list below. Loud pipes? No problem! You can ride out to Western Trails without worrying about DB metering equipment to greet you. Hang out under the covered patio at the Buzzard's Saloon or in front of the stage for some impromptu dancing. Buzzard’s Saloon now has Appetizer’s available at the Bar. Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, Chicken Tenders, Fries, Jalapeno Poppers, Breaded Mushrooms, Onion Rings, Beer Battered Mushrooms & Zucchini and Spicy Chicken Wings. Fast food service from the Bartender. Buddy Boom’s Real BBQ is also open for those who don’t mind walking 300 Feet for the best Burgers, award winning Ribs & BBQ on the Westside of town.
So take a ride out to Western Trails for some Lunch, Music and Fun every Saturday and Sunday. For more information on Western Trails Ranch go to . Located on Hwy. 60 in Morristown, just 12 N. of Sun City West on Grand or just 3 miles South of Carefree Hwy. Click Here for Map. 623-388-0450. 

Every Sunday 

Sugar Daddy's Blues Biker Sunday Brunch.
Sugar Daddy's welcomes you back to riding with the Award Winning Sugar Daddy's Sunday Brunch voted "Best Sunday Brunch" by Newtimes 2006. Enjoy a $9 All You Can Eat Buffet, $2 Mimosas, $4 Bloody Mary Bar from 10am - 4pm. Relax to Live Music from 10am - 4pm on the 5700 sq. ft. climate controlled patio. Riding by later? Grab a quick BBQ from Noon - 5pm on the patio. You can also order off of the extensive menu.Our 5,000 sq. ft. temperature controlled patio has six air conditioning units, misters, and plenty of shade. Sugar Daddy's patio, food and entertainment is becoming a regular Sunday stop. If you haven't tried it yet, give them a try. Complimentary coffee is now served. Make Sugar Daddy's Blues your stop on your ride down Scottsdale Rd. for Brunch or Lunch from 10am - 4pm. Or maybe just relax on the patio with your favorite beverage and watch the bikes roll down Scottsdale Rd.  Click here to see the awesome pictures and details of Sugar Daddy's located at 3102 N. Scottsdale Rd. between Indian School and Thomas on the West side of the road. Stop by and check it out. A great place to hang out. Plenty of Bike Parking. If you have suggestions, email them at . 480-970-6556. 

This Week 

Saturday, April 21st
Chester's Harley-Davidson Hot Rods and Harleys. Hot rods and Harleys, does it get any better? Check out the car and bike show here at Chester's, Saturday, April 21st, from 10am to 3pm! Cast your vote for the best-in-show Peoples Choice award while enjoying lunch on us from 11 to 2. You'll also have the chance to win 100 or 250 dollars at our in-store poker walk, and everybody who spends $100 or more on MotorClothes can take a roll of the dice for 2 to 12% off! Thats Saturday, April 21st, for Hot Rods and Harleys the day everybody wins! Chester's HD is located at 930 S. Country Club Dr. in Mesa. 480-894-0404. 

Saturday, April 21st
Victory BMW Open House. Stop by for the introduction of a new series of BMW Motorcycles from 10am - 5pm. Victory will be introducing The F800 S, the G 650 X moto and challenger, the R 1200 S and the R 1200 R.There will be a casino party where everyone who is 21 and over gets $25 in chips.  You can play the chips at craps tables, roulette tables, and black jack tables to win more chips.  At the end of the day, turn in your chips for raffle tickets for many great prizes, some valued at $500!  There will be free food from 11am - 2pm from Hap's Pitt BBQ and customers can come in to enter to win their choice of a 2007 BMW. Victory BMW is located at 1701 N. Arizona Ave. in Chandler. 480-899-9113. 

Saturday, April 21st
2nd Annual Ride to Save the Family. Sign-In 8-10am at Superstition Harley-Davidson, located at 2910 West Apache Trail in Apache Junction, AZ. End Party at Apache Gold Casino & Resort on US60 between Globe & San Carlos, AZ. Riders will receive a continental breakfast at Superstition & a buffet lunch, live band & raffle prizes at the Apache Gold. First 500 riders to register will receive a ride pin and T-shirt. Cost for the ride is $20 single rider/$30 rider & passenger. Proceeds benefit the Save the Family Foundation, a nonprofit agency that helps Valley homeless families become self-sufficient. More information or to register on-line, please visit and click on events.  To register by phone, please call Jan Dickinson at 480-898-0228 ext. 259.
Saturday, April 21st
Phoenix Rescue Ride Spring 2007. Ride is to Saguaro Lake & back for a FREE hot dog cookout. Canned Food & Clothes Drop-Off starts 8am at Rushing Wind Bible Fellowship, Crossing Community Church, 2542 West Warner Road in Chandler, AZ. $5 entry. Proceeds to help in ministry to the poor & the homeless. Presented by Bikers For Christ, Phoenix. More information at: 602 762-7103.
Saturday, April 21st
1st Annual Memorial Anthony J. Holly Motorcycle Run. All proceeds to benefit Glendale Police Officers and their families to attend Police Week in Washington D.C. 2008 to honor Officer Holly. Registration starts at 7am at Christ's Church of the Valley located at 7005 W. Happy Valley Rd. in Peoria. Kickstands up at 9am. Run will be from CCV to Lake Pleasant, to Western Trails Ranch on U.S. 60, then riding to Officer Holly's Police Sub-Station, finishing at Westgate City Center. $15 single, $20 couple. 

Next Week 

Saturday, April 28th
Buddy Stubbs Hogs and Dogs. Join Buddy Stubbs for their monthly last Saturday of the month HOGS and Dogs. From 11am - 3pm enjoy a free hot dogs and soda, Live Band, Pool Tournament, 50/50 Raffles, Bikini Bike Wash and Take a tour of over 50 Vintage motorcycles in the onsite museum with Buddy Stubbs at 12:30pm. And while you are there take a look at the new 2007 Harley-Davidsons and the latest in Motorclothes. Ride by Buddy Stubbs and enjoy the festivities at 13850 N. Cave Creek Rd. in Phoenix, AZ. 602-971-3400.
Friday, April 27th
Mohave Shrine Club's Gold Digger Poker Run. Benefiting Mohave Valley Shrine Club Charities. Breakfast special and sign-in at the Shrine Club from 8-9am located at 2580 Miracle Mile in Bullhead City, AZ. $20 breakfast includes ride pin and poker run. 5 stops, 115 mile ride. 928-768-5113.
Sunday, April 29th
W. Steven Martin's Memorial Law Ride 2007. Salute the Men and Women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our safety by joining in the Police Memorial Law Ride. Proceeds benefit Police Week and Arizona Memorial Programs. The ride begins at Chester's Harley-Davidson in Mesa and ends in Payson. Check in from 8:30 to 9:45am at Chester's located at 922 S. Country Club in Mesa. $10 donation per motorcycle is requested. 480-899-0366. 


Ok, you dog owners are going to get a kick out of this video. Didn't know dogs had this problem. Click Here to View.
This would have to go down as a total lack of planning. Unless you like being the hood ornament of a truck. Click Here to View.
Here are some crazy 911 calls from Jay Leno. Click Here to View. 

Until Next Week,
Blessings and Safe Riding To All, 

Barry Caraway
"The Road Is Yours -  Take The Ride"


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