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Barry -- would like to personally thank you for your continuing support for the Troops here in Iraq and for putting on the Hearts to Heroes – what a tremendous event!

Seeing and personally experiencing an event showcasing support from the American people is tremendously uplifting for our Troops and I can tell you the group of servicemembers from Arizona and Southwestern present were inspired and motivated after the encounter.

Know an immense amount of hard work and meticulous preparation went into planning and executing the operation, and hope the end result was as fulfilling for you as it was for all of us here in Iraq. You are true Patriots and we are thankful that we have great Americans like you behind us here as we work to make a brighter future for all Iraqis.

Thanks again for your support and for putting on the Hearts to Heroes to honor our Troops.

Very Respectfully -- Bill Caldwell

William B. Caldwell, IV
Major General, USA
Deputy Chief of Staff, Strategic Effects
Multi-National Force - Iraq

Good Afternoon all!

First things first, thank you all for all of your hard work, dedication, and support. I am SGT Ryan Kenner, I was involved with the Hearts to Heroes videoconference with MG Caldwell (I was to his right 2 persons in the front row). It was hard at times throughout the program not to cry. And it was great to see the reaction of the other troops as their families were talking to them, I only wish you had another camera here so that you could see how much we talked about it afterwards.

What you are doing is great, I hope a lot of soldiers throughout the country see what is happening here. I used to see these things on the news and it was an awesome experience to actually be apart of it. I understand that it just isn't you that organized the program and I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone that participated in this event. The care packages are also a plus and an added experience. I answer every care package letter and usually end up forging a relationship with those on the other end.

I do have a request however, and I am not sure if you will have it posted on your website. The program in its entirety, if I could get a copy, also I can extend myself and experiences to help you continue your efforts so if there is anything you need or want to ask please do. You may be here for me but remember we like to be needed too. Also you mentioned Heroes, My hero are the men, women, and children that support us unconditionally and understand what we need. Without them, they wouldn't have heroes.

Thank you for your time. And thanks again to you and your crew for all that you do.
SGT Ryan Kenner
My name is Lcpl. Stackhouse i want to say thank you for all that u and the people that believe in what we do. i was at a rally a few years a go and loved every minute of it. And my brother was taped for the one last year i would have been there but i was at the time over seas in support of OIF but i did get a shirt from my brother and i wore it every chance i got over there as for this year i just couldn't make it not with a 7mos. old son that was born 2 wks after i got home from Iraq but I'm sure that it was a blast and to everyone that was there thank you so much it is so nice to have people that understand what we r doing and have gone through not everyone will that's OK that's my job but again to all of the supporters and contributors from the bottom of my heart thank u and god bless u all

Barry, First of all I want to congratulate you on putting together a great ride and all your efforts in this run. This was my first ride in this one. I would like to offer a suggestion though. This is by no means criticism, it is just a suggestion. When you asked the WWII veterans, Korean veterans, Vietnam veterans etc. etc. to stand up that was great. After all that I think you should have asked all the veterans to stand up. Probably 80% of the room would have stood up.
Again thanks for the ride and I hope we do not have to do it next year but if we do I will be there.

Terry Schroeder
Patriot Guard Rider
Tempe, AZ
Dear Barry:

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! What a great day we had today as part of the Hearts to Heroes ride. Everything seemed to run so smoothly - made us think that this was a piece of cake to organize. Of course we know it wasn't. We truly appreciately your passion for providing us information and rides, such as today. You are a blessing, especially to the motor cycling community! Please don't ever get tired of doing this for us.

God bless you, all your efforts, and your family,
Scott and Patti Sutherland
We just wanted to say THANK YOU for the wonderful ride you put on today. We were extremely impressed with the organization, presentation and overall turnout of this ride. It makes me proud to be acquainted with someone who truly cares about the well being of others, in particular our troops who go to battle everyday for us.

You deserve an enormous round of applause as well as a STANDING OVATION for such a phenomenal event!!!

Thanks again for everything you do!
Charlie & Margie Konen
TO Whom this may concern,

I would like to first thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am stationed in Taji, Iraq and just finished watching your Heart to Heroes show. It really touched my heart knowing how many are still out there who support us and the cause. I am not from Az, I am from Tx. But many I should move to AZ. ha ha, just kidding, I do not own a cycle just yet. I been around them most my life with my dad. Thank you again for the great things ya'll have done. And you for taking them time out to read my email.

SGT Shives, Travis
UNIT# 5908
APO AE 09378
I saw your Hearts to Heroes program on TV and wanted to thank you for the support to the troops. After having been deployed twice I know the need for support from home, both friends and family. Thank you for helping to provide this support.
Mark Diddle
I am watching the live telecast as I write. I would like to mention that I am in Iraq on my third tour. I am with the 32nd Transportation Company out of Ft Carson, Co. I am an extreme road rider. I get on my bike and I am gone for hours, even days. I would like to bring something to light. Due to the dedication of the Soldiers Angels and tireless efferts of some of it's members, a dream of mine is becoming reality, but we still need help. Through the Soldiers Angels non-profit organization, my dream bike is going to be built. It is a dedication bike that has the old school knucklehead chopper style. It is going to be constructed by Denvers Choppers. I respectfully request you look into the established blog, , and help the Soldiers Angels with one soldiers dream.
I understand that many dedications and memorials are coming out, but I would like to make note that I am a career soldier and being such, I have the opportunity to display the bike for years to come as I go from duty station to duty station. I humbly ask anyone, please just look into the site. Without the support of the Soldiers Angels and caring people like yourself, some soldiers dream may not come true. I need your help and support. God Bless America. Sgt Eric "Sketch" Hanley
What a terrific program. Susanne and I send our thanks for organizing such a wonderful event. The message was poignant and purposeful. It put our gratitude in perspective!
Thank you,
Kevin Bahn

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for the spectacular ride yesterday. I know you and others put a lot of work into putting this together and it is very much appreciated. The program at the church was heart warming and tear jerking, humbling and uplifting. I personally thank you and your volunteers for all their efforts, so many hearts were touched yesterday!

As for the totally awesome ride around PIR – FUNTABULOUS!!! We are huge NASCAR fans and will be back there next weekend for the race so that part was a once-in-a-lifetime, oh so much fun, bragging rights event for us. Thank you! Thank you PIR!

Even though yesterday was so awesome for me the biggest THANK YOU goes out to all the men and women faithfully serving in our Military. Words are not enough to express the appreciation for what they do for our country… for each citizen… for me. I was not aware of the Packages from Home, Operation Homefront or Salute to the Military Families programs prior to the Hearts to Heros ride. Now I don’t have to find the words to thank our troops, I can show them through my actions.

With a grateful heart I thank you for yesterday.

Sue Beverly
Just got home from the ride on Saturday,you all did a fantastic job. every one was dialed in , focused, locked , and loaded. the opening ceremony was very emotional ,very very good I heard nothing but positive comments as we made our mile journey back to our bikes. all the law enforcement agency's were fantastic , first time I've ever rode in phx and not had to worry about row violators. the people at pir deserve a lot of thanks. a truly unique experience. and thanks to Jesse McGuire and the band at the end . all in all fantastic run glad I could be their... jay/Cheryl baker
Thank you and Congratulations for a well thought out and organized tribute to our nation’s Heros.
One interesting feedback.
When the host asked the vets to stand up he neglected to ask for Cold War vets. Between Korea and the fall of the Soviet Union millions of us played Thermo Nuclear Chicken with the Soviets. I spent YEARS underwater with 16 then 24 nuclear missiles deterring an attack on our nation. Following Viet Nam, when our nation’s services were at a nadir, we were on the line.
Scott Williams
MMC/ss (ret)
Good morning,
Just a few things. First, what a GREAT ride. You did an outstanding job getting this all together. I'm sure it had it's moments but hats off to you and all those folks behind the scenes. This is our third year and by far the biggest.
Secondly, looking for information about shirts. We were informed that we could order them. Maybe you have that information.
Third, what's up with the lack of media coverage? It's stories and events like this about the support of our brave men and women that need to be plastered on the news. You really need to get your buddy Scott and Channel 3 to get more air time. Sure would have been a sight if there was some footage from a helicopter, to see how many bikes were there.
Anyway, again, Great job.

Thank you,
Jay and Rinny Dean
Thank you for putting on that great event. I enjoyed it very much and look forward to others. Is there a website where one can view photos taken that day.
Thanks again for a wonderful time.
Richard "The Lion Hearted"
There is no other word to describe what we experienced yesterday. Thank you, and every one involved for letting us join in on that ride.
There were no more shirts left at the church. Can you tell me where to go to find them, if there are any more left?
Thanks again, for every thing,
Hi Barry,
I thanked you and said what a great ride/event it was when you were running past us at Westgate but I just wanted to tell you again that it was by far one of the best rides we have been on. This ride has gotten bigger and better every year and I'm glad to see that. We've been going to your events since "02" and I have to admit I don't think I could have held it together as you did when you had the relatives come on stage, nice touch! Thanks again for organizing this and we'll be looking forward to more of your rides.
Chuck & Carol
Hello Barry and Congrats!

Unbelievable run! I was up pretty close to the stage.The young girl that lost her brother in Iraq sang vey well !
The second girl that sang' i cry American Tears 'i thought was outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The troops in Iraq seemed blown away about your run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So emotional!! When i left the parking lot and was riding down 67th Ave. There were 2 people with big American Flags along the side of the road-maybe 40 yards apart. Very emotional
for me. I thought i was at Rolling thunder at Washington,DC! Along the way people pulled over and got on there cell phones and waved and watched us bikers on your run! PIR Raceway was unbelievable! If you have to do this run again can you please include pir Race Track again! My brother did not have a bike this year but will next year and is dieing to do your run! Traffic must have really backed up along the way on saturday! Near end of run i pulled over to grab drink and pretzels from my saddle bag because it took a lot longer than i thought and i was
exhausted! You really felt for The troops and that lovely girl that lost her brother and sang National Anthem! For some reason the second singer-I cry American tears_ when she sang that song it really got to me! To me it looked like well over 3000bikes! Band was good at end as was Coldstone creamery ! Maybe you should tell AMA or some magazines about it! It was much better than i expected! ANd Barry you did really well as MC! With worldwide audience it couldn't have been easy! I get Peoria channel 11 that sometimes has pentagon channel and apparently channel 98 does but it had technical difficulties! I wish My Mom and i could see it on tv! That was one for the books! You done good!!!!!!! Best wishes,
Hi Barry,
I wanted to let you know personally what an incredible job you did with the Hearts to Hero's ride. I participated in that event and it truly touched my heart and was a very rewarding experience for me since this was the first event I have ever done! You and your staff did and awsome job in putting everything together and I wanted to say "thank you" to you all for everything that you have done. I know the ride was a huge success!

I would like to receive your news letter and I tried to sign up from your website but since I don't use Microsoft word I can not sign up. Could you please add my address to the list of individuals in which your letter goes out to? Thank you.

Again, thank you for the unforgettable experience!
Have a great day! Lori
Good morning Barry,
I just wanted to say "Thank You" to you and your crew for putting together the "Hearts to Heroes" ride, also to DPS for making it a safe ride. What a spectacular event and a great way to let our troops know that they are loved and supported back home.

We went back to PIR after the ride and did the 3-laps around the track with the Richard Petty Driving Experience. What a "Rush", I want to go back and be a drive next time. I met with Cindy after my ride and she expressed to me how exciting it was to see all the bikes riding around the track.

"Thank You" again and have a Blessed Day!
Cheryl Borg
just wanted to send you a quick note of congratulations. THAT was a presentation you have every right to be extremely proud of. Thank you for ALL your efforts for putting Hearts to Heroes together for everyone involved. I was honored to be able to participate along with you in this event.
John Edelstein
I want to thank you for a very moving tribute to the troops. I have never witnessed an event that really showed the caring and concern for those that are in combat now and also to recognize the vets from past conflicts. I served during Viet Nam and also during Desert Storm; this is the first time anyone has done anything to let us know how we were appreciated.
The troops now serving in the military deserve what you have done and more. I cannot express in words how good this made me feel to participate in such a wonderful tribute.
The work that went into making this happen had to be a very huge undertaking, just trying to coordinate with the families and servicemen and women for the broadcast. I congratulate you and all who helped make this happen. I would like to volunteer my services to you for anything that you would need of me to help accomplish another function at a later date.
Again I really want to thank you for all you have done, keep up the good work.
Joe Martini
Thank you for your effort. The Hearts to Heroes Ride was a fantastic event for everyone.
Just wanted to say thanks for organizing and putting on the Hearts to Heroes ride. My fiance and I were very moved and very glad we came.
Hopefully you won't have to do another one but if you do, we'll be there.
Ben Naumann
I just wanted to thank you for putting together such an extraordinary event. The presentation was moving, the crowd was awsome, the ride... (dispite the sore butt)... was excellent!! I'll never forget the lap around PIR. Everyone around me was smiling from ear to ear. I have some photo's posted on my site. The site is just a place for me to share photo's with my riding buddies. Its certainly not something that would rate up there with
Thanks again for doing such a great job, and thanks to all those who helped you put this thing together. I had a great time!!!!
Tony VanGoethem
Thanks for the great ride Saturday. The program at CCV was very impressive and heart warming and the lap around PIR was the icing on the cake. Great job!!
I missed the stand where the ride pins were being sold. Are there any left? How can I (and my buddies) get a hold of one?
Thanks again.
Ruud de Heij
Barry, I just wanted to say a sincere thanks for coordinating a great Hearts to Heroes ride on Saturday. The ride was great and the program was fabulous! What an emotional impact on our spirits to see the smiling faces of our solders in Iraq.

I want to share with you a very touching moment for me. When you asked for the audience to recognize those of us who had served in the Viet Nam war I stood up. While I was standing a young lady came over to me, gave me a big hug and said in my ear "welcome home". My emotions took over and tears filled my eyes. I think that is the first time I have had anyone say that to me after all of those years. Then another gentleman came over and hugged me also. What a wonderful experience that I will always remember!

Thanks again for another job well done. Let's hope that next year's ride will be in celebration of all our troops being home!
Duane Hollis,
Hi Barry: Bob and I just wanted to tell you that you, Tammy and I'm quite sure, many others, did an awesome job on Saturday. We had 4 vets in our group. Bob, Moose, Mac and a young woman named Mary. It was very emotional, not a dry eye, but in a good way. We had a blast riding around the PIR track. Ride was a little long and we all had sore butts, but all in all it was one of the most incredible rides I've done. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Hope to see you and Tammy soon.

Nina L. Messner
Just wanted to let you know we had a great time at the run. Professionally done as usual! We saw Mrs. C’s bike being pushed out of traffic, did she have trouble? I hope not. Anyway, thanks for doing a great job, we had a terrific time, although my arms are burnt to hell! Damn sunscreen, doesn’t work too well when you don’t put it on!
That was a great event Saturday, thank you for doing it.
I did not have enough cash with me on Saturday and was wondering if you were going to be selling any of the T-Shirts? I bought a pin, but wanted a T-shirt, but I use my debit card so much that I forgot to get enough cash.
thanks again for doing the ride and hopefully the next one will be a Hearts to Heroes coming Home Ride.
Cal Monroe
The Hearts to Heros was the best ride I have been on. Especially the program at the church. I was wondering if there are there any t-shirts left? I so, how can I purchase them?
Thank you,
Hi Barry,

I'm the guy with the yellow roadglide like yours and i just wanted to tell you that the ride saturday was the best organized escorted ride i have ever done in 45 years riding , the program was oustanding and you and every one involved should be very proud of the event , we have done each of these with you and this was incredible, again ,great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be safe, thanks again, Bill
Thank you so much for this our third year of attending. It was really a great time. This year I brought my nine year old son, Joshua along. He had a wonderful time, and at the end he even had his picture taken with Barry. He said something to me that I thought you should hear. He said, "Dad this is just like the Memorial Day celebrations you use to have when you were young." Sometimes it does take a child to state the obvious. This is a great tradition for us without all the sales gimmicks, etc. We just celebrate past and present hereos. As a former Air Force SSgt. I appreciate what you do to make this event happen. I can't imagine how time, money, and effort you put into it, but it is worth it! My prayers are with you and your family so please continue this event. If there is anything I can do to help to continue this event please let me know.

Michael C. Kinslow
What a great day. This is the second Hearts To Heroes ride that I have been to. This one was by far the most moving. I too grew up during the Vietnam era and vividly remember the mental torment that America's troops were put thru when returning home. Regardless of ones stance on any war the troops are doing what they have been asked to do and they always do it with pride for country and family. I too hope that this will be the last Hearts to Heroes event that all of us will ever have to attend. But, as long as one soldier is fighting for you, me or any other American, I will be ready to stand proud and let them know that I care.

Barry, thanks for a great day. It is so obvious that you have a cause that you care deeply for. I know that when I am sitting in the audience watching and listening to all of the guests that you had, I seem to be a bit more grounded in what is really important in life. Thanks.
Thanks again!!!
Brad "Deano" Dean
Hey Barry,
Thanks for a great ride. I enjoyed it and being a VET it was a rewarding feeling to show our support. I did sent some pic's to Tom Corr at Thunder Roads Magazine with a little story or the purpose of the ride so it may be in next months magazine. Thanks again, if you ever need help with a fund raiser, call me and I will help.
Bill Salava (Wild Bill)
Dear Sir,

My name is John Brewer, LCpl USMC (Former). I can not express the feelings I felt this past Saturday while sitting amongst the thousands of other bikers for the Hearts to Heroes ride. I was not prepared for such and emotional opening to the ride. At first I was a little embarrassed to be sitting there crying in a room full of leather and tattoos. That is until I noticed that I was not the only one brought to tears. I so truly wish that I could have felt that kind of support when I served, just to know that somewhere, someone believed in me, regardless of the mission. I am so PROUD to have been a part of this special occasion and while I look forward to participating again next... Like you said, I truly hope there is no Hearts to Heroes run next year. On that same note, maybe a big Welcome Home Ride could be in order. I'll pray for both. Included in those prays will be a special request for blessing for you and your beautiful family. I hope you truly understand that importance of what you do. The difference you make in the lives of others. Not just those in need, but simple lives such as mine, who long to be a part of something greater than themselves.

Thank you sir, and God bless you!

Rev. John Brewer
LCpl. USMC (Former)
Hi Barry,
Truly a great result to a great effort. Karla and I were totally taken by the experience. Thank you for your efforts.
Too bad the media did not consider this an event worthy mentioning...even with the 101 closed! Ch 10 made a brief mention of a "10 mile ride" to support the troops. Ch 12 ignored it.
Again, many thanks.
Craig McCully
First, I just wanted to say thank you and congratulations for the amazing experience of Hearts to Heroes. My father-in-law is a member of the Patriot Guard, who lead the ‘parade’ and has asked me to join him on several rides…I wasn’t able to make any of them until Saturday and I am so glad I was there! It was an overwhelming experience. Thank you!
Also, I was wondering – while waiting at the church there were two amazing videos playing – both photo compilations of service men and women. I would love to have them on my computer to share with my 7th grade social studies class. Can you please tell me where on the internet I can find them, or, better yet, is it possible for you to send me the videos directly via e-mail?
Thank you again!
Rebecca Clark
I would like to say thanks for such a great day. My wife and I were joined by six of our new friends. We recently moved to Phoenix from Tucson and did not know anyone. With not knowing anyone and listening to the news every day, we began to fill as if everyone "disliked/hated" our son for being in the "war". He is doing his second tour with the 377th airborne artillery, 4th combat team, based at FOB Falcon in southern Baghdad . We were determined to ride with you and fellow supporters of the troops. Our new friends insisted on supporting us and along with the troops. WHAT A RELIEF to share with so many others. Thank you for all that you have done for them and their families.

Jerry and Lauren Lee
Proud parents of :
Sgt Brendan R Lee
Barry you probably have a thousand thank you’s by now. I just wanted to add mine as well. Great Job.
I don’t know how much it takes to put something like this together but I am sure it is a lot.
Bill Gibson

I just wanted to share these photos taken of the "Hearts to Heroes" ride. I still get teary eyed and goose bumps all over when I see these pictures and hope that others will feel the same. We could not believe the support of
the people who where not in the bike run, but standing on the streets holding flags and giving their support. There where two in particular gentlemen who where at complete attention while we drove past. I was only
able to capture one gentlemen who stood at attention while holding the American flag.

We feel proud to be part of such a great cause and wanted to say what a great job everyone did to put his all together. I hope that you can use the slide show that I have attached, for I think it summarizes most of what a great ride it was. I know we will never forget it...

Kelly Waters
CONGRATULATIONS! What a great day we had. It was so well organized and so much fun! I can't sight just one part that was great 'cuz they all were! It was a thrill to do the lap around PIR, the weather was made for riding, the band at Westgate was outstanding and the organization at CCV was incredible. But what still gets me teary eyed and choked up is the fact that the "heroes" got to see it. What a thrill. Thanks Barry for every extra minute and every extra detail that you put into it. There were many "behind the scenes" people that made it all happen and I applaud each and every one of them as well. What a thrill - one that will last a long, long time.

Terri Smith
Also as someone married to a Viet Nam Vet thank you for taking the time to recognize them;0)
This is our second time riding with you and Hearts to Heroes and it was great.. we belong to the PGR and its great to be able to do something for our Troops that is a bit more positive than the rides we normally go on with them. GREAT job and see you next time.
Susie and Tom Atnip

We want to thank you for once again making Hearts to Heroes happen! This was our third time participating and it gets better every year. As great as it was, I would rather have a Welcome Home party next year for these young men and women.
As I mentioned to you the last time we spoke, our son is currently stationed at Camp Anaconda, Iraq and has been since last October. He is with the First Cavalry Division and is one of the units that have been extended over there for an additional 3 months. This means he will miss a second Christmas this year while being deployed for a total of 15 months or so.
Pat was unable to get online during the event so I have forwarded your newsletter to him so he can at least click on the links. I believe he and the rest of his unit will be very appreciative of your support.

Please keep up the good work and save a couple of t-shirts for us to send over to him.
Best regards,
Steve and Sue
Thanks for letting me a part of an experience that I will never forget. You and all involved did a great job in organizing this event.
I am glad that you are going to honor all veterans next year. Just another suggestion and I know you get lots of them...How about recognizing the families of our deployed troops also? It isn't easy for the families to go about their daily lives without their loved one present. They are also making sacrifices not to mention the constant worry about the safety of the troops. It would be nice for them to stand up and be recognized also. I would like to lend my support to mothers, fathers, children, and other relatives who have a loved one in harm's way.
Keep up the good work.
Barry, just want to say that the Hearts to Heroes function was very special and you did a fantastic job. My Son taped the ride while on his bike and to me was very special.....attached is the link. If you like it, we can send you the CD with much better quality. Please let me know if you would like a CD.
Again, thank you for a wonderful celebration for our Heroes.
John Croteau 
Great Job on the RIDE , I've attended all of the rides and this one was no different as being well planned and organized. As you mentioned, all of us might not support the war, but we sure as hell are going to support the warrior. My wife was complaining towards the end of the ride about her keister aching and I put it into perspective and said "would you rather be sitting on a rock in the middle of the Iraqi desert or sitting on the back of a motorcycle in Phoenix?" That reinforced the reason why we attend these rides, support the troops at any cost, even getting a little sunburned and butt sore, it's a small sacrifice compared to what they do.
Scott and Liza
As a Vietnam Vet who was pelted with human feces and urine when I stepped off the plane in Oakland, this tribute brought tears to my eyes to see troops honored the way it should be. God Bless you!
Keith A. Bolte
I want to thank you and all the people who help organize this great event. I am a retired Navy Vet of 21 years and I am so proud of those men and woman that support our country by serving. That was one of the best rides I have been on, something my wife and I will never forget. Continue doing what you do for these fine Sailors, Soldiers and Airman.
Michael A. Bastys
US Navy Retired
I want to give you a Big Thanks for putting this program together for our Troops. Our troops need this support, and it takes someome with a heart as yours to step up and prepare an event like this. Being a Marine Wife and Rider, This was great for the troops. Thanks for reconzing our VETS that never got the Thanks or Welcome home they should have got. THANK YOU VETS!
My heart goes out to all our serice members. Keep safe you are in our prayers!
Simper Fi
Trish Tipton
In regards to the Veterans you didn't mention. Grenada, Beirut, Panama, and the formal Eastern blocked States.In 1983 I served in served in Grenada then in Panama. In between I was an adviser in Central America. I know a lot of people don't remember the small ones but the ones that were there do. Thank you for all you do for our Veterans.
Franco Medrano
Thank You Barry for putting this together for our men & women that fight for this country. See you soon, New York
I along with many others went to DC for the GOE-1 to support the troops and protect the Memorials and it was great. This rally was just as great to me,but in a different way, since it was my first, but it will not be my last. The only bad thing was my losing a very special ring in the parking lot at the end of the ride. If anyone happened to find a diamond and blue saphire ring in white gold, please contact me at This ring was given to me by widow of a Vietnam Vet that went with me to The Wall for the GOE 1.
Gary B
THANK YOU!!! You and the people involved in this huge project deserve much more than any of us could ever say here. Hopefully a very big Thank You could be a start. The logistics must have been a task that most would could not even fathom. The end result..completely fantastic, heart warming, and tear jerking as well. It made me proud to be associated with a group of people..not so reverently termed "bikers"! I know the soldiers and airmen that were able to see and speak with their family members were overwhelmed and very thankful for everyone's efforts to make this possible. The outflowing of support for our heroes...believe me..they know they have support at home. This is in no small part due to you and the people involved in making this happen. Imagine packing for 15 many of us can do that? Simple things we all take for granted...toothpaste..shaving cream...all these little things that mean so little to us everyday, mean much to our heroes deployed. Thank you all for taking part and supporting our warriors. Regardless of our individual views...we should all remember..OUR people are in harm's way and we need to support them and their families! Thank you again Barry and everyone that participated.
GREAT RIDE !!!! Thanks SO much for putting this together again. These men and woman serving our country are truly HEROES, AND I know you don't want to hear this but YOU are right up there with them!!! Barry if you didn't do this WHO WOULD?? You are a special person, Thank You.
I send this newsletter to my brothers kids in NY , My brother Gary killed on 9-11, They thank you!! This year my son in law ,back from Iraq Also rode with us I was honored to ride next to him All this because of your thoughtfulness and caring for our country
God Bless, Mike & Jane Herold
Barry, thanks for a great day. The Hearts to Hero's ride was the best. You are quite a fellow, I would say that you are one of my HEROS. As a Viet Nam Vet I can count on one hand the number of times that anyone has ever said thanks let alone bothered to shake my hand. Thank you for the acknowledgement. Your effort to put on such a great event is greatly appreciated. Roger Porter
I was able to catch the new clips on Saturday night, one channel at five and the other later in the evening. I was hooked up to an IV and flying around the room on pain killers while I watch. However, I could still feel the emotion of the day. I am so sorry that I could not be there to support our troops and your efforts.
From what I have heard this week it was a phenomenal success. I also share you disgust with the local media which is becoming more liberal each day. I only get the Republic on the weekends and am seriously thinking about discontinuing it altogether.
Kudos on the effort and God willing I will ride next year.
Words can't express how much we appreciate you and your wife. All I can say is, a big thanks for all you do!
I agree I was very disappointed with the lack of TV and Radio coverage. I look forward to a video of the event.I was very moved and so proud of the Troops and my fellow Bikers for all their support. Thanks to you and your staff for all your hard work. Joe Nicita
Dear Barry,
Thanks for everything you do. I always look forward to receiving the weekly update but specially this one ! My husband Joe and I participated in the ride this year (and last) and this year's events far exceeded last year. We were especially impressed with the live feed with Iraq ! It just doesn't get any better than that - unless of course the troops are on their way home!
It was a wonderful experience and we thank you for allowing us the avenue to show the troops that we love them and support them in their hard work, the work they do for us.
Sandy & Joe Parker, New River, AZ
Barry, Just started getting your newsletter; great work and great work on the event.
Just bought a Victory King Pin and starting to ride again after a 35 year lay off. Fortunately for me, just moved to Prescott!
Take care. Alan Cohen
Thank You again for your efforts it was truly commendable and you and your team should be very proud.
I have attended all the rides and as you - I am looking forward to the welcome home ride!
It was great to see the defenders of this great nation on the live feed - you forget just how young they are and what sacrifices they are making - I thought of my best friends brother on his third tour - who just left his 4 month old baby and wife to continue the fight.
With all that said I must express my disappointment from the local media - all we hear all day is how this war is losing support - our own senators and congressman are calling the war lost - our fighting men and woman are hearing all that and yet when an event like this occurs - which portraits the true feeling of the nation, expresses the true heart of the working class men and women whose past service and service of their family members is keeping this country safe, is expressed the media shows 10 seconds about a bike rally in "support of the troops". In my opinion our local media missed a huge opportunity to show this nation where the hearts and minds of the citizens truly are - they are with our troops - your opening video and the songs from the young ladies should be played in the Senate and the House and let these politicians see what really is happening!

Again a job well done - thank you for what you do!
I agree I was very disappointed with the lack of TV and Radio coverage. I look forward to a video of the event.I was very moved and so proud of the Troops and my fellow Bikers for all their support. Thanks to you and your staff for all your hard work. Joe Nicita
Dear Barry:
My wife and I both were overwhelmed with the event you put on. On many occasions during the service, my wife shed tears and I must say I had to fight awfull hard to keep from letting loose with one or two. We truly enjoyed the ride and the entire day. My wife got up early Sunday morning looking for media coverage, and saw little if any. She and I both were upset. The local media should be ashamed of themselves. I guess we should be thankful there wasn't a war protest or a gay rights march on the same day or we wouldn't have gotten any coverage at all.
J and Cheryl Dyer
We had the privilege of riding in with the Patriot Guards in our first Hearts to Heroes ride.
With our Marine flag flying it was truly a moving experience for us. All we can say is THANK YOU to you Barry, PIR, CCV and anyone else who helped organize this wonderful event!! We look forward to the next Hearts to Heroes ride to show our continued support for our military personnel.
Totally AWESOME!!
K & D Kent  
Thank you for being such a true patriot and helping all of us remember, be thankful for and appreciate all of our service men and women. I felt proud and stood a little taller Saturday having participated in such a wonderful and fun event. It truly was a celebration of everything that is good about America!
I served with many outstanding folks who served in Viet Nam, and, have family who fought in that war as well. For those who did not come home, may they never be forgotten. To all that gave, and to those who gave all, THANK YOU.
I hope that the next ride will be to celebrate the end to the conflict in Iraq and the return of our young people to a grateful nation.
While serving, I was often told 'never volunteer'! But I want to extend my assistance to you and your fine organization when you are preparing for the next event. If I can be of any help whatsoever, please, reach out and let me know.
Thank you Barry! My wife and I had a fantastic time. The weather was beautiful and the amazing group of people we were able to meet and share experiences with was a once in a life time chance. I am a Navy vet and proud if it! Anything I can do to support our troops, I will do. We are forever in their debt.
Mark and Sherri 
Thank you so much for the outstanding support you put together for our troops. Our son is in the army and has been to Iraq twice already and is going back for a 3rd time in August. These men/women believe in what they are doing and are proud to be doing it and the love and support shown them on Saturday's ride was awesome. To see and be a part of that many people out in force to honor them was truly humbling. The program at the church was so beautiful and meaningful. I, as a mother of a solider cried several times. I am married to an ex Navy man, mother to an Army man, and sister to an ex Marine. We have the basis covered!! The PIR trip was a once in a life time thing too. The whole Saturday expierence was one I will never forget and I am so proud to have been a part of such a memory making day.
Renee' & John Claunch
proud parents of:
SSG Eric Claunch