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Greetings Riders,
As most of you know from newsletters in the past, I am always trying to bring you new ideas that can enhance your motorcycle riding experience, your enjoyment or even your daily life. When something comes across my desk I will always use it, test it or experience it before I bring it to you. Even though I thoroughly enjoy trying new things, I will admit to being a skeptic until proven wrong. And if it doesn't measure up to the highest standards, it gets discarded and will not make it to the newsletter. This time I have gotten something that can literally be life changing.
Like most of you, I would still like to be riding my bike when I am 84 years old like my buddy Chaz. But to do that, from my current age of 51, I am going to have to start taking better care of my body. My childhood was spent on a farm in Kansas where our choices for a meal was very broad as long as it included any combination of meat and potatoes. As a result of that upbringing, you will never have to wait in line behind me at the salad bar. If it grows IN the ground and is not a potato, I won't eat it. If it walks ON the ground, put it on my plate. If it swims, forget it. As time goes on, that is not the best plan when it comes to the prospects of making it to 84 years old. So it is time take a closer look at preparing myself for the next 30 years.
And as most of you have probably realized, age and having a family tends to change the way we think. It is interesting that if you ask a Young man what he would like most at that particular time in his life, his answer would probably be "money" or something material. If you ask an Older man that same question, the answer would probably be good health, particularly if they had already experienced health issues. And if it keeps you from riding your motorcycle, it makes it even worse.
About six weeks ago I was introduced to a new energy drink named Verve that was just released in November from a local company here in Scottsdale by the name of Vemma. Now stick with me to the end of this thing, remember I said I was a skeptic. So I got a sample of this from my buddy Scott Pasmore, it sat in my refrigerator for over 2 weeks. He kept calling to see if I had tasted it, but it was still in the fridge. One day I finally took it out, read the information on it to find that this was not some ordinary energy drink. In fact, it was an incredibly healthy energy drink, the only one of its kind, full of the Vitamins, Minerals, Mangosteen, Aloe, Green Tea and Antioxidants that I was needing to supplement my aforementioned Kansas diet.
But to learn about the energy drink, I had to understand what was in it. The more I learned about this product, the more interested I became. Given that I have had 2 melanoma removed from my back and have had my Mother and Nephew pass away from cancer, the recent research on Antioxidants and particularly Mangosteen is of great interest to me. Verve is actually just an energy drink built around the original Vemma 2 ounce liquid vitamin supplement containing all of the elements mentioned above. It is an incredibly great tasting drink with a tropical fruit flavor that gives you a natural boost of energy without the sugar rush and crash of a Red Bull or Monster, and contains 12 vitamins and over 65 trace minerals. To drink it, I get what I call an "Eyes wide open feeling" that lasts for hours.
You are probably wondering why I am telling you all of this. The reason is, that I'm excited to share it with you because I have been taking the Vemma 2 ounce vitamin shot every morning for the last month (the same 2 ounces that is in the Verve drink), along with drinking a Verve at about 3 in the afternoon and have never felt better in the last 10 years. Everyone will be affected differently, but my personal results are that I have more energy in the mornings than ever before, my digestive system is better, (lost weight), I have had heartburn for the last few years that is about 80% gone, have had ongoing nagging back and muscle pain that is now virtually gone, fatigue is a thing of the past and I sleep better than ever. All within 30 days. See how it works for you, it is guaranteed.
Vemma is 100% money back guaranteed to:
* Support a Healthy Heart by helping with cholesterol levels,
* Provide Healthy Eyes, Skin and Hair,
* Create Abundant Energy by the production of energy from glucose,
* Supports Your Immune System by promoting healthy cellular communication,
* Scavenge Free Radicals with one of the highest ORAC values,
* Supports a Healthy Digestive System,
* And according to Dr. John Edwards has been clinically proven to lower PSA levels by 30 points within 3 weeks.
(If you would like to hear the whole CD from Dr. Edwards about Mangosteen, Email me at
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Mrs. C. has tried to get me to do vitamin supplements in the past, but I am one of those that is not real big on swallowing a handful of pills. In fact I don't like it. But now that I can just drink it from a 2 ounce bottle, I look forward to the tropical taste every morning. Not to mention that it is a widely known fact that 98% of a liquid vitamin makes it to your system vs. a very small percentage of a pill that makes it to where it is supposed to go.
Not only is this a great product FOR you, it is also a fantastic ground floor opportunity to make some extra money with a company based right here in Scottsdale. Verve and Vemma are only sold through a referral marketing system. All it takes to become a member is to buy a case of the Verve Energy Drink or Vemma vitamin supplement. That's It! No sign up fees or anything else. Every dollar you invest is consumable. With that you get your own web site to get you going and you can then do your friends and family a favor by introducing them to this great product. It can also be used as a fundraiser. For example, you could put your H.O.G. Chapter or any other organization at the top, and all other volume done by the members below would benefit the charity as well as the members in line. A great concept for any charity. Click Here to see the business opportunity. Those who get in early, will do the best.
We will all be going on long rides during these days and months coming up and will invariably experience that mid afternoon fatigue. I for one am famous for stopping for a Red Bull or something for a quick boost. NOW, you can pack your own healthy energy drink with you as you go.
As a result of my tests, I am endorsing Verve as the "The Official Energy Drink of". I now carry a miniature Verve Cooler (Click Here to View) in my bag with six cans of the 8 ounce cans of Verve and they will be with me on all of my trips. There is also a T-Shirt that I will be coming out with that looks like this. Click Here to View. For anyone who wants to try the "Verve", I have a $15 off card for the first 20 people to order that you can use to purchase your first case of Verve. First 20 will also receive a Free Verve Cooler. Throw a few cans of Verve in your cooler and take an energetic ride. Email me your contact information at
Member costs are $35 for a half pack (12 cans), $65 for 24 cans and $130 for 48 cans plus tax and shipping. You would then get $15 off of any of those choices. Vemma is local located near Hayden and the 101. So if you live in the area you can save shipping by stopping by to pick it up. Verve comes in both Sugar Free at 4 calories per can and regular at 70 calories per can. It is pricier than other Energy only drinks, but when you consider that you are getting an energy drink AND your Vitamins and Minerals, it is much cheaper. Email me your contact information and I will get the code to you asap. Once you try it, you will be hooked. To view my Verve web site to to:
The cost for a 30 day supply of just the Vemma Liquid Vitamins that are in the Verve are from $60 - $70 depending on which bottling you get. I am currently doing a Vemma in the morning and a Verve in the afternoon. To learn more about the Vemma Mangosteen and Minerals product go to . Click on Product Info tab at the top and also watch the 7 minute movie.
Here is something that you can think about and I am speaking from experience here. We don't give it a second thought to spend a couple of thousand dollars on some chrome, pipes and upgrades on our bikes. Women drop thousands on augmentation, makeup and hair care products every month. But when it comes to maintaining our health and wellness, we tend to pull back if it going to cost us $60-100 per month to keep OUR motor running. After these last 30 days, I have changed my way of thinking to less chrome and hopefully more time to use it. How about you?
Fast Facts about Vemma and Verve:
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Liquid Vs. Pills Comparison.
Verve Informational Meeting, Thursday March 6th at the Renaissance Hotel,
Westgate City Center, 101 and Glendale. Click Here to RSVP, space is limited. Sample the product, hear the details.