Weekly Update

Greetings Riders,
The riding season in Phoenix is now in full swing. Daytime weather in the low 90's and evenings in the high 60's. It is tough to beat that. Late afternoon and early evening rides are great right now, although layering will now be a consideration. You might have to take along that extra sweatshirt or light jacket to make the transition from daylight to evening temperatures. There are 25 events on the October calendar and November is filling up fast.
Not only are there planned events around the Valley, this is also the time when small groups will get together for Day Rides around the State. Group rides are fun and a good way to spend some time with your friends, HOWEVER..... it can also be a very frustrating time as well if you have some problem children in the group. I'm sure some of you know what I mean already. As with any group activity you do, everyone needs to work together as a team to make it flow smoothly. If you were on a football team and 2 or 3 of your teammates would go off on their own and not follow the plays, which caused you to not be very efficient in playing the game, you would probably not be very excited about having them on the team and might vote to not renew their contract. 
The same analogy works for riding in groups with other motorcycles. All riders in the group, whether riding the bike or a passenger need to be on the same page to make the day trip desirable for all. I realize that there are many different riding styles, but that will work itself out. What I am referring to are some basic considerations that will make the whole outing flow much better. Here are a few examples of how you can help out the team.
Group Leader: Every group of more than 3-4 bikes should appoint a group leader when planning a ride. This person is not the designated "ride nazi" but is merely responsible for keeping the group moving and on schedule, particularly if you are on a longer ride and are trying to reach a destination by a certain time. He is also responsible for letting everyone else in the group know the route that you are taking so that if someone needs to drop off for some reason, they will know where you are going and how to get there.
Punctuality: This is a big one with group riding and is a basic courtesy no matter what activity you are involved with. I've been in a group where the start time was 8:00am and the last straggler shows up at 8:50am. If you are one of those people that "move kind of slow in the morning" then DON'T PLAN A MORNING ACTIVITY THAT WILL REQUIRE YOU TO COMMIT TO AN EARLIER TIME THAN YOU ARE CAPABLE OF MEETING. Having the rest of the group wait well past the start time will not endear you to the group, is not respectful of their time and is not a good way to start a ride. If you encounter an unavoidable delay, make sure that you call someone in the group to let them know that you will not be on time and when you could be expected to arrive. At this point the group has the option to wait a reasonable amount of time or you can catch up with them at the first stop. Otherwise, just make it a point to show up on time.
Be Ready To Go: When you show up at the agreed upon start location at the agreed upon time, be ready to go. HAVE A FULL TANK OF GAS, A FULL STOMACH AND AN EMPTY BLADDER. I have been in several groups where it is the start time, we are all saddled up and ready to go and someone announces that they are on reserve and will need to stop at a gas station to fill up. Not cool or fair to the rest of the group that filled up on the way TO the start location. One of your responsibilities of being "on time" includes being ready to ride with at least enough gas to make it to the first stop.
Food: If you suffer from low blood sugar from not eating every hour, then take some crackers or something with you to tide you over to the scheduled lunch stop. Don't stand around talking and then when it is time to take off, announce that "you have to put some food in your stomach" before you go. Take care of these things as transparent as possible without slowing up the whole group.
Bathroom Stops: This is a big one in group riding. If you have 10 people in your group, you are going to have 10 different needs for bathroom breaks. This will usually send the group over the edge faster than anything when you have taken a rest stop for 45 minutes, and then everyone is on their bikes and ready to leave and someone says, "OH, I HAVE TO TAKE A POTTY BREAK". That is the last thing the rest of the group wants to wait for. If you have an active bladder, "pee planning" falls on your shoulders, the group leader cannot do this for you. If you know that you have to go every hour, make that a priority as soon as you stop and then again BEFORE departure time. The group leader will let you know plenty of time in advance of when you are leaving. Don't hold up the rest of the group while they wait for you to relieve yourself.
Gearing Up: When the ride leader announces that you will be rolling in 10 minutes, this is your cue to take care of all of your personal needs of bathroom, food, drink and putting on your riding gear. Particularly this time of year, there is a lot of layering going on and the need to put on and take of clothing at stops. So you need to be cognizant of how long it takes you to put on your jacket, helmet, gloves, glasses, ear plugs, MP3 player, sunscreen and unwrap your lollipop or gum for the ride. It seems like in every group I've ever been in, when everyone else is on their bikes, with motors running, ready to roll, there is always one last person zipping up a jacket or putting on gloves, and we are setting there staring at them. Don't always be the one everyone is waiting for. Spread it around.
Riding Style: This is a problem in some groups. Usually when you ride with a group you are pretty similar in riding styles, that's why you ride together. But occasionally there will be a new person that will join the group that just "doesn't feel comfortable enough to keep up the pace". That is fine, we would never ask anyone to compromise the way that they ride just to keep up with the group. That is not safe or fair. But..... it is also not fair to slow down a group that likes to ride the speed limits and take away their style. What do you do? If you don't feel comfortable at certain speeds, make sure you find out from your ride leader the directions to the next stop, take your time and ride at your own pace, they will understand. But don't expect the rest of the group to adapt to your style. The fun part of riding is enjoying the pace at which you like to ride.
Conclusion: I know a lot of you reading this right now are shaking your head in agreement saying, "we've got one or two of those in our group". We all do. But there are some people that don't realize they are doing these things, and then there are some that don't care. The ones that "don't care", don't get a call the next time a ride comes along. The ones that "don't realize", you can forward this letter to them.
I don't want this to sound like going on group rides with friends is supposed to be equivalent to a military maneuver. It is not by any means, and if it was, I wouldn't do it. It is supposed to be fun, relaxing and a way to see the country in the best way possible, from the seat of a motorcycle and share it with friends. We have all been guilty of one of more of these nuances along the way. I know I have. The bottom line is, that we all need to consider if we are a consistent violator of any of these points above, find a way to improve on them and to respect the time of our friends. Time is something that is hard to come by these days and we want to use it wisely. Going on these types of day rides are usually the only window of riding some of us have for the entire week or possibly the month, and making this time the most enjoyable possible should be very important to all of us. So if we could put the "It's all about ME" aside for the group and show up on time, full of gas, food, water and low on excess bodily fluids at every stop, the group riding world would be a better place.

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This Week's Bike Night Events 

Hooters at 1-17 and Bell Rd. Tuesday Bike Night. Hooters at I-17 and Bell will be hosting a new Bike Night every Tuesday night from 6pm - 9pm. They will feature a "Ride In" Bike Show with weekly prizes for 1st - 3rd. And then, the third Tuesday of every month we will crown the Bike of the Month with a Grand Prize. We will have $2 Bud, Bud Light, and Bud Select bottles. There will be 20% off of all food and merchandise when you ride in on your bike. Stop by for loads of Raffle Prizes. There will be VIP Motorcycle Parking and you will be greeted at the front door by a Hooter's Girl waiting to give you your raffle ticket. Hooter's is located in the Bell Canyon Shopping Center at 2834 W. Bell Rd., West of I-17 on Bell Rd. 602-375-0000.   


Chester's Harley-Davidson Wednesday Bike Night. Chester’s Harley-Davidson invites you to join us for Wednesday Bike Night at Dos Gringos in Tempe, located at 1001 E 8th St from 6-10 pm! From 6-7, Dos brings you $2 Pacificos, $3 Gringoritas and 1/2 price tacos! Wednesday night Goldfish Races starting at 9pm. There will be prizes distributed for the winners of each round. And, of course, Chester’s Harley-Davidson bike games & trivia! Answer or play them right, and you could WIN BIG with Chester's H-D prizes! The most happenin' spot in Tempe is definitely Dos Gringos Trailer Park where every hour is happy hour at the Chester’s Harley-Davidson Bike Night. 480-894-0404. Click Here for Map

Thursday Night

Superstition Harley-Davidson and Spirits Bar and Grill have teamed up to bring riders in the Far East Valley a great Thursday bike night. For those of you in Far East Mesa and Apache Junction, you now have a place to go on Thursday nights. And better yet, just for riding your bike to Spirits, they will give you a free hamburger. That’s right, every rider to show up on their bike between 7-10pm will receive a free hamburger! Stick around and win great prizes and raffle items from Superstition Harley-Davidson. ENTER YOUR NAME IN THE DRAWING EVERY THURSDAY IN OCTOBER FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A $250 GIFT CARD FROM SUPERSTITION HARLEY-DAVIDSON. Drawing will be on October 27th. Must be present to win. Enter once every Thursday in October to increase your odds of winning. Spirits is located at 9303 E. Apache Trail in East Mesa. One block East of Ellsworth on Apache Trail (Main St.). Come sit on the patio and watch the bikes roll in, stay inside and enjoy a game of pool, and friendly wait staff.  The large dance floor is always open with music from Goodtime Charlie The OUTLAW DJ playing The Best of Country and the Best of Rock and Roll every Thursday night from 8:30p.m till 2am. With an extensive food menu, 2 patios, and monitors inside to watch your bike, Spirits is the hottest Bike night place to be in the east valley. The LEGEND of Spirits Lives on. More info at Superstition HD at 480-346-0600 or 480-986-5572.

Hooters Mesa Thursday Bike Night. Hooters in Mesa located at 6730 E. Superstition Springs Blvd. will host a Bike Night every Thursday night from 6-9 pm. If you haven't seen this Hooters yet you will have to stop by and take a look. This is one of the nicest locations that they have. Hooters will $2.00 Corona's and 20% off of food and merchandise if you ride your bike in. Stop by for raffles prizes every Thursday Night with Big Raffle prizes the first Thursday of every month. For more information call 480-396-9396.

Hooters at Arrowhead Bike Night. Continues Giveaways and Raffles. Ride by and join in on the fun! Hooters will host a Bike Night every Thursday at the Hooters at Arrowhead located just 1 block S. of Bell on 83rd Ave. Stop by for some great food and Hooters Hospitality. There will be 20% off menu items, $2.00 Corona Thursdays and plenty of parking next to the outdoor patio. Stop by for some giveaways and raffles from Hooters and Arrowhead Harley as well as great wings and fun at Hooters. Click Here to see Pictures and all the detailed information.

Casey Jones Grill Bike Night. A valley favorite bike night for over 3 years. Ride in and sit out on the patio for what I call the Best Cheesesteak Sandwich in town. This thing melts in your mouth.  They have 3 new pool tables, darts and foosball. Located in the Mervyns Shopping Center on the SE corner of 43rd Ave. and Thunderbird Rd. Casey Jones is a great place for a bike night featuring a large outdoor seating and over 150 people inside. And for those of you that want to watch a sporting event they have 50 TV's scattered throughout the restaurant connected to satellite to get any game you can think of. They have a full menu for lunch, dinner and a Happy Hour from 11:00AM - 7:00PM and a reverse happy hour from 10:00PM - 12:00 Midnight. $1.75 domestic bottles and $2.00 Jacks. There are always a lot of bikes showing up for bike night at Casey Jones Thursday night. Join them for open mic night on Wednesdays. Sunday. You can always count on lots of bikes here.

The Bike Night At The Billet Bar. Voted "BEST BIKER BAR IN PHOENIX" by New Times. There is no better place to watch all the Bikes ride down Scottsdale road than from The Billet Bar Patio. The Billet is ALWAYS packed with bikes Every Day. Stop by and take a look at the New Flamed Booths on the Paradise Patio. The new bars front and rear provide spacious seating, fresh air atmosphere, perfect temperature and courteous staff. The food is amazing and always the latest in cold libations await. You can sit at the back bar and watch your favorite TV on any of the seven big inch televisions. Play pool, listen to the latest music and socialize. The front patio seats over 75 people and is perfect for people watching on Scottsdale Rd. The Billet Bar is located right next to Genesis Custom Cycles on 3752 N. Scottsdale Rd. Check it out this Thursday night and all weekend long. Info: at 480-941-1876. Click Here for the New Billet Bar Page with pictures. 

Every Saturday and Sunday  

Cave Creek Roadhouse Bike Weekend. Take a ride and stop by the Hottest New Restaurant/Bar in Cave Creek where every weekend will be Bike Weekend. There is plenty of motorcycle parking right out front. I have mentioned this place before and now it has finally opened to rave reviews. CCR is located on Cave Creek Rd. in the heart of Cave Creek directly across from Harold's. It is a restaurant and bar that focuses on a broad menu of good food and has a large bar for socializing with your riding pals for a good time. It is built to look like something out of the 1800's, but it is brand new. Stop by this weekend for lunch, dinner or just to have a drink and take a look at the place. I can tell you that their hamburgers and steak fries are exceptional. Mrs. C. had the swordfish and said it was very good.
Live Music Every Weekend:

Friday: Live Music with "T.A.T.E." 9pm - 1:30am

Saturday Night: Live Music with "Danny Walls" 9pm - 1:30am

Sunday: Live Music with "Danny Walls" 4pm - 8pm

Click here for the Cave Creek Roadhouse website.  480-575-3098


Sugar Daddy's Blues Biker Sunday Brunch.
Now is the perfect weather to be sitting out on the Sugar Daddy's patio, listening to Live Music while dining from the Brunch Menu. Live Music from 10am on the patio.
And Sunday Brunch Just Got Better! You now have 3 options to choose from.
Option #1:
Eggs Benedict – Grilled English muffins, smoked ham, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.
Served with your chose of fresh fruit or crispy potatoes. ($8) or
Sugar’s Pancakes – You won’t eat pancakes anywhere else. Buttermilk pancakes served with butter and syrup. ($5)
Option #2: Can’t decide what to eat? How about an All-You-Can-Eat buffet for ONLY $12.
Option #3: Order off our regular menu.
Our 5,000 sq. ft. temperature controlled patio has six air conditioning units, misters, and plenty of shade. Sugar Daddy's patio, food and entertainment is becoming a regular Sunday stop. If you haven't tried it yet, give them a try. Complimentary coffee is now served. Make Sugar Daddy's Blues your stop on your ride down Scottsdale Rd. for
Brunch or Lunch from 10am - 4pm. Enjoy live music from 10am - 2pm Or maybe just relax on the patio with your favorite beverage and enjoy the beautiful weather and watch the bikes roll down Scottsdale Rd.  Click here to see the awesome pictures and details of Sugar Daddy's located at 3102 N. Scottsdale Rd. between Indian School and Thomas on the West side of the road. Stop by and check it out. A great place to hang out. Plenty of Bike Parking. If you have suggestions, email them at . 480-970-6556.

This Week 

Saturday, October 15th

Easyriders 2005 V-Twin Bike Show. See your favorite custom bike builders including Billy Lane, Paul Yaffe, Dave Perewitz, Kim Suter and more all under one roof October 15th at the Phoenix Civic Plaza. Wall to wall custom bikes, Motorcycle Trade Show, Live Music by Blackberry Smoke, Roadware Fashion Show, Door Prizes and much more done only the way Easyriders can do it. Admission $16 for the day. Show hours 10am - 10pm. Enter your bike into the Easyriders Custom Bike Show. Click Here to enter. 

Saturday, October 15th
Superstition Harley-Davidson Breast Cancer Awareness Weekend. We’re doing our part at Superstition Harley Davidson! October 15th and 16th is Breast Cancer Awareness Weekend, only at Superstition Harley Davidson. Come visit us that weekend and take 20% off all pink Motorclothes products.  If you’re one of the first 50 customers to make a purchase on either day, we’ll give you a Free Breast Cancer Ribbon lapel pin!  You can also purchase a raffle ticket for only $20 for your chance to win the one of a kind Breast Cancer Chopper, which we’ll have on display!  This bike was build by Firebird Custom Choppers, was featured in the March issue of Rumble Magazine, and sports many unique items, like ribbon-shaped spokes!  Proceeds from the raffle go to the Arizona Institute for Breast Health and the bike will be raffled off April 9, 2006  It’s all going down October 15th and 16th, ONLY at Superstition Harley-Davison located at 2910 W. Apache Trail in Apache Junction. 480-346-0600.
Saturday, October 15th
Tim Johnson Benefit Ride. A few weeks ago I mentioned the story about Tim Johnson, co-owner of MPC Custom Cycles, who on September 1st was involved in a severe motorcycle accident in California with his wife Judy. She is doing well, but Tim is still in very serious condition. Extreme swelling in his brain has left him without basic motor skills and unable to communicate or have any movement on his right side. But thanks to many prayers, it is a miracle he is still with us as the doctors gave him virtually no chance to survive the first night. But after 14 days in a coma, he is slowly improving. To compound problems there have been insurance issues and they will not pay to have Tim brought back to Phoenix. So the family is asking for your help to raise the $8,000 to fly Tim back home via a life support transportation. You can make a donation at MPC anytime or join the event on the 15th and make a donation then. Refreshments at 10:30am and ride leaves at 11:30am. For more information on how you can help, contact RJ Naylor at 602-569-6320. MPC is located at 2424 E. Greenway Rd., NE Corner of Cave Creek Rd. and Greenway Rd.
Sunday October 16th
Ride For Kids Supporting the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. The Ride For Kids® is a motorcyclist’s program that is helping to find the cause and cure of pediatric brain tumors. The Ride For Kids® also serves as a nationally recognized educational and patient support program for patients and their families, and the medical community. Brain tumors are the most deadly of all the childhood cancers. Ride starts at the Glendale Arena located at 6520 N. 91st. Ave. in Glendale. Registration opens at 8am and closes at 9:45am. Free coffee, doughnuts and light lunch.
Sunday October 16th
5th Annual Foothills Stampede and Poker Run. Sponsored by Foothills HOG Chapter. All proceeds benefit Chandler Compadres. Registration is $20 Per Person and includes the Poker Run, T-Shirt to the first 300 mail-in registrants, Ride Pin to the first 500, Vendors, Shopping, Entrance to Run’s End Party Corona Ranch, Lunch, Live Music by SilverCreek, Bike Games, “Old West” Entertainment, Door Prizes, & “Share The Wealth” Raffle. Presented by Foothills HOG Chapter 76, the ride proceeds will benefit the Chandler Compadres Inc. It will begin at Chandler Harley Davidson & travel to Corona Ranch in Lavine in the West Valley, AZ. 480 496-6800 or
Sunday October 16th
1st Annual "Share the Magic" Charity Poker Run. Presented by AZ Beta Sigma Phis Against Domestic Abuse. Registration at 10am at Arrowhead Harley-Davidson, ride leaves at 11am. $25 per person. First 100 registrations receive a free pin and bandana. 50/50, Raffles, Entertainment and Lunch. More information at 602-230-7281. 

Next Week 

Saturday, October 22nd
Shake, Rattle, Rock and Roll Dem Bones. Sponsored by the MMA of AZ. Verde Valley District. Run starts at the Fry's Food Stores, 1100 S. Hwy. 260 in Cottonwood, AZ. Sign in 8am - 10am. Cost is $15 single and $25 couple. Includes Event Logo bandana for first 300 sign-ins, entrance to Boo-Fest and run through Northern Arizona Ghost and Haunted mining towns. High Roll $150, low roll $75. Live music, vendors, biker games bike show and more at ride end.
Sunday, October 23rd
Sugar Daddy's Biker Sunday Brunch Kickoff Party. Join Sugar Daddy's as they put on one of their Biker Parties all day on October 23rd. Those of you that have been to these in the past know that this is a good time and always a bunch of bikes. Here is the schedule for the day.
10am - 2pm:
$12 all you can eat Brunch
10:30am - 1:30pm: Live Music from Hans Olson
12pm - 3pm: Custom Bike Contest. Just show up at Noon to enter.
12pm - 3pm: Loudest Pipes Contest
2pm - 5pm: Off The Grill
4pm - 5pm: Fashion Show with TBA and Girls's from Babe's Cabaret
4pm - 5pm: Winners announced of the Custom Bike Show and Loudest Pipes Contest
9:30pm -  Close: Acoustic Open Mic Night hosted by Matt Tener
Sunday, October 23rd
Rip's B.A.D. Ride AZ. Join in the fight against diabetes! American Diabetes Association presents the Inaugural AZ "Rip's B.A.D. Ride. There are four Start sites in Arizona with registration at 8:00am and escorted rides going to the festival site: Pinal County Fairgrounds (512 E. Eleven Mile Corner Road) in Casa Grande. Or you can ride directly to the festival site! Phoenix Start sites are Thunder Manufacturing and Chandler Harley-Davidson and in Tucson; Arizona Victory and Rural metro Fire Department Station 76. Activities include: Ride in Bike Show, Bike Games, vendors, live concert featuring the Fryed Brothers Band, Mogollon and Bill Scroggs and First Alarm. ALL participants also receive: complimentary BBQ Lunch and water/sodas, ride pin. Minimum donation to participate: $30 pre-registration for rider/$20 for passenger after Tuesday, October 18th: $35 rider/$20 passenger. All funds go directly to the American Diabetes Association. Funds raised through your donations support the lifesaving work of the American Diabetes Association: research, education, community programs, advocacy and CAMP AZDA for kids with diabetes! Call to register: 888-342-2383 x7446 (x7112).
Sunday, October 23rd
Cruise For A Cause. This 2nd Annual Poker Run will benefit Hospice Family Care Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the terminally ill and their families in our community.  We believe that every person that has been diagnosed with a terminal illness deserves to live with dignity and without pain during the last stages of their life. With the help of individual donations the Foundation has provided financial assistance to hundreds of individuals and their families.  The assistance can include: Food, Clothing, Utility Bills, Airfare for loved ones, Accommodations and Funeral. Ride begins from 3 locations. Prescott: Grand Canyon Harley. Tucson: Coffee Exchange, Phoenix: Embassy Suites Hotel, Rural and U.S. 60. Sign in from 8am - 10am. Ride ends at Iguana Mack's, 1371 N. Alma School Rd. $30 per person or $35 per couple includes long sleeve t-shirt and ride pin. More information and how you can help call Joy Butler at 480-889-1116.
Sunday, October 23rd
Superstition Olympic Activities Run. Last year was the first year of this run and it was a very fun event. Instead of drawing cards, you will ride to different locations and test your skills in basketball, darts, horseshoes, etc. all while interacting with the Special Olympians. If you are looking for something a little different, this is a good one. Click Here for pictures from last year. Sign in from 8am -  10:30am at Superstition Harley-Davidson located at 2910 W. Apache Trail in Apache Junction for $20 per person or early register for $15 per person at Superstition HD on Saturday, 10/22 from 9am-noon. Registration includes Ride Pin, and Door Prizes. There will also be a 50/50 and Silent Auction. Proceeds benefit Arizona Special Olympics. 480-346-0600.
Sunday, October 23rd
Buck Rogers Family Disaster Relief Fund. Buck Rogers, a 17 year employee with Glendale/Arrowhead Harley-Davidson, has always been a big contributor to the motorcycle community. I've known Buck personally for 6 years and have found him to be an extremely upstanding man, a proud Vietnam Veteran and a "giver" to many organizations and to riders all over the State. Buck is now asking for some help. Most of his family witnessed first hand the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Buck had 10 members of his family affected by the storm from his 47 year old Sister Irma across Lake Pontchartrain in North Shore area to his 94 year old Mother in New Orleans St. Bernard parish and others in the surrounding parishes. He has gotten a motorcycle donated at cost from Arrowhead HD and is asking for those who would like to help, to buy a raffle ticket or two. Your $10 per ticket is tax deductible. This will give you a chance to win a motorcycle and if all of the 2000 tickets are sold, it will raise about $14,000 for Buck to disperse to his family to help them get back on their feet. Most of the near term issues are alternative living expenses, since they have to stay in motels or other accommodations, transportation, food and clothing. Click Here for complete story. Stop by and purchase your raffle ticket anytime between now and October 23rd when the drawing will be at 4:00pm at Arrowhead HD located at 16130 N. Arrowhead Fountain Center Drive in Peoria. Click Here for Details.
Thursday, October 27th
Buddy Stubbs Ladies Night. Alright Ladies, this is a special evening JUST FOR YOU! Stubbs first Ladies Night in June was a huge success. Click Here for photos. Enjoy a "Stubbs Studs" Fashion Show, Wine and Cheese, Shopping Specials, Fantastic Door Prize, Giveaways, Tech Clinic and Demonstrations and a Guided Motorcycle Museum Tour by Buddy Stubbs. Admission is $10 which includes 2 beverage tickets, light snacks AND a $10 gift certificate given to you that night. Invite your friends, all Ladies welcome. Ladies Night starts at 7:00pm. Reservations are highly recommended. Call 602-971-3400 to reserve your spot.   

Upcoming Events 

Thursday, November 10th. Ride to the Rocky Point Rally. This is your chance to see Rocky Point, one of the hottest up and coming resort locations around, and do it with 5000 other riders. This sleepy little fishing village is growing up and so is the Cinco Annual Rocky Point Rally. Never seen Rocky Point? Click Here for a couple of videos that I did for my Rocky Point Day Ride. If you have never been to Rocky Point and want to ride with a group, is hosting a free ride on Thursday November 10th to the Rally. Just arrive at Arrowhead Harley, sign up for the $10 Rocky Point Rally poker run and be ready to ride by 10am. We will leave and you can all ride at your own pace down there, but there will always be riders nearby as bikes will be coming from all over the State and California. Friday morning you can participate in the Resort Ride and all of the activities throughout the weekend. Come join us for the ride down. Click Here For the Event Listings. If you don't have a place to stay, Click Here to see what rooms are left. You will need insurance for your trip there as well. I would advise that you get it before you leave to avoid the lines to get it on the way. Click Here for insurance, you can do it online. If you have any questions you can email me at . 


Ever been in one of those moments where you were trying to be cool when the camera was on you, but when you saw the picture, it didn't look that good after all. I'm guessing this guy might have been in thinking that as he saw these pictures. It was definitely one of those OOPS moments.
Click Here to view a little mishap on Deals Gap.
Here is a funny little 30 second video that has been around for a while that would qualify for one of those "Uh Oh" moments. Click Here to view. 

Copper State Cycles is repeating their Huge Tire BLOW OUT SALE. Now through the month of October is the time to replace your tires at Copper State Cycles. All Dunlap, Metzeler, Avon and Michelin tires are 30% off MSRP. We've also reduced our install to a flat $35 per tire. Need brake pads while the wheels are off? Reduced pricing on all DP brake pads as well. Does your scoot need a 5k or 10K service. Take 20% off the already low price. That makes your Factory 5K service only $296 and your Factory 10K service only $376. Both prices include your choice of synthetic or standard oil. Buy a 2006 red horse custom during the month of October, and receive either Lifetime scheduled maintenance ( a $1795 value ) or $1000 in Copper State bucks to purchase anything in the store. Copper State Cycles is located at 8245 E. Butherus in Scottsdale. Click Here for Map. Call for appointment at 480-596-6820 or e-mail at
Until Next Week,
Blessings and Safe Riding To All, 

Barry Caraway
"The Road Is Yours -  Take The Ride"

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