This is a good long day ride to the closest beach to Arizona. It is really better suited for an overnight ride, but you could do it in a day. The total route is 205 miles one way and will end up taking you around 4 hours depending on how much you stop. After you exit I-10 onto Hwy. 85 it is mostly a 2 lane highway. Once past Gila Bend you will go past the Berry Goldwater practice range for Luke Air Force Base. You will then go through some mountainous areas ajacent to the Ajo mountains. You will then go through the old mining town of Ajo. Here you can stop for gas and Mexican Insurance. Leaving Ajo you will be 40 miles from the border and will pass through the small town of Why. Shortly after that you will go through the beautiful Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. A very pretty ride. You will then arrive at the Mexican border. You will go through the town of Sonoyta and be 56 miles from Rocky Point. Click Here for the complete story.


Varies from where you start in the Valley. It was 205 miles one way for us starting at Loop 101 and 75th Ave. Time is approximately 4 hours.

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Starting from Loop 101 and I-10, take I-10 West 20 miles to Exit 112. The Hwy. 85 Gila Bend/Mexico.

Take Hwy. 85 South 34 miles through Gila Bend to the sign that says 85 South, Ajo Mexico Right Lane. There is a McDonalds and a Love's truck stop on this corner on the right for a landmark. You turn right before them and you will go around the back of these places in a half circle and be on your way to Ajo.

Go 38 miles South on Hwy. 85 to the Chevron in Ajo for fuel and Mexican insurance. You are now half-way there. This will be at about mile marker 40. You absolutely need to get Mexican Insurance. This is a good place to get it. Bring the registration for your vehicle.

Another good place to stop for a break in Ajo is the Dairy Queen for a milkshake or food. It is about a mile South of the Chevron.


10 miles outside of Ajo you will go through the small town of Why which you can get gas or food.


Stay on 85 and continue 27 more miles to the border at Lukeville. This will be at about mile marker 80. The border town is Lukeville on the American side and Sonoyta on the Mexico side.


 Go 2 miles to a Y in the road. Go left and follow the signs to on Hwy. 2 to Pto Penasco.


Go 1/2 mile and veer to the right to follow Hwy. 8 to Pto Penasco

Go through the town of Sonoyta and then follow Hwy. 8 another 56 miles to Rocky Point.


You will then reach the first stop light coming into Rocky Point. If you are staying at Sandy Beach, turn right here and go 4.5 miles to Sandy Beach Resorts. If you are staying downtown keep going straight another 5 miles to downtown Malecon and Old Port area.

Your Return Home Options

Option 1: This is a possible one day ride as it would only be about 420 miles. But it would really be more enjoyable to stay at least one night to enjoy the area.

Things To Know Before You Go

1. You will need to Mexican insurance for your bike or car. I recommend stopping at the Chevron in Ajo. You can get gas and insurance and it is the half-way point.
2. I have never been asked for any proof of citizenship to get back across the U.S. border, but if you are concerned, you can take a passport or original birth certificate with you.
3. DO NOT under any circumstances try to take a firearm into Mexico. That is a big no-no.
4. It is best to not drink the water. Order bottled water or Coke in a can. The ice cubes can also make you sick if you are not used to it.
5. To my knowledge there is no helmet law in Mexico.
6. The border is closed from Midnight till 6am.
7. Wait times at the border can be long on busy weekends. It is best to return to the border by 11am on a Sunday. Otherwise you might have up to an hour wait.

Hotels and Condos:

If you are looking for a place to stay you can go to: or or for some ideas. I would recommend anything on Sandy Beach for a condo. If you are looking for a hotel on the beach I would recommend Playa Bonita or Penasco Del Sol (formerly Plaza Las Glorias), Near downtown in Mirador, Baja Hotel and Cantina.

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My Review Of This Ride:

Pros: This is a short but very enjoyable ride off the beaten path with lots of things to do and see once you get there. It is the perfect mini vacation.

Cons: A lot of the streets are dirt and or sandy. So be careful in these areas.

Conclusion: I give this ride 4 spokes out of 5 for the beautiful desert scenery and the payoff of the ocean and the variety of activities when you arrive.

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