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Greetings Riders,
Well, we are certainly in the dog days of Summer in the Valley right now. Not too much going on in the motorcycle world around here right now, but I’m sure the heat has something to do with that. I know I’m not too excited about hopping on the bike and going joy riding in 108 degree heat. But what I am doing is looking outside the “hot” box for someplace else to ride. And there is no better time to start day dreaming your rides than right now.
In my opinion, one of the best things ever invented on a smart phone was the Google Maps app. Now I can plot new routes anywhere, and talk to people about roads that we have ridden right from the palm of my hand. The technology just keeps getting better and easier come up with a plan. It is August 1st already and the Summer is slipping away from us, so if you are looking for some ride ideas, I have a couple for you.
A good idea for a hustling 3 day ride or a leisurely 4 day ride would be one that we did a few years ago that I called the Four Canyon Tour. You really have to hustle to get this done in 3 days, but it can be done. It is a fantastic ride for you road warriors that like to get out, lay down some miles and see some pretty scenery. Four days for those that would like the same scenery in a more leisurely ride. Click Here for Part 1 that links to Part 2 at the bottom.
Another fantastic ride which also happens to have an All American Highway designation, is the Utah National Scenic Byway 12 ride. See Part 2 at bottom of the link. This one will take you about 3.5 days. We actually went to Flagstaff for the night in the late afternoon to get a jump on things. The rest of it you can do in 3 hustling days for a long weekend, like the upcoming Labor Day holiday. The reason I am giving you a couple of these ideas is that if you are going to do a ride around Labor Day, you should probably be getting some motel reservations as both of these routes are in areas that don't have a lot of rooms available, so you will have to plan ahead a little bit.
Check out both of these rides I mentioned above, you would not be disappointed in either one of them. I am really ready to get out of this heat and start putting on some miles and generating smiles!
Those of you going to Sturgis, RIDE SAFE and have a good time.

This Week
Thursday, August 1st
Arrowhead Harley-Davidson is keeping Thursday Bike Night alive on the West side with a rotating bike night for the next 4 weeks. This week, July 25th will be at Moon Saloon, 6:00 – 9 PM, located just South of 83rd ave. and Bell Rd. on 83rd Ave. in Peoria, directly behind Hooter’s and just North of the dealership.
* VIP Motorcycle Parking
* Arrowhead Harley Girls
* Raffles
* Food and Drink Specials
See flyer for details. Click Here.
August 8th – Cucina Tagliani, August 15th – Barrel Grill.
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This is pretty amazing. Check out how Cadillac introduces a new car in China. Click Here to View.

Video of the Week. This boat launch looks like the Keystone Cops. Click Here to View. Click on the Video of the Week graphic on the page.
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Until Next Week,
Blessings and Safe Riding To All,

Barry Caraway
"The Road Is Yours - Take The Ride"

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