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As everyone knows, we are living in a world that is quickly moving to be everything about electronics. It is amazing what electronic automation has done in all of our lives. You can tell Alexa to water your grass,  use your cell phone to turn on your hot tub from across town so that it is heated up by the time you get home, or check to see if your garage door is down. Not to mention all of the cameras and security systems now. It IS really amazing what you can do now from just using your cell phone. Electronics are not only our future, but our present. And with that it will not be long before a greater percentage of vehicles, including motorcycles, will also be electric.

I read today that by 2021, BMW will have 5 all-electric vehicles and by 2025, that number will reach at least 12 models including plug-in hybrid models. Their goal for the current year is to deliver 140,000 electrified vehicles. By the end of 2019, the BMW Group expects to have more than half a million electrified vehicles on the roads. Audi announced that they will introduce 3 new electric vehicles by 2020 and that 1/3 of their lineup will be electrified in some way, whether these are full battery-electric powertrains, or plug-in hybrids like the two existing e-tron models. Audi also announced that by 2020 their electric cars will fast charge to 80% in 12 minutes. Mercedes Benz and Daimler has one of the most aggressive electrification plans amongst established automakers. They plan for Mercedes-Benz and smart cars to offer electric versions of all car models by 2022. And the list goes on and on.

Not only are the car makers going electric, so are the makers of motorcycles. You have probably heard about the Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle coming out in August 2019 with a list price of $30,000 and a range of 110 miles. I'm not sure exactly what market they are going after with this bike. I don't see most Harley purist going for that, nor do I see someone wanting basic
green transportation willing to pay $30k for it either. Especially when they can get a comparable unit from Lightning Motorcycle that will do 150 mph, 150 mile range and a 35 minute charge to 80%, all for under $13,000.

But are motorcycle buyers even ready for this mode of transportation? Zero Motorcycles, who have been selling electric bikes for a few years only sold 750 units in 2018 of the SR model which offers better performance than the LiveWire at half the price. Lightning seems to be moving more with the millenial market where buyers are looking for more for less. Even with gas-powered motorcycles, buyers are looking at manufacturers with price points much lower than the premiums Harley charges. I have ridden the LiveWire and it is a fantastic ride. It has all the right performance specs and is built to last. But I would think that most prospective buyers will suffer some sticker shock looking at the LiveWire with a price of 30k price tag, particularly the the younger buyer that is not willing to pay for the HD badge. Especially when compared to other electric bikes at half the price.

Maybe Harley-Davidson has another plan.Possibly they are going to use the LiveWire as their flagship highest priced cruiser electric model and start filling in the rest of the price points with other designs, specs and uses. At the CES recently they announced 1 new electric scooter and one electric mountain bike looking thing with no pedals. The Electric Scooter actually looks like a blast to ride and if priced right could really take off for urban transportation uses. The mountain bike without pedals kind of puzzles me. I'm not sure who would really want one of those,
or why, unless you just wanted to go riding off road to see the scenery without the exercise. Whatever the reasons, it is clear that Harley-Davidson is trying to find different ways to plug the holes of slowing sales of their gasoline powered motorcycles with the wave of the future. It won't be the first time they have had to reinvent themselves. It will be fascinating to see where the gas vs. electric goes in the next 5 years as it pertains to motorcycles and the habits of their riders. Click Here to see the HD scooter and the electric bicycle.

One thing that we know for sure is that times are changing. The motorcycle landscape has changed as the core group of riders are getting older. Riding habits have seemed to change a lot in just the last 3 or 4 years. It will be interesting to see where we go from here. 

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For those of you that keep up with what is going on with the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company, they just released earnings this week and it wasn't so good. The decline in sales is continuing due to the age of their core riders and the profits are being squeezed. U.S. retail sales were down about 10% in the 4th quarter and profits got clobbered. Click Here for the story from CNBC.

This Week

Saturday and Sunday, February 9-10
Buckeye Air Fare 2019. Looking for something to do with a lot of eye candy from the sky. Check out the Buckeye Air Fair being held at the Buckeye Municipal Airport located at 3000 S. Palo Verde Rd. in Buckeye, AZ on Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 9th and 10th. This would be a great outing with the Kids and Grandkids, or just an afternoon of fun in this great weather.
The airshow will begin with a parachute jump with the American Flag during the National Anthem. Following that there is a great lineup for the airshow this year including a one of a kind YAK110 flown by . This is where Russion military hardware meets American engineering. They actually took 2 YAK 55's and stuck them together, then added a jet engine in the middle for some extra fun. I saw this plane in Oshkosh this past Summer and it is a must see! You will also see a bi-plane performance from Jon Melby Airshows as well as Brad Wursten in his "Power Addiction" Airshow. Each maneuver will be described by Airshow Announcer extraordinarie Jeff Overby. The airshow takes place between Noon and 2pm both days. There are also a lot of static displays of aircraft that you can get up close to and lots of vendors. There are also a lot of activities for the kids. The event is from 9am - 3pm both days. Free to view, or upgrade to get up close with VIP tickets. Click Here for more information.
***If you are planning on riding a motorcycle, just be aware that there may not be availability of asphalt parking.***

Next Week

Saturday, February 16th

26th Annual MMA Freedom Beach Party. The 26th Annual MMA Freedom Beach Party takes place from 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm on February 16th at Jakes Corner Bar located at 57564 AZ-188, Payson AZ 85541. $15.00 Per person first 100 get a meal included. Enjoy watching or participating in the Hula Contest, Ugly Hawaiian shirt Contest, Tattoo Contest and People games. Live Music by Frozen Fire  FMI-Vine 928-978-2850.

Upcoming Event

Arizona Bike Week is only 10 weeks away now. The dates are April 3rd - 7th.
The full list of bands this year playing in the RockYard have been announced and they are:

Wednesday, April 3rd - Buckcherry
Thursday, April 4th - George Thorogood and The Destroyers
Friday, April 5th - 3 Doors Down
Saturday, April 6th - Godsmack
Click Here for more details.


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