Laughlin River Run Update

Greetings Riders,

Wow, What a weekend! I have heard stories about the Laughlin River Run, but there is nothing like being there. If you haven't done it, I would start making plans for next year right now. In regards for everyone's time I will endeavor to make this an update letter and not an update book. But there is a lot to cover. I will just give you an insight as to our travels and a few highlights along the way.


We left with a group of 8 riders and a truck at around 10:30 Thursday morning. We took the route through Wickenburg where we had our first gas stop and butt break. I found out from this trip that the gas stays in the tank longer than the butt can stay in the saddle. Then we caught Route 93 out of Wickenburg for our next 80 mile leg to Wikieup for our next gas and break. That is the only gas station between Wickenburg and Kingman, so this place was busy. From there we made our way through Kingman and ending up in Laughlin at about 4:00 PM. By the time we got there it was about 107 degrees. And yes, there were a few spots that didn't get sunscreen, and they were quickly exposed. We checked in at the Edgewater, cleaned up, got some rest and was ready to go see what all of the fuss was about. We went and met some friends about 8:00 and then just walked around checking out the vendors and all of the people. Then at about 11:00 PM Mrs. Cyclerides and I decide to break out the scoot and cruise the Boulevard. With that many people standing out there you would think there has to be a good reason.

So off we go not knowing exactly what to expect. When there are thousands of people on the sidewalks and you on your bike on the street, it seems like you are in a zoo and they were put there to stare and heckle you. For those of you that haven't been there, this is an unforgettable experience. And to get the full effect, have a girl wearing a tank top on the back of your bike. They must have imported every male in the 4 state area that hasn't seen a woman topless and put them on the street corners of Laughlin. Because that is about all they wanted to see. As soon as you pull up to stop, the cameras start flashing and the roar of "Take It Off" and "Show Us Your T_ts" becomes the chant. And if they don't get that, they start going for the burn out. Basically they are giving you the opportunity to get thrown in jail twice if you were to bite on either one of their requests. Every once in a while someone will give them what they want and the roar of the crowd can be heard for blocks. There is a huge amount of police on the strip. They are on just about every mode of transportation you can think of. Horses, bicycles, cars and on foot. And they are not afraid to haul you in.


On Friday we took a ride out to Oatman, Arizona. This is a really neat ride out to an old town in the mountains outside of Bullhead City. It is about 30 minutes away from Laughlin. Once again the police were everywhere on the route to Oatman. They must make their whole year quota all in this weekend. By the time we arrived at about 11:30 AM there were hundreds of bikes already lining the streets and a line to get in and find a place to park. There are several pictures on the site at to see of the Oatman area. This was the highlight of the trip for me. To see all of those bikes and people out milling around amongst the wild burro's was really a fun time. We spent some time in the Oatman Hotel to quench the thirst from the ride up, then went out and checked out all of the bikes. And speaking of wild burro's, there is a story about that. I thought it would be cool if I would get up on one of them and get a photo for the web site....BAD IDEA!!! No sooner than I was up there, 2 cops came over and got me off of the burro and let me know that it is a federal offense to mount a burro. I don't know them all, but this is one federal offense that did escape me. A sign posted in the general area of the burro's might be helpful for future photo enthusiasts. So they took me over and wrote down all of my personal information for their files and told me if I did that again I would be doing some time in the Oatman Jail. So the next time you are in the post office and you see my picture on top of a wild burro you'll know what happened. Anyway, check out the Oatman Photos page to see the burro in question and me entertaining the cops with my story that I really was sober and it was just a publicity stunt for the site. Later Friday night we checked out the River Walk, The Rainbow Bar at the Flamingo and the Loser's Lounge at the Riverside. The last 2 were very crowded and very entertaining.


On Saturday we took it easy. Just milled around the vendors and checked everything out. Took a little ride out around the area to get some pictures and see some of the sites around the lake. Saturday night a group of us rode out to the Mohave Lake Marina for dinner right about sunset. That was really a nice ride and a fun thing to do while you are there. After dinner we rode back to the Flamingo and watched the Hell's Angels do burnout's and ride wheelies out front. This activity really draws a crowd. People line up early for this one. After that Mrs. Cyclerides and I decided to take one last cruise down the boulevard to see if the crowd had been satisfied since Thursday night. NOPE! Louder than ever with their chants. So I finally had to give them what they wanted. I put in my Billy Bob teeth and lifted up my shirt for them...they weren't impressed. The cheers quickly turned to jeers. All along it was Mrs. Cyclerides they had in mind for their requests. She decided not oblige them. So then it was back to the room to pack to leave the next morning.


We left Laughlin about 10:30 Sunday morning heading home. The only bump in the road was that I got pulled over just before Kingman by the DPS. He said that my license plate was not legible. It is one of the Paul Yaffee radius plates. He gave me a repair order and we were on our way. The curious part about the whole thing was that we spent more time talking about the bike than about the infraction. I guess he was wanting to find out how much it cost. He said he wasn't picking on bikers and that he had only written 3 tickets all weekend. One for a guy doing 79mph, one for a girl riding with her top off and me. Beyond that, the ride home was smooth and without incident. However there were a lot of bikes heading back to the valley at that time.

Overall we had a great time and would recommend it to any motorcycle enthusiast. We saw so many people that we knew. It was like being in a small town. There is every vendor you can think of and plenty of entertainment both indoors and out. We will probably go up on Wednesday next year just to take in a few more sights and events. Be sure and check out the pictures on . The link is posted on the front page or under All Ride Photos on the menu.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief recount of the Laughlin River Run. I will be following this up with the normal weekly update letter very soon.

Until Then,
Blessings And Safe Riding To All,

Barry Caraway
"The Road Is Yours - Take The Ride"

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