If you are looking for a ride with lots of twisty roads, beautiful mountains, lakes and desert scenery. This is a must ride for you.

This is one of my favorite Day Rides in the area. It is full of beautiful scenery, good roads and breathtaking views. This ride will take you from Fountain Hills, AZ down the Bush Hwy to Usery Pass and then out past Canyon Lake to Tortilla Flat, AZ. At Tortilla you can eat in the outdoor grill area with live entertainment or inside the restaurant. But if you go at busy times expect a wait to get seated.

Distance: 50 miles

Riding Time: Approx. 2.5 hours

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Starting from Shea Blvd. and Beeline Hwy. (Hwy 87)

Go North on Hwy 87, 10 miles to mile marker 199. You will see the sign to turn right onto the Bush Hwy.

Go South on Bush Highway to Usery Pass Rd. Your total distance to Usery Pass is going to be about 10 miles. But if you would like to take a look at Saguaro Lake you only need to go 4 miles. You will see the sign to make a left turn into the lake area.

Scenes From Bush Hwy.

Scenes From Bush Hwy.

Turn left on Usery Pass Rd. and go 8 miles on Usery Pass to Brown Rd.

Sites On Usery Pass

Sites On Usery Pass

You will turn left on Brown Rd. and go 7 miles to Apache Trail Rd. At this turn you will see a Giant gas station and convenience store on the corner. In the summer time this is a welcome stop for refreshments.

Turn left on Apache Trail Rd. (Hwy 88) and follow this road 15 miles to Tortilla Flat. You will go by Goldfield Mine and then through numerous twists and turns and traverse two one lane bridges. You will go past Canyon Lake and find Tortilla Flat 2 miles later. You can also continue past Tortilla Flat for another 6 miles until the road turns into dirt. It is a very pretty ride, I would recommend it.

Goldfield Mine

Canyon Lake Vista

View Of Canyon Lake

One of the one lane bridges

Tortilla Flat, AZ (The whole thing.)

The road past Tortilla Flat

If you live in the Northwest Valley or in the Scottsdale area your best bet for the return is to go back exactly the way you came. There is way less traffic and the scenery on the way back is different because you are getting a look at it from a different direction. If you are in a hurry to get home. Just take Apache Trail back till you see the signs to go to I-60.

My Review Of This Ride:

This is one of my favorite rides in the Valley area. The scenery is beautiful, the roads are good and you get a lot of variety in a short ride. You can take the road 6 miles past Tortilla Flat until the road turns into dirt. I would highly recommend taking this part of the trip. This entire ride will take you 2.5 to 3 hours depending on how much you stop. Watch your speed on the Bush Hwy. Sherrif patrol this area heavily.

Conclusion: I give this ride my highest rating. 5 Spokes out of 5

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