Looking to get out of the heat and ride in some cool weather? This ride will take you as high as 11,500 feet in elevation for some really cool weather. The scenery is beautiful with lots of twists, turns, elevation changes, red rocks, pine trees and aspens. .

This week's Day Ride is a 300 mile ride that will take you through Prescott Valley, Jerome, Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, Flagstaff and on to Arizona Snowbowl. Once there you can eat lunch on the deck at the base of the Skyride while listening to live music. This is truly a relaxing end to the ride. After lunch you can take the 30 minute ride up to 11,500 feet where you can see over 70 miles including the Grand Canyon and downtown Flagstaff. Cost for the Skyride is $9.00 per person.

Distance: 300 miles

Riding Time: Approx. 9-10 hours

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Starting from I-17 and Loop 101. Go North on I-17, for 47 miles. Take the AZ-69 N exit- exit number 262- towards CORDES JCT RD/PRESCOTT.
Continue on Hwy 69 for 25 miles to Prescott Valley. If you need gas this is the place to fill up before your trek up to Jerome.

Turn right on Robert Road in Prescott Valley. This is the second stop light as you go into Prescott Valley (I Think).

You will take Robert Rd. 4 miles to Hwy 89A. Follow the sign to Cottonwood. This will take you to Jerome.

Follow Hwy 89A for the next 21 miles to Jerome. There will be several twisty turns and elevation changes to over 6000 feet on this road.

Follow 89A out of Jerome through Cottonwood. At the bottom of the hill from Jerome turn right and be sure and follow the signs to stay on 89A to Sedona. This leg is 28 miles to Sedona.

When you get to Sedona, continue on 89A another 27 miles through Oak Creek Canyon to Flagstaff. You will see several restaurants and places to stop and look at Oak Creek.

Continue on 89A to Flagstaff where you will turn right on Forest Meadows and then turn left to on 89A to go to Hwy 180. See the signs on the right.

Continue through Flagstaff following the signs to Hwy 180 which also goes to the Grand Canyon and Arizona Snow Bowl. You will see a brown sign that says Arizona Snowbowl left at next signal. Watch for that.

Stay on Hwy. 180 for 7 miles to The Arizona Snow Bowl. You will turn right into the road to Snow Bowl and travel another 7 miles up the hill to the Sky Ride and restaurant. Once you turn right into the entrance to Snow Bowl you will have to go into the building at the bottom of the road to purchase your $9.00 vouchers for the Sky Ride to be able to continue on the next 7 miles to the Ski Lodge. The voucher for the Sky Ride is also good for food and drinks. Whatever you don't use of the $9.00 will be refunded at that time.

Info: 928-779-1951

Once you reach the top you can sit out on the patio and enjoy the cool weather, have some lunch, your favorite beverage and listen to the live entertainment.

After lunch you can take the 30 minute Sky Ride to 11,500 feet. Once at the top there are 70 mile views as far as the Grand Canyon and downtown Flagstaff.

On the way home. Just go back to Flagstaff and follow the signs to I-17 South. It is 126 miles from the intersection of I-40 & I-17 to the Loop 101 in Phoenix.

My Review Of This Ride:

This is an excellent ride that is a total of 300 miles. It will take you through several different elevation changes as well as several scenery changes from desert to tall pines and Aspen trees. This is a very pretty ride with lots of variety. Due to the mountainous roads and twisty's this ride will take you about 10 hours round trip if you stop to eat and ride the Sky ride at Snow Bowl. . I would highly recommend this route for a very enjoyable full day ride.

Conclusion: I give this ride 4.5 Spokes out of 5

Click Here For A Complete Detailed Map