This is a very enjoyable ride out of the city and traffic. It will take you up to some elevation for some cooler temperatures and then back to the valley. The scenery is beautiful and you will go across the longest expansion bridge in the country.

This week's Day Ride takes us 50 miles East of Fountain Hills to State Route 188. You turn right and go 3 miles to Jakes Corner for some refreshments and your first rest stop. You will continue on to Roosevelt Lake to see the Dam and ride across the longest expansion bridge in the country. You will then ride through some beautiful twisties and scenery on to the old mining town of Globe for another stop and some refreshments. Leaving Globe you will be heading back to the Valley. For the scenic way back to the Valley, Take the Ellsworth exit North off of Hwy. 60. Ellsworth will turn into Usery Pass Rd. Take this to Bush Hwy. Turn right on Bush Hwy and ride by Saguaro Lake to Hwy 87. Turn left and follow it back to Fountain Hills.

For the quick way back, take U.S. 60 to the Loop 202 or Loop 101.

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Distance: 195 miles

Riding Time: Approx. 4-5 hours

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Starting from Shea Blvd. and Bee Line Hwy take Hwy 87 North toward Payson.

Go 50 miles and Turn Right (East) on State Route 188

Continue on SR 188 3 miles to Jakes Corner Bar. This will be your first stop for a break and to get some refreshments.

On the weekends you can plan your trip for lunch and have some steaks or burgers on the picnic tables out back. This is a neat little stop.

Continue on from Jakes another 30 miles to Roosevelt Lake Dam. You will go through Punkin Center and Butcher Hook on the way. There is gas at Jakes Corner and at other stops along the way.

Once you get to Roosevelt Dam and cross the bridge you can turn right (West) on SR 88 and go 1 mile to the observation area for the back side of the dam. If you are real adventuras you can continue on the dirt road for about 4 miles of BEAUTIFUL Scenery along the river.

This is just some of the scenery that you will see on this back road. It is a dirt road but is worth the cleaning of your bike to experience this part of Arizona beauty.

Continue on 188 another 2 miles to the Roosevelt Lake observatory. You can stop here and see an exhibit of the history of Roosevelt Lake.

You can also get a good look at the lake from the back of the observatory. You can also stop at the marina shop near here for lunch and refreshments.

4 Miles South of the Roosevelt Dam you will see the road for Tonto National Monument. This is a pretty ride up to the monument and if you are inclined, a 1/2 mile hike to the Cliff Dwellings.

Continue the next 29 miles on SR 188 on your way to SR 60. You will go through some twisties and some very pretty Arizona landscape.

Once you hit the end of 188 you will run into Hwy 60. Turn left on 60 and go 4 miles to Old town Globe. You will turn left when the sign says Historic Distric. This will take you through old town.

Get back on US. 60 heading South and you will go travel the next 55 miles through Miami, Superior and onto the Superstition Freeway.

This is where you can make your way back home the quickest way or complete the loop back to Fountain Hills via Saguaro Lake. If you wish to complete the loop do the following:
Take the Ellsworth Rd. exit off of US. 60 North. This will turn into Usery Pass Rd. Continue on this to Bush Hwy. This is a total of 10 miles.
Turn Right on Bush Hwy. You will go 6 miles past Saguaro Lake and run into Hwy 87.
Turn Left on 87 and go 10 miles back to Fountain Hills.

My Review Of This Ride:

This is a great ride that is a total of 195 miles. It will take you up to some elevation and through some very pretty roadside scenery. You will pass Roosevelt Lake and into the town of Globe. I really enjoyed this ride very much. Not many cars at all and several places to see and explore. I especially enjoyed the ride on 88 behind the dam. It is a dirt road, but very navigable and beautiful. This is wide open road so it is good for as long or short of ride as you would like to make it. I would highly recommend this route for a very enjoyable day ride.

Conclusion: I give this ride 4 Spokes out of 5

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