Day Rides

This is an excellent ride out of the city and traffic. It will take you up to as high as 5900 feet in elevation for some cooler temperatures and then back to the valley. The scenery is beautiful with lots of twists and turns and boulder type landscape..

This week's Day Ride takes us on a 280 mile ride that will take you through Wickenburg and then up 93 to Bagdad and then on to Prescott. Once there you can eat lunch at the Historic Palace and then come back down the hill on 89 via Yarnell Hill and back to Wickenburg for your ride back home. During this ride you will go through some low desert, twisty roads through boulders, high elevations, pine trees and back to the Valley.

Distance: 280 miles

Riding Time: Approx. 7-8 hours

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Starting from I-17 and Carefree Highway. Go West on Hwy 74.
Go West 36 miles on Highway 74 to the junction of Hwy 74 and 60. Turn Right (North) on Hwy 60.

Continue on Hwy 60 for 11 miles to Wickenburg. If you need gas this is the place to fill up.

Turn right on Hwy 93 and follow this road 46 miles through the Joshua National Forest to Hwy 97.

Turn right on Hwy 97 and go 16 miles to the

When you get to the end of Hwy. 97 you turn left to go Bagdad and turn right to continue the trip on Hwy. 96.

Once you take the 4 mile ride to Bagdad you can get gas, go to the grocery store or take a ride out by the mine entrance.

Leaving Bagdad take the 4 mile ride back to the junction of 96 & 97. Continue on 96 for the next 35 miles of great riding through boulders turns and twists. This is a really fun ride.

After this very fun 35 ride you will end up in Kirkland. Turn left at the sign that says Skull Valley and Prescott. This is Hwy. 10. It is 8 miles to Skull Valley for gas and a country store.

Continue on Hwy. 10 for 25 miles to Prescott. This turns into Iron Springs Rd. Follow this to Miller Valley Rd. Turn right on Miller Valley to Gurley. Turn left on Gurley to Montezuma which is also Hwy. 89. This will take you to Whiskey Row in Prescott to The Historic Palace Restaurant and Saloon for great lunch and dinner. 120 S. Montezuma

Make The Palace Restaurant and Saloon your stop on Whiskey Row for lunch, dinner or your favorite refreshment. Go to their web site for more information:

When leaving Prescott continue on Hwy. 89 South through the forest and going through the towns of Wilhoit, Peeples Valley, Yarnell and Congress. This will be a total of 40 miles.

Stay on Hwy. 89 till you reach the Junction of Hwy. 93. Turn Left on 93 and go 6 miles to Wickenburg.

Turn left on Hwy 60 and go 11 miles to the Junction of Hwy. 74 Turn left on Hwy 74 and ride 36 miles to I-17.
Option: If you want to continue on to Jerome follow the map to Hwy. 89A. If you want to head back to the valley take Hwy. 69 East back to I-17. Both routes are highlighted on the map.

My Review Of This Ride:

This is an excellent ride that is a total of 280 miles. It will take you up to some elevation to 5900 feet and through some very pretty roadside scenery. You will go through Wickenburg, Bagdad, Kirkland, Prescott and Yarnell. I really enjoyed this ride very much. Not many cars at all on a lot of the ride. I especially enjoyed the ride on 96 and 97. Very pretty ride. I would highly recommend this route for a very enjoyable full day ride.

Conclusion: I give this ride 4.5 Spokes out of 5

Click Here For A Complete Detailed Map