Day Rides

New River Rd. to Fountain Hills

This is a ride that will take you to the outskirts of town for some riding away from the heavy traffic of the city.

This ride takes you from the Lake Pleasant area to Fountain Hills. Or you can take it in reverse, either way a nice ride. You will start (or end up) at Carefree Hwy (Hwy. 74) and New River Rd. This route will take you North on New River Rd. through some twists and turns and great views of the mountains and cattle grazing areas to New River. From there you will work your way to Cave Creek and then on to Fountain Hills the back way via Rio Verde Rd. and McDowell Mountain Rd. This is a very enjoyable 75 mile ride that will take through plenty of enjoyable riding and scenery.

Distance: 75 miles

Riding Time: Approx. 2.5 hours

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Start at Carefree Hwy (Hwy. 74) and New River Rd.

Option: If you are starting here or ending here you are only about 4 miles from Lake Pleasant. Just continue West on Carefree Hwy. (74) and follow the signs to the Lake Pleasant lookout for a nice view of the lake.
Go N. on New River Rd. 11 miles to a stop sign. You will go through a few twists and curves and some long straightaways. Notice the old livestock corrals and the great views of the mountains. You will cross over numerous cattle guards.

Views From New River Rd.

Views From New River Rd.

Turn left and make the next right to stay on New River Rd.

Go 12 miles on New River Rd. This will turn into 7th St. and end at Carefree Hwy. You will go through some twisty roads and have good views of the desert and mountains.

Sites On New River Rd.

Sites On New River Rd.

Turn left on Carefree Hwy. and go 7 miles to Cave Creek Rd.
Turn left on Cave Creek Rd. and go 5 miles to Tom Darlington (Scottsdale Rd.). This will take you through the town of Cave Creek and Carefree.

Be Very Careful Through Here! There is a Noise Ordinance that is in force. If you have loud pipes, take it very easy.

Turn right on Tom Darlington and go 1 mile to Stage Coach Pass.
Option: This is where you have a choice. You can either turn right on Tom Darlington as it says above, or you can continue straight ahead on Cave Creek Rd. the next 21 miles to Bartlett Lake. Just follow Cave Creek Rd. to Bartlett Dam Rd. and turn right to go to the lake.
Turn right on Stagecoach and follow it 1.5 miles to Carefree Highway. This road is a must see. It will take you high above Carefree for a fantastic view of the city and get you close to the homes built on the boulders. A good time to stop and get the camera out. Thanks to Waldo for this one.

Views From Stagecoach Pass

Views From Stagecoach Pass

Turn left and go 1/4 mile to Scottsdale Rd.
Turn right on Scottsdale Rd. and go 4 miles to Dynamite Blvd.
Turn left on Dynamite and go 2 miles to Pima Rd.
Turn right on Pima and go 2 miles to Happy Valley Rd.
Turn left on Happy Valley Rd. and go 2 miles to Alma School Rd.
Turn left on Alma School Rd. and go 2.5 miles through Reata Pass to Dynamite Blvd. This is a neat road and a great view of the city when going South.

Turn right on Dynamite which turns into Rio Verde Rd. and go 10 miles to Forest Rd. Go straight down hill till you reach a T in the road.

Turn Right on Forest Rd. and go 2 miles through Rio Verde to McDowell Mtn. Rd.
Turn Right on McDowell Mtn. Rd. and go aprox. 9 miles to Saguaro Blvd. You can take a detour into McDowell Mtn. Park along the way. The entrance will be on the West side of the road.

Turn Left on Saguaro and go 4 miles to Shea Blvd. If the fountain is running you will be able to see it from here. This will take you right through the middle of Fountain Hills where you can watch the Fountain go off on the hour for 15 minutes.

Whether you are starting in Fountain Hills or ending there, The Tap House is your Cycle Friendly place to stop. Enjoy lunch, dinner or your favorite beverage here. Be sure to stop and say Hi. The Tap House is located across the street from the Fountain on 16828 E. Parkview Ave. Info: 480-837-5220
If you are coming from the East Valley and doing the ride in reverse. You can take a right at the end of the ride and go visit Lake pleasant which is only 3 miles away. If you are going back to the East Valley just turn left on Carefree Highway to get you back home.

My Review Of This Ride:

I found this ride to be very enjoyable for many reasons. It gets you out of town, but not too far. Just far enough to get away from the traffic and to see some scenery. New River Rd. is full of all types of cactus and mountain views. You can do the ride quickly or just set back and take your time to enjoy the desert scenery. This is a 75 mile ride that you will keep you entertained from start to finish. Once you reach Fountain Hills you can watch the Fountain go off for 15 minutes on the hour. I'm sure you will enjoy this one.

Conclusion: I give this ride a high rating. 4 Spokes out of 5

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