Overnight Ride


This is an overnight ride to two historic cities and one relatively new cavern.

Tombstone and Bisbee are 2 of the more famous Old West mining towns in Arizona. Tombstone famous for the Earp brothers including Sheriff Wyatt Earp and Bisbee was one of the biggest mining cities in the West back in the late 1800's. Both cities once vibrant with mining wealth are now tourist destinations and worth taking a ride to see. On your way back you can stop by Kartchner Caverns for a breathtaking look at what nature is doing right under your feet.

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Varies from where you start in the Valley. It was 329 miles round trip for us starting at Loop 101 and 75th Ave. Riding time is approximately 10 hours with stops. Total moving time is about 6 hours.

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Day 1:

Starting from I-10 and U.S. 60 in Phoenix take I-10, 127 miles South to Hwy. 83 at exit 281.

When you reach Hwy. 83 go South 41 miles to Sonoita.


At Sonoita you can stop at the Sonoita Mercantile for some gas and refreshments.


At the intersection of 83 and 82 turn right or South on 82 through Patagonia and on to Nogales. It is only 32 miles to Nogales and well worth the ride.


You can then either park your bike and walk across the border to Nogales or make a U-Turn at the border and take Hwy. 82 back through Sonoita 51 miles to Hwy. 90.

 Turn South on Hwy. 90 for 10 miles to Fry Blvd. which is also the main gate to Fort Huachuca. Turn East on Fry and go about 3 blocks and stop at the Sierra Vista HD store for a break and say Hi.


Continue on another 2 miles to the junction of Hwy. 90 and turn left for about 2 blocks to Charleston Rd.


Turn right on Charleston Rd. and go 16 miles to Tombstone.


Hang out in Tombstone for a while.





After you have visited Tombstone take Hwy. 80 East 23 miles to Bisbee.


Once you make it to Bisbee you will see the town on your left. Go to the bottom of the hill and turn left to go to the town.


Once in Bisbee you can find your hotel. I recommend either the Bisbee Grand on Main St. or the Copper Queen Hotel.


GPS Statistics For Day One:

Day 2:

When leaving Bisbee continue on Hwy. 80 East about 2 miles to Hwy. 92 West to Sierra Vista.


Follow 92 West 38 miles to Sierra Vista where you will merge into Hwy. 90.


 Go North on Hwy. 90 about 20 miles to the Entrance of Kartchner Caverns.


When leaving Kartchner turn North on Hwy. 90 for 10 miles to I-10 West to Tucson.

Take I-10 West to Speedway Blvd. Exit 257. Go West on Speedway 18 miles through Saguaro National Park to Sandario Rd. Just before Sandario you will see the Visitor Center and you can stop there.
Go North 4 miles to Picture Rocks Rd.


Go East on Picture Rocks Rd. 8 miles to Ina Rd. where you will turn right and go 3 miles to I-10. At this point take I-10 West 94 miles back to where you started.
GPS Statistics For Day Two:

GPS Statistics:
Your distance will vary greatly depending on where you start from. These numbers were logged from starting at 101 Loop and 75th Ave. in Northwest Glendale.


Things To Know Before You Go

1. There is a lot of history in Tombstone, Bisbee and Kartchner Caverns. Here are some useful links to do some reading about these areas.
Kartchner Caverns:

My Review Of This Ride:

Pros: A lot of the elevation is in the 4-5000 feet range so it is a little cooler ride in the summer time. The historical value of these towns are a lot of fun.

Cons: The ride from Phoenix to Tucson is not desirable, especially in the Summer.

Conclusion: I give this ride 3.5 spokes out of 5. There is a lot of the same terrain, but the historical locations are worth the ride and one that I would certainly do again.

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