Hacienda HD AHDRA Kickstart Party
Miss Arizona Bike Week
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Arizona Bike Week 2000

Welcome Riders

Hacienda Harley

Hacienda Harley

Inside Hacienda Harley

Burnout Contest

We Have A Winner!

Burnout From Afar

Mark and Shanon From The Hideaway

The Party Tent

Patio Out Back

Crowd Out Back

More Crowd Around Tent

Dennis Olson and Lovely Wife

Beginning of Fashion Show

Fashion Models

Fashion Model

The Youngsters Hamming It Up

Crowd Watching Show

More Tent Partiers Watching Show

Looks Like This Group Is Having Fun

What About This Group?

Mike In The Fashion Show, It's Not Lit!

Our Local Fashion Model

Now Here Are Some Real Riders

AJ Monitoring The Contestants

Our MC Tim, Good Job!

Judges For The Miss AZ Bikeweek Contest

Contestant 1

Contestant 2

Contestant 3

Contestant 4

Contestant 5

Contestant 6

Contestant 7

Swimsuit Contestant 1

Swimsuit Contestant 2

Swimsuit Contestant 2 Again

Swimsuit Contestant 3

Swimsuit Contestant 4

Swimsuit Contestant 4 One More Time

Swimsuit Contestant 5

Swimsuit Contestant 5 Again

Swimsuit Contestant 6

Swimsuit Contestant 7

Swimsuit Contestant 7 One More Time

Swimsuit Group Shot


Parading Around The Runway

The Lineup For The Judges

Teri O. Stalling For Time  With The Contestants

Teri O. Getting The Straight Answers

Could This Be The Winner?

Here She Is....Miss Arizona Bike Week 2000

Miss AZ Bike Week, Congratulations!

Mr. Arizona Bike Week With Miss AZ Bike Week