March 2nd, 2002

Diamondbacks Line Drive For Kids

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Riders Waiting To Ride

Awesome Muffins For Breakfast

Riders Waiting For Breakfast

Enjoying  Breakfast

Having Some Fun Before The Ride

Tell Him Logan!

Bikes in Parking Lot

Bikes In Parking Lot

Hey Tom, Nice Ride

Riders With Autographed Matt Williams Picture

Roy Garabaldi From The Positive Side of Sports, 1060 AM

Riders Getting Last Minute Instructions

The Volunteers at the Signup Table

Tim From the Phoenix 20/30 Club

Riders Listening To Announcements

Bikes Lined Up Ready To Leave

Ready To Ride

There on There Way

Pulling Into The First Stop

Our Escorts On The Ride

Hey Jim, Nice Shirt!

Riders Waiiting for The Next Leg of The Ride

Ready to Roll To Tucson

Looks Like A Nice Ride

Bikes At First Stop

Hey Kenny, Over Here

The Outskirts Of Tucson

The Mirror Shot of The Day

On The Road

On The Road

On The Road

Heading Into Tucson

Heading Into Tucson

The Ballpark

We Made IT

All The Bikes

All 500 Riders

Riders Walking Into Ballpark

Waiting For Their Burgers

Tucson Electric Park

Tucson Electric Park

Tucson Electric Park

The Diamondbacks at Play