W. Steven Martin Police Toy Run 2001

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Thanks To W. Steven Martin For A Great Ride

Santa On A Motorcycle?

The Helicopter To Shoot Some Video

Santa Being Interviewed

Indian Riders Waiting To Ride

East Valley Members

More East Valley In The Lineup

Just Thought It Was A Cool Tank

Lining Up For The Ride

Hey Bev! Let's Ride.

Lining Up

What? Antlers on a Human

The Indians Line Up

Riders Keeping Warm

Mr. and Mrs. Santa, I hope that's thermal!

Riders Ready To Ride

Cool Tank

Riders Waiting To Roll

Here's a Festive Group

Ready To Ride

Just A Cool Pic

Checking Out the Bikes

Waiting To Ride

Santa's Helpers

And We're Off

Nice Hat

Hi Mom!

If you show me this shirt, You get your picture taken.

A Show of Patriotism

The Famous Cyclerides Mirror Shot

The Helicopter Shooting The Video

More Helicopter

On The Road

More On The Road

First Rest Stop

First Rest Stop

Also first restroom stop

The Line From The Front

W. Steven Doing A Radio Spot For The Toy Ride

Wide Shot of the Line

Some Of The Officers That Cleared The Way, Great Job!

Heading Back To My Spot In Line

Waves From The Crowd

Getting Ready To Ride Again

Coming Into The Casino

Still Coming In

Parking Lot

Parking Lot