2010 Road Glide Customization Progress.
Mako Glide
9/28/11 - 10/18/11
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2010 Road Glide Project Bike - 7/15/11

New chrome added to motor including HD chrome inner primary.

First day at PYO Baggernation getting ready for neck cut and rake

Cut on neck and weld.

2nd Weld on Neck. More steel to be added and welded.

23" Custom Wheel from SMT Machining

9/28/11 - 10/18/11

As of 10/5/11

New 18 inch Rear Wheel from SMT Machining

Parts are at CR Designs getting prepped for paint.

New Air Cleaner Design

Chrome Exchange Parts Arrived.

Beautiful New Rinehart Racing 4 inch True Dual Exhaust

11/1/11 - First coat of Torch Red paint by C.R. Designs