Welcome to Cyclerides Chicago!

For the past 10 years, Cyclerides.com has been the No. 1 resource for riders in Arizona and now we are excited to be in Chicago. Nearly 10,000 riders visit our site each month for rides and events.

Cyclerides is full of great information that’s updated constantly.

  • Exclusive news, analysis and editorial commentary
  • Reviews and suggestions for area rides
  • Calendar of local events just for riders, including upcoming group rides, fundraisers and community activities
  • And more information for riders in and around Chicago

We’ll be organizing Bike Nights throughout the metro. The Cyclerides.com Bike Nights bring together dedicated riders like you to share stories, admire each others bikes, enjoy great entertainment and take advantage of special deals from local merchants. These events are our favorite part of the Cyclerides.com community because it’s our chance to bring together dedicated riders like you.

At Cyclerides we like to say, “The road is yours… take the ride!” We’re excited to be doing just that with you in Chicago. Enjoy!

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    Cyclerides.com is your No. 1 resource for motorcycle rides and events. Nearly 10,000 riders a month receive our email newsletter and visit our site to find information about the best rides and events. We welcome you to the Cyclerides family. The road is yours... take the ride! Read More...