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Greetings Riders,
Have you ever been in route to something where you had some excitement and trepidation building from the unknown and wonder of how you would react to what you were about to experience? I had those exact feelings Wednesday as I rode to the funeral of Pvt. Corey Lee Hicks of Glendale, who was killed in Baghdad when his vehicle was hit by an ICED.
Monday I was alerted to the fact that the Patriot Guard was doing a mission to escort Pvt. Hicks funeral. I am not a member of the Patriot Guard, but I highly respect what these men and women do to support our military. You see, this was not a normal mission that the Patriot Guard does. This particular one had the added element of doing what the Patriot Guard was originally started for, and that is to shield the families of fallen military from the radical religious protestors from a church in Topeka, Kansas. I had seen interviews, pictures and video of the filthy venom that these women spew in their anti military, anti American protests and it sickens me both as a proud American and a supporter of our military.
As I was riding East on Northern and getting closer to the Funeral Home, I kept wondering how I would react if I came face to face with these people in possession of a misguided moral compass. Would I just view their signs from across the street? Would I want to approach them and risk the chance of them lipping off and wanting to inflict some of the pain on them that they do on the families of these soldiers? Would I want to give them my pearls of wisdom to help set them straight? Or would I just walk up to them and calmly expose them for the venom spewing misguided poor excuse for human beings that they are? I chose the latter.
After discussing with the Glendale Police what the rules of engagement are with this group, I ruled out the choice that I really wanted to do after hearing their ugly words of malcontent, and decided to show everyone the hate that they really posses in the name of worshipping God. As I walked down the sidewalk with the video mode on my camera rolling at my side, I see 2 Women with flags strapped around their waste upside down and dragging on the ground. One of the protestors asked me my name, who I was with and proceeded to label me as a "smelly biker". She said that is their pet name for all bikers. I can't tell you how proud I was at that particular moment to be labeled as a "smelly biker" with the Patriot Guard Riders. Then within the first 30 seconds of our conversation, she enlightened me that; "the Lord is going to come and you are going to land your ass in hell".
Well now, is this any way for a purported church go 'er to greet a total stranger on the street? I thought the idea of being a Christian was to spread the good news and practice forgiveness. Not the case with this group. Since I had been banished to hell, I asked her where she was going. Because based on the scenario here, I thought there must be someplace worse than hell that her and her signs would be going. As you might expect, that was not the case. She enlightened me to the fact that she was going to be the one executing judgment on people like me.
Hmmm, now unless my Bible school teacher was way off base, I thought that judgment was God's job, not that of a mortal human being. I know God must be pretty busy dealing with all the crazies in this world and the likes of these people, but I seriously doubt he is ready to farm out those all important judgment tasks to a radical loon that banishes strangers to hell in the first 30 seconds of introduction. I mean, I didn't even get to plead my case. But I guess if you are making stuff up, then go all the way.
She went on to say that she was glad that us "smelly bikers" had made it our life's work to shield families from them because it somehow reminded everyone of their slogan's of: America is doomed, God hates fags, yada yada and all the other unrepeatable filth they spew. Apparently they have somehow come up with the mantra that because America allows homosexuals, then we as a nation are doomed and they are here to perpetuate that idea. Finally, after 2 minutes of this psycho babble I had to laugh and asked if this was all some kind of hoax and if she was really serious. I could tell that questioning her purpose did not set that well with her.
I then pointed out that those people over there holding the flags were proud Americans and they were the ones that would be rewarded for their actions. Now I had to ask the obvious question. Why do you choose to live in America? If it is so twisted, why not move somewhere else? She said that Lord had put her there, that she would be here in our face with their message every day and because it "chaps your ass that we are here". I once again detected a severe disdain for bikers, particularly the PGR, so I guess if you view that as a report card, the Patriot Guard is doing their job very well. Sounds like the chapping is going both ways.
Being banished to hell one more time for good measure on my way down the sidewalk, I truly felt like I had been in a scene from Ghostbusters and had just been slimed. My skin was crawling from the venomous bile and hate that had just been spewed in my direction. Escaping from this bad episode of a twilight zone while slowly walking back toward decent humanity, I was trying to make some sense out of what I had just heard from my conversation with the devil, while also trying to strike it from my memory, all at the same time. It was a despicable 3 minute interlude that is almost unbearable to watch. You will see that the video is not lined up at first, that is because I was holding it at my side. Click Here to view and see for yourself. I will warn you that what you will hear this person say is sickening and disgusting. The irony of the whole thing is that the very Soldiers that they are protesting are the very same people that enable them to do their protest.
As I left the world of hate on the East side of 59th avenue, I asked myself what good could possibly come from people like that? Then I looked to the West and saw over 100 American flags being proudly held by America loving Patriots that came from all over the State to stand in the gap between good and evil. If these protesters were not doing what they do, the Patriot Guard would not have been formed to shield our soldier's families from this hate, and it might never have evolved into giving our military fallen the kind of honor that they truly deserve. So I guess we could say that this is another case of being dealt a lemon and making lemonade.
Having always admired the Patriot Guard Riders and their devotion to supporting our military, I gained a new level of respect for this group. As I talked with them this morning and looked in their eyes I could feel the passion for their mission on this day to shield the family from these wacko protestors. The second part of the PGR Mission was to escort Pvt. Corey Lee Hicks to his final resting place and to honor him at his burial. The PGR is really a special bunch of Patriots. Thank God for people like them.
This was my first military funeral and I was extremely moved by the precision and reverence in which it was performed. The playing of Taps, The folding of the flag and presentation to the parents was very moving. If you have never seen this, you will be proud. Click Here to View.
Click Here for All of the Photos of the Day. 

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This Week's Bike Night Events

 Wednesday Night 

Kalahari Grill Wednesday Bike Night. What a cool place! For all of you on the West Side that would like a nice ride off the beaten path of the City, you need to check out the Kalahari Grill on Wednesday nights. Located in Vistancia just 5 miles West of Happy Valley Rd. and Lake Pleasant Rd. in Peoria. This is a very nice restaurant with a great indoor horseshoe bar and outdoor pass through bar that leads to a huge patio where you can relax while watching the sun set overlooking the desert . Kalahari Grill has an excellent menu and seriously good food and service. Enjoy Live Music on the patio every Wednesday for Bike Night from 7pm. Bike Night Specials include: $2.00 Off All Appetizers, Prime Rib Dinner $13.00, Domestic Drafts $2.50, Imported Drafts $3.50. Mrs. C. recommends the Ahi Tuna Tartar Appetizer. For more information call: 623-594-5947. Kalahari Grill is located at 28615 N. El Mirage Rd. in Peoria, AZ. Click Here for Photos Map and Menu.
Kalahari Grill would also make the perfect Poker Stop for your next run.

Thursday Night 

E's Grill Thursday Bike Night. LIVE MUSIC with Dok & Gal every other Thursday starting May 22nd. Take a beautiful ride out to Estrella Mountain to E's Grill. Huge outdoor patio and entertainment area complete with stage and 3 large screen TV's. Equipped with one of the best mist systems you will find. Band plays outside. Enjoy E's Great Food and drink. Bike night specials include 1/2 off Appetizers and Happy Hour All Night Long. If you haven't been to E's, it is worth your ride out on Bike Night to enjoy Live Music, Great Food and a Good Time every other Thursday with Dok & Gal. And don't forget the Weekend Brunch to get your ride started. E's is located 8 miles South of 1-10 on Estrella Mountain Parkway. Turn right at the first stop sign in Estrella to 17750 West Elliot Road in Goodyear. You will have to take Dysart or Cotton Ln. South of 1-10 right now as Estrella Exit is closed. Click Here for map.
Hooter's Thursday Bike at Peoria location. Starts April 17th. The parking lot will be blocked off and it will be a night for MOTORCYCLES. Ride by Hooters in Peoria every Thursday night for Prizes, Giveaways every 1/2 Hour, Specials and of course great service by the Hooter's Girls. Enjoy $2.00 Bud and Bud Light Pints and $5.00 Bombers as well as those tasty Hooter's Wings. Sit on the huge outdoor patio and watch your favorite sporting event or inside with TV's every where you look. Enjoy this perfect riding weather with a ride to Hooter's this Thursday. Plan to check out the first night. 16550 N. 83rd Ave. just South of Bell Rd. 623-776-0123.
Fuzzy's Southwest Sports Grill Bike Night. Riders on the far west side in the Surprise area finally have a Bike Night. The brand new Fuzzy's Southwest will be hosting a bike night on Thursday Nights. Fuzzy's features an outdoor patio, 17 HD TV's, Pool Table, Large Horseshoe Bar and all glass front to see the bikes roll in. Enjoy Great Food, Pool, and Your Favorite Sporting Events all on new Flat Screens every Thursday Night at The Newest Bike Night In the Far West Valley. Bike Night Specials Include: 2.25 Corona's, Corona Light, Dos XX, Dos XX Amber, Pacifico, Tecate. $3.00 Jalapeno Poppers. $4.00 Super Spuds. $5.00 Chicken Tenders. $6.00 Baby Burgers. From 6-9pm. Fuzzy's is located 18795 N. Reems Rd. in Surprise at the corner of Reems and Grand Ave.
The Bike Night At The Billet Bar. Voted "BEST BIKER BAR IN PHOENIX" by New Times. There is no better place to watch all the Bikes ride down Scottsdale road than from The Billet Bar Patio. The Billet is ALWAYS packed with bikes Every Day. Stop by and take a look at the New Flamed Booths on the Paradise Patio. The new bars front and rear provide spacious seating, fresh air atmosphere, perfect temperature and courteous staff. The food is amazing and always the latest in cold libations await. You can sit at the back bar and watch your favorite TV on any of the seven big inch televisions. Play pool, listen to the latest music and socialize. The front patio seats over 75 people and is perfect for people watching on Scottsdale Rd. The Billet Bar is located on 3752 N. Scottsdale Rd. Check it out this Thursday night and all weekend long. Info: at 480-941-1876. Click Here for the New Billet Bar Page with pictures. 

Every Saturday and Sunday 

Western Trails Ranch Bike Weekends. We are right on your way to some of the finest riding in the State of Arizona!  Stop by on your way out or way back in to town. Biker Weekends with live rock music Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 1 to 5.   Since summer is upon us we go to our Saturday Night Live Bands, 7 to 11 pm.   NO COVER CHARGE! You asked for it you got it!  Camping and RV spots available, Saturday Nights only.  Bring a sleeping bag and or tent, camping will be inside the venue. No food or alcohol can be brought in. Check our website calendar for all the details.  Friday's all day all night $2.00 well, wine & beer, including draft beer. Four regulation horseshoe pits, pool tables, life size chess and checkers.  NOW OPEN at the Ranch - Stage Stop Steakhouse & BBQ.  This week Wed. thru Sun. buy one hamburger or cheeseburger and get one FREE!  The restaurant opens at 10am. The Ranch is now open Wednesday's through Sunday's, food and full bar!  (623) 521-0366.   We are located at 37823 NW Grand Ave mile marker 124 ½ Morristown AZ smack dab in the middle of Surprise & Wickenburg - our website is 

Every Sunday 

New Sunday Brunch at Salty Senorita's in Peoria.
Salty Senorita Sunday Biker Brunch. The Brunch Kicks Off This Sunday from 9:30am - 3pm. Stop for a great brunch, some giveaways and the Salty's VIP Card good for 15% off of your food. This is a great location for brunch on the West side, you will not believe how cool this place is. Mrs. C. and I had it last Sunday and it was excellent while dining on their 3000 sq. foot outdoor patio with great music and an excellent sound system that backs up to the baseball field at Peoria Sports Complex. Salty's Sunday Brunch features a "Build-Your-Own Omelet for just $7.99, possibly the best omelet you will ever have, or you can order off of Salty's Super Brunch menu. Salty's also has a Create-Your-Own Bloody Mary.  Plan to make the first one on Sunday, April 13th. Salty's in Peoria is located at 8011 W. Paradise Lane just one block South of Bell Rd. and one block East of 83rd Ave. See you this Sunday. See Photos of "Who Was There" last Sunday. 

Next Week 

Saturday, May 17th
Trisha Hessee Medical Relief Fund Run. Ride starts & finishes at Toso’s Sports Bar & Grill - 2401 W. Union Hills in Phoenix. Poker Run, 50/50 Raffle. Stops include: Buffalo Chip, Roadrunner Steakhouse & Saloon, Wild Horse West, & Valle Luna. Registration begins at 8am $20 Singles $30 Doubles .$2 breakfast burritos served by Toso's from 8AM-9:30AM(all proceeds from the breakfast go directly to Trisha's Medical Relief Fund). Ride leaves Toso's at 9:30AM & ends at Toso's at 3PM. Winners of the poker run and 50/50 raffle will be announced at the end of the run. For information: Contact Deb Harris or Dallas Farrell at:

Saturday, May 17th
American Hero Run Armed Forces Day. VFW Chandler Post #8401 - 751 S Arizona Ave in Chandler. American Hero Run Armed Forces Day. Support Our Veterans Poker Run Two Top Hands Prize. Door Prizes and 50/50. Vendors, Fun. Food and Drinks. Panhead Ronnie Live 3:00PM. Registration 9:00 - 10:00. $15.00 Singles $25.00 Couples. If you have questions call Tom 602-332-5342
Saturday, May 17th
Armed Forces Day Parade. The public is invited to respectfully observe or participate in the second annual “Armed Forces Day” Parade to be held on Saturday, May 17th, 2008 at 10:00 Am in historic downtown Flagstaff, Arizona. This regional observance will include patriotic entries of the United States Military, Veteran Organizations, Law Enforcement & Fire, Civic Services, Color Guards, Marching Bands, ROTC Units and more. Following the parade the Flagstaff Community, the M.A.N.A. Service Group and local veteran organizations will host an annual “Welcome Our Troops Home” Assembly at the Flagstaff High School (400 W. Elm Avenue) from 1:00 Pm to 3:00 Pm. The public is respectfully invited to attend the reception to honor and welcome home returning members of the Armed Forces who have been deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq and worldwide during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

Next Week 

Tuesday, May 20th
Vemma and Verve Informational Meeting. If this product wasn't good and tested by me, I wouldn't be telling you about it. So be assured I and my family are using this product.
If you are experiencing
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For you to learn more about these products, we are doing an informational meeting featuring Tom Alkazin, a top Vemma Executive at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel, located at I-17 and Dunlap Ave. on May 20th at 7:30pm. Click Here for the Flyer. Email me at to RSVP. I would suggest arriving early as we are expecting at least 250 people to attend. If you would like to order yours now to get started, email me your contact information to and I will get back to you ASAP to get you signed up. I have $15 off cards for Verve and a free cooler.
For more information go to . See the Vemma Users testimonials at the bottom of the page. 

Saturday, May 24th
Phoenix Memorial Day Rally. Event time is 6:30am at Phoenix National Cemetery located at 23029 N. Cave Creek Road, Phoenix, AZ , Join Riders USA as they pay tribute to our fallen heroes. Bikes should line up on the East side of the road, south of Pinnacle Peak Road. Back in place and display your flags for all to see. Keep in mind this IS NOT A Protest of any sorts. We are here to pay tribute to those that have paid the supreme price in protecting our sovereignty. After the ceremonies, we will ride to Harolds in Cave Creek for lunch. The cost for this event is displaying one or more flags on or at your bike while parked along side the road. Thousands of passing cars going into the Cemetery will be giving you a salute, thumbs up or just a big THANK YOU smile for your tribute to their loved ones now residing in this Cemetery. This is Riders USA 2nd. annual salute.
Saturday, May 24th
Watch Penn Vs. Sherk at Hacienda North. Ultimate fight - Penn vs Sherk on pay per view in the newly remodeled upstairs at Hacienda North. Come watch it here for free. A great place to hang out and watch the fight. We will have heavy hor d'eouvres and beverages. Cocktails are available- beer $2.00 Donation and mixed drinks $3.00 Donation. Hacienda North is located at 15750 N. Northsight Blvd. in Scottsdale, AZ. 480-991-7977.
Saturday, May 24th
Greater Phoenix Teen Challenge 1st Annual Bike Run. Celebrating 50 years of changed lives. Join us for an exciting ride and amazing testimonies. 8am registration, Breakfast provided. 9am run begins. Cost is $25 per bike. Starts at the Greater Phoenix Teen Challenge located at 1515 W. Grand Ave. in Phoenix. Finish at Teen Challenge Christian Life Ranch located at 47819 N. Fig Springs Road in New River. More info: Debbie Mayer at 602-271-4084. 


There are a few Hearts to Heroes T-Shirts and ride pins left. I have Long Sleeved white, Short Sleeve and Women's Tanks. Until we run out, each shirt order will come with a free Ride Pin. Click Here to View the shirts and to order. Shirts will be shipped the same or next day.
If this one doesn't make you laugh out loud, then you don't appreciate a good flatulence joke. Click Here to View.
Here is a video of a guy you don't want playing with matches in your house. Click Here to View.
This is great video. We just need to see about 100,000 more of these. Click Here to View. 

Until Next Week,
Blessings and Safe Riding To All,

Barry Caraway
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