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Greetings Riders,
Well, the Toy Runs are over, the pictures are posted and the videos are finished. All my work is done, Right? Wrong! Now the stress really begins. And I'm sure I have a lot of company out there. I am now faced with that issue of deciding on that correct Christmas present for Mrs. Cyclerides. As most of you Men out there know, this is a touchy area. You want to get your Wife or Girl something special, but yet men seem to be more practical. We like to think of gifts as "useful" items. Not things that sit in the drawer for months at a time. I'm sitting here with the with the Helzberg's catalog on one side and the Harley Catalog on the other. Hmmmm.....Do I do the "Right" thing or do I do the "Guy" thing?
I'm thinking a chrome swing arm for the Vrod would be a lot more practical than a Tennis Bracelet. A chrome swingarm would be used a lot of miles this year and be seen EVERY time she went in the garage. A tennis bracelet on the other hand would sit in the drawer most of the time and be brought out far less often. But here I go, bringing out that practical thinking again. And sometimes that isn't always the best. My idea of a shiny expensive gift and Mrs. C's idea are probably not the same. Although she is a fan of chrome, it does not reach my proportions of being an out of the closet, card carrying "chromosexual". But I guess I have to remember who I am getting her gift for. So what will I do? The "Right" thing or the "Guy" thing? I still have 7 days to figure this out.
Everyone knows that this is the time of year for giving. And motorcycle riders are among the most generous groups I have ever seen. I am still amazed at all the great gifts that were dropped off at the Toys To Kids run. They were fantastic. There are lots of ways to give this time of year. Angel Tree, dropping a few coins in the Salvation Army pot or food donations. Those are all easy ways to share this time of year. I love to give. Most of the time I am the first to offer to buy drinks or meals with my friends. But that is pretty easy to do since I already know everyone in the group. What I am not good at is giving to a total stranger. I don't know why, it is just an uncomfortable situation, but one I have been working on.
I don't know why, but for some reason I am supposed to share this with all of you. About this time last year I was put to the test. I stopped at a McDonalds for a quick meal down on Thomas Rd. and I-17. I had just ordered my combo meal and was paying when an older gentleman walked up in the line next to me to order. He was dressed in old dirty clothes, haggard looking, obviously down on his luck and homeless. As he was ordering I noticed that he was very courteous and polite. I could tell deep down he was a good man, but had gotten off course somewhere in his life. He ordered one basic hamburger and started counting out pennies and nickels to pay the 42 cents that he owed. I hesitated for a moment because this was out of my comfort zone and then offered to buy him anything he wanted. He graciously declined the help, but I insisted that the lady give him a quarter pounder and some fries and I paid the $2.00 tab. He said "God Bless You My Friend", took his food and headed for the door.  
I watched as he put the sack of food in his shopping cart and started to push it away. I felt so good about taking the step to buy this total stranger his lunch, that I wanted to do more. I kept thinking, it was only $2.00, you can do better than that. I turned away for 5 seconds to get my food and headed for the door to see if there was anything else I could do for this man. But he was gone! I couldn't find him anywhere. Within 10 seconds he had vanished! I looked all around the area, but couldn't find him anywhere. I'm not sure where he went or why this all happened, but a guy who had nothing, gave me one of the best gifts I had ever gotten. The opportunity to step out of my shell, give straight from the heart and be a blessing to a total stranger without being prompted. I think about this man often, and wonder what happened to him and why he was sent here to help me. 
It wasn't the $2.00, it was the fact that I stepped across the line that I had laid for myself, and that line was being afraid to offer something when there wasn't someone asking for it. If you get the opportunity to do something like this, go for it. Buy somebody a meal, throw them a jacket, whatever they need. You will be blessed. You never know who might be walking around in another man's shoes. Here is a song by Reba McEntire called The Christmas Guest. This song sums it up. You will enjoy. (It takes a little to download and it will start playing, be patient.) 

Toys To Kids Video 

I have 2 videos from the Toys To Kids ride. Part 1 is from the start of the ride. Part 2 is from Rawhide with the kids. If you didn't go on the ride you will want to see these for sure. If you did go, it is a neat walk down memory lane. They are about 5 minutes each. I have formatted this for Cable, Medium and Dialup. So everyone should be able to see them. You will need the latest version of Windows Media Player 9.0 to view these. So if they won't play, download and install the latest version from Microsoft. If that doesn't work, go to a buddies house that it does and watch them there. Click Here for the video page. 

Toys To Kids "Toys" Update - Please Read 

There has been some confusion with a recent press release the Sheriff made concerning deputies giving toys to kids during traffic stops.  This program "The Sheriff's Old West Roundup for Kids" was conceived by a group of citizens in a leadership class.  They collected over 4,000 stuffed animals that the Sheriff calls toys to give to kids who are contacted by deputies in traumatic situations.  NONE of the toys collected by the "Toys for Kids" motorcycle run will be used for this purpose! Your toys have already been distributed to over 707 Children. The following is a list of places that they have already been distributed or waiting to go. More will be distributed to the shelters this weekend. Please pass this information to your friends who were at the ride so that everyone knows where the toys are going.
1. Queen Creek DES (Dept. of Economic Security) 10 families; 30 children.
2. Boys and Girls Club in low income area; 75 children.
3. Abused and Abandoned Children Shelter; 7 children.
4. Phoenix Children's Hospital (AHCCHS Program) 200 children.
5. New Joy Charter School (Title I) 239 children.
6. 17 low income/single parent families; 44 children.
7. One family where the father has leukemia; 3 children.
8. One family with both parents out of work; 3 children.
9. One family with a single mother who is battling cancer; 1 child.
10. Pre-school in low income area; 75 children.
11. Daycare
"Kid's Care" in low income area; 35 children.
At present, the total number of children helped by the "Toy" program is 707.

In This Issue:
Chosa's 12 Days of Christmas Sale
The Annual Happy Harley Days Party! 


This Week's Events 

Los Gringos Locos Wednesday Bike Night sponsored by Chosa's Harley-Davidson Shop.
Here is one for the riders in the far East Valley and Apache Junction. Los Gringos Locos and Chosa's HD Shop have combined for a Wednesday Bike Night. This is a great facility with a separate Cantina and an outdoor patio. Enjoy great Mexican food in the dining area or eat in the Cantina or outside. Happy Hour will be all evening long. $3.00 house margaritas, $1.50 domestics and $2.50 imports. Los Gringos is located at 280 S. Phelps Dr. in Apache Junction. That is just 2 blocks South of Apache Trail (Main) on Phelps. Join the gang from Chosa's HD Shop on Wednesday nights for some good food and fun. There will be raffle prizes and giveaways. More information at 480-288-5626. Click Here for Pictures.
The Wild Hare Wednesday Bike Night. Looking for a Bike Night on the East side? Here is a bike night for the East side of town at a really nice location. Stop by and take a look, you will be impressed. It is called The Wild Hare located at 4910 W. Ray Rd. That is the NE Corner of Ray Rd. and Rural Rd. This is a really nice place with a very large outdoor patio. The inside has just been remodeled to double the seating along with adding a DJ, pool tables and games. The Wild Hare has a broad menu including 20 different appetizers, salads, wings, 17 different sandwiches, chicken, filet mignon, burgers and desserts including strawberry cheese cake. There will be food and drink specials that will run during bike night from 6 PM till close. This will all start on Wednesday, August 14th. I will have an information page on the event calendar that will give you all the details. Stop by and take a look, I'm sure you will like what you see. Info: 480-897-6200. 

Thursday Night
Thursday Night features Bike Nights all over the Valley. Look below to find one near you.


The Bike Night At The Billet Bar. Voted "BEST BIKER BAR IN PHOENIX" by New Times. There is no better place to watch all the Bikes ride down Scottsdale road than from The Billet Bar Patio. The Billet is ALWAYS packed with bikes Every Day. The new bars front and rear provide spacious seating, fresh air atmosphere, perfect temperature and courteous staff. The food is amazing and always the latest in cold libations await. You can sit at the back bar and watch your favorite TV on any of the seven big inch televisions. Keep an eye on your prized possession (your motorcycle) on the monitors. Play pool, listen to the latest music and socialize. The front patio seats over 75 people and is perfect for people watching on Scottsdale Rd. The Billet Bar is located right next to Easyriders on 3752 N. Scottsdale Rd. Check it out this Thursday night and all weekend long. Info: at 480-941-1876. Click Here for the New Billet Bar Page with pictures.


Casey Jones Grill Bike Night  The evening riding weather is good. You can always count on lots of bikes here. Ride in for what I call the Best Cheesesteak Sandwich in town. This thing melts in your mouth. They have 3 new pool tables, darts and foosball. Located in the Mervyns Shopping Center on the SE corner of 43rd Ave. and Thunderbird Rd. Casey Jones is a great place for a bike night featuring a large outdoor seating and over 150 people inside. And for those of you that want to watch a sporting event they have 50 TV's scattered throughout the restaurant connected to satellite to get any game you can think of. They have a full menu for lunch, dinner and a Happy Hour from 11:00AM - 7:00PM and a reverse happy hour from 10:00PM - 12:00 Midnight. $1.75 domestic bottles and $2.00 Jacks. There are always a lot of bikes showing up for bike night at Casey Jones Thursday night. Join them for open mic night on Wednesdays. Sunday.

Hooters at Ahwatukee Thursday Bike Night. Continues Giveaways and Raffles. The riders in Ahwatukee were wanting a Bike Night of their own, so Hooters Ahwatukee stepped up to provide a great place to come on your motorcycle on Thursday nights. Stop by for raffles, good times and good food at Hooters in Ahwatukee located at 4804 E. Chandler Blvd. There will be raffles and giveaways from Chandler Harley and Hooters as well as 20% off menu items (25% off with V.I.P. Card). $2.00 Corona Thursdays and plenty of parking next to the outdoor patio. Click Here for the pictures and all the details.

Hooters at Arrowhead Bike Night. Continues Giveaways and Raffles.
Ride by and join in on the fun! Hooters will host a Bike Night every Thursday at the Hooters at Arrowhead located just 1 block S. of Bell on 83rd Ave. Stop by for some great food and Hooters Hospitality. There will be 20% off menu items (25% off with V.I.P. Card). $2.00 Corona Thursdays and plenty of parking next to the outdoor patio. Stop by for some giveaways and raffles from Hooters and Arrowhead Harley as well as great wings and fun at Hooters. Click Here to see Pictures and all the detailed information.

Thunder Pass Food and Spirits Lounge Thursday Bike Night.
Far East Siders you now have a nice big place to go on Thursday nights. The newly remodeled and very large Thunder Pass Food and Spirits Lounge opened for the first time Thursday May 29th to kick off their Thursday Bike Night from 6pm to close. Thunder Pass owners are the same as the Spirits Lounge in Gilbert that a lot of you have gone to in the past. Spirits closed the doors on Saturday due to the loss of the lease. Rick's new place, taking the place of Spirits will be Thunder Pass located at 9303 E. Apache Trail in East Mesa. One block East of Ellsworth on Apache Trail (Main St.). They will have ladies night on Thursdays with $1.00 drinks, extensive food menu and a huge dance floor with a DJ. Thunder Pass features 2 patios. One out front and one in the back. Park your bikes right next to you. Rick invites all that have come to Spirits for the last 21 years to the new 300 seat Thunder Pass located on the County island between Mesa and Apache Junction.
ACME Bar and GrillRemember when downtown Scottsdale was the place to be? They are back with the complete remodel of the place including the new rooftop bar. You will enjoy a Free Buffet from 8:00-9:30 PM, Drink Specials, Raffles every week, Great Music, Pool and lots of fun in Downtown Scottsdale. Make your plans for Thursday March 20th to kick off the return of ACME. Come early for the free buffet and get your raffle ticket and return at 10:00 PM for the drawing. ACME is located in Old Town Scottsdale at 4245 N. Craftsmen Ct. just South of 5th Ave. and West of Scottsdale Rd. For more information call 480-990-7111. Ride by and be a part of the Rebirth of the Acme Ride Night This Thursday Night.  Click here for details and pictures.


Cocomo Joe's Sunday Bike Day. Many of you have been to Cocomo Joe's in North Phoenix. There is now a day just for riders. Cocomo Joe's is a very open and comfortable place to hang out that is decorated in a Jamaican theme. They have a new large outdoor patio as well as 2 smaller ones around the side. There is a large dining area with TV's all around to keep up on all NFL football on Sundays. See the pictures here. After football season they will be bringing in live entertainment on Sunday afternoons. There is also 3 pool tables and games for your enjoyment. There will be food and drink specials for ride days starting at 10:30am as well as blocked off preferred parking for motorcycles. The day starts at 10:30am with breakfast foods available. Bike day is from Noon - 6pm. Cocomo Joe's is located on the NW corner of Tatum and Dynamite Rd. So if you are riding to or from Cave Creek, or want to take a ride up North and not have to run the DB gauntlet, stop by Cocomo Joe's. 28244 N. Tatum Blvd. 480-535-8008. Stop by this Sunday for opening day. Click Here for all the details.

Sugar Daddy's Blues Biker Sunday Brunch.
Now is the perfect weather to be sitting out on the Sugar Daddy's patio, listening to live music while dining from the Brunch Menu. Our 5,000 sq. ft. temperature controlled patio has six air conditioning units, misters, and plenty of shade. Sugar Daddy's patio, food and entertainment is becoming a regular Sunday stop. If you haven't tried it yet, give them a try. Complimentary coffee is now served. Make Sugar Daddy's Blues your stop on your ride down Scottsdale Rd. for Brunch or Lunch from 10am - 5pm. Enjoy live music from 1-6pm and choose from 9 delicious ala carte brunch items or order off of the extensive menu including pizza, salads, burgers or sandwiches. Or maybe just relax on the patio with your favorite beverage and enjoy the beautiful weather and watch the bikes roll down Scottsdale Rd. You can even play a game of pool as you watch the activities on the patio. Don't forget to go inside and see the unbelievable decor inside Sugar Daddy's. It's a Cajun and blues delight. Even if you can't make it   Click here to see the awesome pictures and details of Sugar Daddy's located at 3102 N. Scottsdale Rd. between Indian School and Thomas on the West side of the road. Stop by and check it out. A great place to hang out. Plenty of Bike Parking. If you have suggestions, email them at . 480-970-6556.

This Weekend

December 12th - 23rd
Chosa's 12 Days of Christmas Sale. This is a very unique sale that goes on for 12 straight days at both the Chosa's Mesa store and the Apache Junction Shop. Every day some different category is on sale. You will see anything from Genuine HD Accessories, Leathers and Kids Clothes to Collectibles and Christmas Decorations. And on Saturday Dec. 21st you get to spin the wheel in Mesa and win some amazing gifts, Friday in AJ. Each store has different items on featured during this sale. Click Here for a complete list of what is featured and how much you will save. This is your chance for big savings on Christmas presents. For more information call 480-894-0404. Chosa's Mesa is located at 922 S. Country Club in Mesa. Apache Junction Shop is located at 2910 W. Apache Trail.

Saturday and Sunday
December 20th and 21st.

The Annual Happy Harley Days Party! Don't miss this chance to get great deals on your last minute shopping at this 2 day event from both Arrowhead Harley-Davidson and Chandler Harley-Davidson. Save up to 20% with their famous Tier Discounts. The more you buy the more you save. Plus, $250 will be given away each day at each location. There will be Fantastic In-Store specials, Hourly Door Prizes, Coffee and Pastry, FREE Lunch & Drinks from 11am - 4pm, and FREE Gift Wrapping from Santa's Hooter's Helpers. Arrowhead HD is located at 16130 N. Arrowhead Fountain Circle Dr. in Peoria, 623-247-5542. Chandler HD is located at 6895 W. Chandler Blvd. in Chandler. 480-496-6800. Click Here for info. 

Upcoming Events 

January 2nd - 4th.
The 35th Annual World of Wheels Custom Car and Motorcycle Show. This is a well known car show that will now have a motorcycle presence as well. The show is January 2nd - 4th at the Phoenix Civic Plaza. If you would like to display your motorcycle in the show it is only $25 per bike. Call 602-708-3024 to enter. 

Extras Christmas Gift Ideas
These are a few things that I have used or come across that would make good gift ideas. V.I.P. Card. This is the perfect gift for avid rider. Get $100 in free Food, Apparel and Services. And receive a one time 20% discount on All Parts and Motorclothes up to a $5000 purchase from Hacienda Harley-Davidson. You will also receive discounts all year long from many businesses throughout the state. And since we all drive cars, you will also receive $3.00 of every car wash from BJ's Car Washes. All for only $39.95. Order Online.
New Design long sleeve and short sleeve shirts. The new design has been very popular. Take a look and order in long or short sleeves for Christmas.  
Garmin EMap GPS. You have seen me talk about this and even seen evidence of the GPS in my Grand Canyon Day Ride. This is one of my favorite toys on long trips and is a great gift item for anyone. Sells for around $185 at Bronco One Electronics. Located at 16236 N. 32nd St. just South of Bell Rd. Bronco One has been around for 35 years and is the most knowledgeable and best price in town. Call Alan at 602-992-2016. Tell him Cyclerides sent you.
Molded Stereo Headphones/Earplugs. These are awesome! These act as music headphones as well as ear plugs that you can plug into an MP3 player or a CD Player. You hear the music perfectly at 70 MPH as well as surrounding sounds that you need to hear. I don't go anywhere without these. Call Ron at

Arizona Ear Protection
at 480-236-2997. You can also get the standard molded earplugs. Since these will have to be fitted, you can purchase a gift certificate. 10% off with the V.I.P. Card. You can make your purchase and get fitted at the Arizona Motorcycle Expo December 13 & 14.
T.E.A.M. Arizona Motorcycle Training. For that person that is ready to start riding, start them out the right way with a Gift Certificate for motorcycle training. This 3 day motorcycle training is a must for the new rider. Call 480-998-9888 for more information.
DETAILS Mobile Detailer. Everyone enjoys a clean motorcycle. Robert Knowles runs a mobile detail service in the valley for the last 15 years and does an excellent job. Prices as low as $50. Robert also sells an assortment of do it yourself professional detail products. Contact Robert at 602-430-3200 to arrange your detail or to purchase a gift certificate. 
Until Next Week,
Blessings and Safe Riding To All,
Barry Caraway
"The Road Is Yours - Take The Ride"

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