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Greetings Riders,
Well, the bitter cold this last weekend made riding a motorcycle a little uncomfortable to say the least. When I took off for the Toys to Kids ride at about 8AM, my face seemed pretty much frozen by about 2 miles into the ride to Westgate. My line of thinking that I only had 10 miles to go and it would be fine, was severely miscalculated. By the time I got there it felt like my forehead was a block of ice and my ears could break off at any moment. And then since 4 miles seems like 20 miles, you start playing the game of “What if?” If I go faster and I get there sooner, is that better than going slower and having less wind chill? Never got a clear answer to that one. Maybe someone smarter than me can figure that out. The lesson learned was a Note to Self: 38 degrees and 70 mph is COLD for any amount of miles. Dress for it!
The Toys to Kids event was this past Saturday. Aside from the bitter cold early, it turned out to be a beautiful sunny morning and everything went as planned. 108 kids from the Children First Academy, a school for homeless kids in downtown Phoenix and Tempe showed up at around 10AM ready for a day that was all about them. We had balloon twisters waiting and ready to make them balloon hats and to keep them entertained while the riders were brining in the toys.
At 11AM I started the show by interviewing some of the kids on the front row asking their name, age and what they wanted to be when they grow up. These kids current life situations are not the best to say the least, but what I found was that their aspirations were off the chart. The first little girl I asked wanted to be a doctor. I said, what kind of doctor do you want to be? She said a “People” doctor. Ok, my bad, I forgot that I was talking with a 5 year old. What was I expecting her to say? A cardiologist? The next one I asked wanted to be a teacher and the next 1 wanted to be an animal doctor, but later changed her mind to a people doctor. I always get the biggest kick out of talking with these young kids because you never know what they are going to say or do.
Once the ice was broken I started the hula hoop contest for the kids. I chose 4 of the kids ages 5-7 years, brought them on stage and gave them each a hula hoop. They got to do 2 practice tries and them gave it their best shot for the crowd. The funniest one was a little boy named Kevin who had the strangest, arm flinging spastic hula hoop method we had ever seen. Not very effective for hula hooping, but very funny for the crowd. Next it was the Adults hula hoop contest. 2 women and 2 men. We got the 2 women pretty fast, but it was a bit harder getting the men. So I ended up rounding out the group myself. Thelma was by far the winner of this group seemingly hooping and shacking it as long as she wanted. I was the big loser doing more of an imitation of Kevin than hula hooping. But it was fun for all.
Next was a demonstration from the Peoria Fire Department rescue dogs. They interacted with the kids as well as demonstrated how they can sniff out a scent on people, even hidden in a giant Christmas present. It was fun to see them in action. Next was our headliner entertainment ELVIS. He performed some popular Elvis Christmas songs and ended on Winter Wonderland when it started snowing all over us. Westgate has the most realistic fake snow that I have ever seen and it came on right on cue. You can see it in some of the pictures.
By noon the kids were allowed to get any 3 toys from the stack to take home with them. A lot of the kids were getting a couple for themselves and one for a sibling or a friend that couldn’t come. It was refreshing to hear that a child that has so little, was so willing to give to someone else. According to their teachers, for many of these kids, this could likely be the only thing they would get for Christmas, so it is a big deal for them.
After they had picked out their toys and put them in their bags labeled with their names, it was time to eat. We had arranged a meal for them that was donated by Mama Gina’s pizza right there at Westgate. We had requested one large piece of pizza and a drink. But they went way over the top and had cookies, lollypops and candy canes for each of the kids as well. I really want to give a special thanks to Mama Gina’s for doing such a good job and donating the food. Stop there for lunch or dinner next time you are in the area or at bike night.
There are many stories that come out of this event every year if you listen to the kids. One that got me was one little girl that came up to me at the end and said: “This was the best day of my life”. At that very moment, all of the work and planning that had gone into that event was now more than worth it. The smiles, the excitement and the appreciation given back by these kids were more of a payment than money could ever buy.
It is humbling to be able to give back, even in what seems like such a small way. What we don’t realize is that according to their teachers, this is a monumental moment in the life of these kids, who will be going back to reality later that evening. We have all made them the center of attention for a couple of hours, given them gifts and a hot meal. This is something that they don’t get very often. God Bless them all. And God Bless every one of you that showed up on that cold morning to do your part in making this happen. We were very tight on toys this year, so every one of them counted.
Thanks to Westgate City Center for donating the venue, Mama Gina’s for the food, David Darnell and family for doing the DJ work, Rick Picard for bringing the rescue dogs, Thrivent Financial for donating $1000 toward the event and most importantly, to all of the riders who brought the toys.
Thanks again,
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This Week
Saturday, December 14th
Arrowhead Harley-Davidson Holiday Open House. Join Arrowhead Harley-Davidson for their 2013 Holiday Open House from 9AM – 4PM. Free photos with Santa from 11AM – 2PM. Candy, Cookies, and Hot Chocolate while you shop. Free Gift Wrapping every weekend in December. Check out our Facebook page for full details at Plus: Free Gift with a $300 purchase, a H-D Vintage Storage Crate, a $75 value. 16130 N. Arrowhead Ftn. Ctr. Dr. in Peoria, AZ. 623-247-5542.
Saturday, December 14th
Chandler Harley-Davidson Holiday Open House. Join Chandler Harley-Davidson for their 2013 Holiday Open House from 9AM – 4PM. Free photos with Santa from 11AM – 2PM. Candy, Cookies, and Hot Chocolate while you shop. Free Gift Wrapping with any purchase. Take advantage of Tiered Discounts on Licensed H-D Merchandise.
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Saturday, December 14th
Joy Ride for Toys. Join Scottsdale Schumacher from Noon – 4PM at the Tap Haus in Cave Creek for a Joy Ride for Toys. Free Food, Live Music, Displays, Raffle, Demo Trick Dirt Bike Exhibition, a visit from Santa and more! Show off your cool rod or ride at this family friendly event. Free entry and hamburger meal with the donation of a new, unwrapped toy for Military Assistance Mission. Military Assistance Mission helps active Arizona military families who are in need.  For more information visit
Saturday, December 15th
W. Steven Martin’s 911 Poker Toy Run. Our 28th annual 911 Toy Drive and motorcycle ride is to support Officers and Firefighters and should be one of the best in years. (Warm stops with bathrooms, Free Coffee and Fun. We have offered toys to some families in the Yarnell AZ area that lost everything in the tragic fire that swept through this small town. You can sign in from 9-10 AM and ANY Big Apple location and start the ride. Donate $10 and a new toy. Enjoy a Free cup of coffee and get your first poker card. You’ll also get one extra Cruise ticket at each Big Apple location you stop at, or if you are short on time draw the rest of your hand at the last Big Apple stop on 19th Ave. across from Turf Paradise. See flyer for all start locations.
Next Week
Saturday, December 21st
Buddy Stubbs Customer Appreciation. It’s a month long celebration of cheer at Buddy Stubbs Arizona Harley-Davidson! They’ve got great holiday shopping deals going on every Saturday in December for their string of Blacker Saturdays. Keep an eye on or call 602-971-3400 for all the details. Also this month, Buddy Stubbs invites everyone out on December 21st from 11AM till 3PM for their customer appreciation also known as Hogs & Dogs. This month they’ll have free hamburgers and hot dogs, free drinks, live music and a guided museum tour with Buddy himself. Furthermore, to make sure there is REALLY something for everyone, Santa’s sleigh will be arriving at 1PM! Bring the little ones out and get them photographed with Mr. and Mrs. Claus from 1-3PM in their H-D finest. Ditch the loud malls and join Buddy Stubbs AZ H-D in celebrating the holidays! Do you still need to pick up some last minute gifts? Take advantage of our Hogs & Dogs special this month, buy any Genuine H-D shirt and get a second half off! (Dec. 21st only) Ride on over and grab free food, drinks, and more at Buddy Stubbs Arizona Harley-Davidson. See you there! Buddy Stubbs AZ H-D is located at 13850 N. Cave Creek Rd. Phoenix AZ, 85022. Or on the web at
Saturday, December 21st
Buddy Stubbs Anthem Customer Appreciation. The holidays are in full swing at Buddy Stubbs Anthem Harley-Davidson! Blacker Saturdays bring great deals and free gift wrapping! Check their website or call 623-465-1122 for all the details! Buddy would also like to invite everyone out to Hogs & Dogs where the theme this month is all about spending time with great friends and family! Join the team, Saturday December 21st for free food and drinks from 11AM-2PM. Again this year they are inviting you to bring the little ones out and get them photographed with Santa! Mr. and Mrs. Claus will be on site from 11-12PM for free photos. Ditch those loud malls and join Buddy Stubbs Anthem H-D in celebrating the holidays! In addition to all that, we will be offering a Hogs & Dogs special of buy on get one half off on all Genuine H-D shirts! See store for details. Ride on out and grab free food and drinks, and more at Buddy Stubbs Anthem H-D. See you there! Buddy Stubbs Anthem Harley-Davidson is located at 41715 N. 41st Dr. Anthem, AZ 85086 or on the web at
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Until Next Week,
Blessings and Safe Riding To All,

Barry Caraway
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