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Greetings Riders,
Well, here we are at the first of November. The elections are finally over, triple digit temperatures are finally gone and now we can enjoy the peace and quiet of normal programming on TV and Radio while we enjoy this great riding weather. I don't know if anyone agrees with me, but the constant negative advertising from the political candidates was really starting to get annoying. It was to the point that I didn't want to vote for any of them. But at least the bleeding in Washington has been stopped and now we can look forward to gridlock for the next couple of years, which beats out of control spending and intrusive government regulations. Just another good reason to get on the bike and take a nice long ride.
As most of you know, I am always looking for new activities to do to share with those who like to get out and ride with a destination in mind. We visited one last week that is fairly obvious, in fact, literally right under our feet, but one that we just don't necessarily think about doing. Kind of like living in Arizona for 20 years and not going to the Grand Canyon. You know it is there, and that it is only 200 miles away, but for some reason, we will travel 600 miles to California to drive through a Redwood tree instead. Go figure. Not only do we have one of the greatest geological wonders of the world with the Grand Canyon in our State, we also have one of the greatest man made achievements with the Hoover Dam. Well, technically half of it I guess. The other half is in Nevada.
We all know about and have seen Hoover Dam, probably ridden over it several times going to Las Vegas, but have you ever taken the tour and spent some time learning about the importance of this structure? This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the completion of the Hoover Dam. Construction of Hoover Dam began in 1931, and the last concrete was poured in 1935. Even with some of the harshest working conditions, the dam was completed almost 2 years ahead of schedule. Hoover Dam was without precedent, the greatest dam of its day, is still a world-renowned structure and National Historic Landmark. In 1999, it was named the number 5 construction achievement of the 20th century.
Built in the height of the depression, workers came to Boulder City from all over the U.S. for the opportunity to work and have a steady job for 50 cents to as high as $1.25 per hour. (See picture of the pay scale) There would be as many as 10,000 employees that would work 12 hours per day, 7 days per week, around the clock with only 2 days off, Christmas and July 4th. Over 700 people died on this project with most of them due to getting hit on the head with falling rocks early on. 96 was the official count of deaths on site, the others died off site as a result of injuries. To dispel rumors you might have heard, the only creature buried in the dam was a black lab that became the project mascot and was beloved by all the workers. The dog was killed in a truck accident, and more men wept that day than through all the other tough times during construction. The dog was buried in the dam as a tribute.
One of the factoids that I found most interesting was how they poured the concrete in the dam. Workers built the dam as a series of concrete boxes, dumping the mix from huge buckets. To keep the mix cool, workers ran 582 miles of cooling pipes through the forms. At first they carried river water and later ice water from a nearby plant. Otherwise it would have taken 125 years for the concrete to cure. Sixteen people died of heat exposure at the site in just one month in the summer of 1931. The average high was 120 degrees. The last concrete in the dam was poured on May 29, 1935.
There are so many interesting facts and history of this historic structure that I couldn't even begin to get to them in this letter. But what I can say is that I would encourage anyone to take the time and effort to go to Hoover Dam and take the tour. I would suggest reading some history of it before you go to get a head start on what you will be seeing and better understand it. There are 2 tours available. The Power Plant Tour for $11 per person which will take you down the elevator 15 stories to the Power Plant to see the generators and massive pipes that take the water to them. You will also walk through some tunnels along the way. The other tour is the Dam Tour that costs $30 per person that will take you through some tunnels deeper inside the dam. We just did the Power Plant tour that was recommended by one of the workers on site which was very good.
When you come up from the Power Plant at the end of the tour it will drop you off at the Exhibit Gallery which was fascinating. Be sure and spend some time here. They have displays and video from the actual construction of the dam that will give you an insight to what these people went through to construct the dam in the early 1930's. There are also displays to show you the importance of Hoover Dam to the Southwest and displays to show you how electricity works. Hoover Dam is definitely an important and fascinating part of our American History that I think anyone would enjoy.
There is also another new attraction to see while you are there. For the last 5 years, those of us in Arizona have been hearing about and even watching the construction of the new Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, aka The Mike O'Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. (Photo) After 3 years of planning, preparation and blasting through rock, official construction of the bridge structure began on Valentines Day in 2005. Over 5 years and $114 million dollars later, the bridge was dedicated on October 14th, 2010, just 2 weeks after the 75th anniversary of the dam's opening ceremony. 
Not only will this bridge save everyone as much as an hour or more on a roundtrip to Las Vegas, but it has also set some records of its own. Some interesting facts about the bridge is that it is the highest and longest arched concrete bridge in the Western Hemisphere. The bridge stands 890 feet above the Colorado River, is 1900 feet long with a 1060 foot long arch, the longest of its kind in North America. It is also the second-highest bridge of any kind in the United States and 14th in the world as well as the world's tallest concrete columns of their kind. Quite and engineering marvel itself towering 200 feet over one of the greatest engineering marvels of all time.
Due to a strategically placed 5 foot concrete wall, you will not be able to see Hoover Dam when riding across the bridge. What you have to do is take the first exit after crossing the bridge on the Nevada side and follow the signs to Hoover Dam. About a mile down the hill you will see a sign for the bridge parking lot. Park there and take about 70 steps up and follow the sidewalk to the bridge. On the dam side of the bridge there is a walkway that enters on the Nevada side and dead ends on the Arizona side. Here you have a perfect view of the dam and the Colorado River 890 feet below. After seeing the bridge you can follow the old road 93 down to the Hoover Dam parking structure where they do have motorcycle parking. Of course, the tourist bug did bite me, check out this picture of me holding up the bridge. Click Here.
From I-17 and the Loop 101 it is 250 miles to Hoover Dam. So if you are looking for a good overnight ride or a long day ride, this would be a very rewarding and historically interesting one to take. You can no longer take Hwy. 93 directly to the dam. That is blocked off and diverts you around onto the new part of the highway. The only way to reach the dam now is to go across the bridge and take the first exit to connect with the old road to Hoover Dam. The roads from Phoenix to the Dam are very good and fairly straight. So you can easily make the trip to Hoover Dam in around 4 hours from I-17 and the 101.
We have made this trip several times before on the bikes, but hadn't done the dam tour for about 10 years. This time I was looking for a road trip in the Cessna. It was about a 1 hour and 45 minute flight. I have some great photos from the air and the ground including a cool video from above.   
Take I-17 North to Hwy. 74 to Hwy. 93 to Hwy. 40 to Hwy. 93 to Hoover Dam. 250 Miles.
Click Here for Map.
Click Here for Photos. There are some really good photos from the ground, the bridge and the air.
(Click Slideshow in upper right of page for best viewing Full Screen)
Click Here for Video. (Running time 1:25) This is over the dam and bridge with music. Great view of area. Enjoy.

Tidbits and Updates: Toy's To Kids. I have been getting questions about the Toy Ride for this year. Had to change the date to December 11th because the kids could not come on the 4th. It will be at Westgate on Saturday, December 11th. We will be bussing in 100 kids as we have done before. Will have entertainment, music and Saddle Ranch will be serving breakfast that morning starting at 9am. The program for the kids will start at 11am. As always, the kids will be able to pick any 3 gifts from the toys that you bring while they are there. I look forward once again to make this a very special day for these kids. There is also going to be a big car show and a farmers market at Westgate at the same time, so there will be plenty to do before and after the toy event. More information and flyer next week.
The last Bike Night of the year will be Thursday, November 11th. The Arizona Centennial Copper Chopper will be making a special appearance at Bike Night and will be displayed from 5-10pm. Be sure to stop by and take a look at this beautiful motorcycle. Take a picture of yourself at bike night and email it to me to be displayed in the Bike Night gallery for the last night. See information below.
Photos: If you need some content to entertain yourself at the computer, take a look at all of the Photos and Videos on our Smugmug photo page. Go to Bookmark this page.

Bike Nights
Every Friday and Saturday Night
Chilly Bombers is your place for Motorsports.  
Friday Night: Ride by Chilly Bombers every Friday night for the Chilly Bombers Cruisin Car Show. See at least 100 classic and muscle cars displayed in the parking lot. Bike parking available. Starts at 5pm. 2 winners every week. Food and drink specials, vendors, DJ and Fun.
Saturday Night: November 13th kick off the Chilly Bombers Saturday Bike Night with Live Music by "The Unlisted".
Enjoy $5.00 1/2 pound Hamburgers, $2.50 Longnecks, 1/2 priced appetizers and $4 Jack Daniels.
There will be a Bikini Bike Wash and Bike Show with awards for 4 categories. Nov. 13th proceeds will benefit the Choir Boys.
Tuesday Night: Showing Sons of Anarchy at 7pm.
Chilly Bombers is located at the SE Corner of 51st Ave. and Bell Rd. 602-298-0843

This Week
November 4th - 7th
10th Annual Rocky Point Rally. Yes, it is on and Mogollon is going to be the featured musical entertainment on Saturday night at Las Palomas on Sandy Beach. This should be a great concert. It is hard to believe, but this is the 10th anniversary of the Rally. I know that some are hesitant to go to Mexico right now with all of the bad press down there, but Rocky Point has seemed to avoid most of the issues that you hear about in the press. Do your own research about issues in Rocky Point, don't let the broad brush of the press decide for you. Then see if you want to go or not. One thing we do know, this is always a good time. Here is the Agenda. If you are looking to make a reservation for lodging, Click Here. If you want a good snapshot of the Rocky Point Rally, check out this video from a couple of years ago. Take advantage of the Pirate Boat Ride special. The first 100 persons with their $10 donation wristband will be allowed to ride for FREE. Click Here for flyer and other Activities going on for the weekend.
Las Palomas Condo Special for the Rocky Point Rally. Need a place to stay for the Rocky Point Rally? Las Palomas has a condo special that has a lot of extras. Stay on Sandy Beach in one of the newest condo's at the site of the Mogollon concert that will take place on Saturday, November 6th. Here is what you can get:
Choose from 1-4 Bedroom condos for $45 per person per night. Minimum 4 people in 2 br condo.
This includes:
2 Continental Breakfasts - 2 Welcome Drinks - $25 Welcome Bucks - $20 credit in food & beverage - 2 for 1 domestic drinks from 5-7pm. Rates are good from Nov. 4th - 7th.
For more details see The Flyer, email or call 866-360-2324.
Friday, November 5th
Motorcycles On Main St. in Mesa Sponsored by Chester's Harley-Davidson. Motorcycles on Main in Mesa is back in full swing. Riders have been asking for something to do on a Friday night for a long time and now it is here at least once per month. This event regularly brings in over 1000 riders for a fun time. Ride to downtown Mesa the first Friday of every month for the Downtown Mesa "Motorcycles On Main St." Cruise Main St. and enjoy Sturgis Style parking on the inside lanes. Park and show off your bike. The night will feature 4 Beer Gardens located throughout the 2 blocks and 4 Live Band Stages. Be sure and check it out this month on Friday, October 1st to join in on the motorcycle fun in Downtown Mesa from 6pm - 10pm. Downtown Mesa is located Just East of Country Club Dr. on Main St. Ride in with Chester's HD. Meet at the dealership at 6:30pm located at 922 S. Country Club Dr. in Mesa. Ride leaves at 6:30pm and ends at the Chester's Booth on Main St. Reserved Motorcycle Parking on the Main St.
Saturday, November 6th
Arrowhead Harley-Davidson Annual Fall Swap Meet and Bike Show. Have some stuff setting around the garage that you would like to get rid of? Now is the time to do it at the BIG Annual Swap Meet at Arrowhead HD. Event time from 8am - Noon. Set up by 8am. No competitve items or bike sales please. Limited space so please email: to reserve your spot.
Bike Show: Bike show registration starts at 11am and trophies will be awarded at 2pm. All bike welcome. Arrowhead HD is located at 16130 N. Arrowhead Fountain Ctr. Dr. in Peoria, AZ. 623-247-5542.
Saturday, November 6th
3rd Annual Easton's Run. Easton’s Run is a charity to raise money and awareness for child abuse. The run will start at Babe's Sports Bar on Higley & Baseline and will end at Chuys Mesquite Broiler on Gilbert and McKellips in Mesa with live bands, tasty food, and great people! We are fencing off the Chuys parking lot, putting the bands outside, and raffling off some great prizes. Sign in 9-11am at Babe's. We would love to see you, your family and friends at the event! Even if you don’t ride, you are more than welcome to come to the end event at Chuys. Proceeds to benefit West Valley Child Crisis Center. We need your help with donations of any kind to make this event as successful as it can possibly be. We’ll gladly accept cash, gift certificates, raffle items, etc.  This is 100% non-profit and all proceeds will be donated in Easton’s name to local child abuse centers in need of financial help.
Fireup Freedom. Return With Honor. Event takes place at Sanderson Ford 51st Ave. & Maryland-Glendale. 9am Colors-Program. 10am March Of Heroes -From Sanderson Ford to Veterans National Cemetery Cave Creek, Arizona. Two lines will form - The Medal Of Honor Recipients will pass the American Flag and The POW’s will pass the POW/MIA Flag. When the two flags get to the end of the line those last two people will start walking the 28.6 miles to the Veterans National Cemetery in Cave Creek, Arizona. Along the route they will keep passing the Flags. Where they will then be posted until Wednesday November 10th. 3:45 21 Gun & Taps, 4pm Police & Military Escort to Veterans Concert Celebration (Waddell’s Longhorn in Buckeye) 6pm Phoenix JC's to bring in the colors on Horseback at Waddells Celebration until 10pm.
Saturday, November 6th
Help Support Returning Heroes. Double Fund Raiser for American Cancer Society and our returning Vet Heroes. From 11 AM til ? at the Fraternal Order of Eagles - 3600 W Rose Garden Lane in Phoenix (South of Deer Valley Road and West of 35th Avenue). Food-Games-Arts & Crafts - Drinks Raffles. 5 Bands and Music All Day Long. For more information:
Next Week
Thursday, November 11th
The Bike Night will present the Last Night of the Fall Bike Night season on November 11th. If you didn't make it to the first two, don't miss this one. The last one will be a Veteran themed event with a special display of the Arizona Centennial Copper Chopper. Event time is 5-10pm. There will be Live Music with the very popular Urban Roots Band bringing back classic R&B, Motown and Blues. There will be more Vendors, Restaurant Specials, Videos on the giant LED, performances from the 6 million dollar dancing water fountains and of course plenty of motorcycle parking on Coyote Blvd. and beyond. Urban Roots will play from 6-9 pm.  Plan to join us on Thursday, November 11th from 5-10pm at Westgate City Center located next to the Cardinals Stadium and Arena at Loop 101 and W. Glendale Ave. Click Here for Details.
Special Attraction: The Arizona Centennial Copper Chopper will be on display from 5pm - 10pm. Stop by and see this incredible motorcycle work of art designed and built by Paul Yaffe Originals. If you haven't seen this in person, don't miss this opportunity.
Plan to join us on Thursday, October 14th from 5-10pm at Westgate City Center located next to the Cardinals Stadium and Arena at Loop 101 and W. Glendale Ave. Click Here for Details.
Please take a look at and visit our sponsors below:
Your local Harley-Davidson dealership and proud sponsor of the Bike Night. We are located just South of 83rd Ave. and Bell Rd. Stop to see the latest 2011 HD motorcycles. 623-247-5542
Petersen Johnson is a local Arizona law firm, whose attorneys have over 60 years of combined legal experience in Accident/Injury law and DUI/Criminal Defense law.  We have substantial experience in representing riders injured in motorcycle accidents.  Ron Petersen and Brad Johnson are involved in every injury case.  We discount our fees; never our service.  Please call us locally at 602-650-1200 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  
RideSmart Motorcycle Training - Celebrating ten years of being the highest quality, lowest priced rider training school in the Phoenix Metro area!  Motorcycle Safety Foundation based curricula and highly qualified, personable Rider Coaches.  Courses for beginners and experienced motorcyclists.  MVD testing is an integral part of the curricula.  Fun, low threat training environment.  Ninety-seven percent student success rate.  Not the biggest school, simply the best!
T.E.A.M Arizona Motorcycle Training - "T.E.A.M. Arizona is the premier motorcycle rider education organization in Arizona.  We are dedicated to providing motorcycle education as a life-saving public service.  Through our passionate coaches and staff, we strive to deliver a FUN, safe, and consistent motorcycling experience to riders of all backgrounds and skill level.  T.E.A.M. Arizona is Your Road To Ride For Life."
RockBlock Charity Concert -  Don't miss the charity concert featuring Nightranger, Skid Row, Firehouse, and others on Saturday, Nov. 13th. Charity concert benefiting Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and ChildHelp. $25 includes dinner from Oreganos. Buy a raffle ticket for the motorcycle giveaway at Westgate Bike Night on November 11th.
Saturday, November 13th
'Rock Block' Returns to Phoenix. Rock Block returns to Phoenix Sat., Nov. 13, 5pm, bringing a high energy lineup of 80s classic rock favorites Night Ranger, SkidRow and FireHouse, along with a repeat Rock Block performance by The Chad Hollister Band. The Pearce Warehouse, downtown Phoenix, Lincoln & Fourth Street, debuts as a cool urban venue for the 80s classic rock conclave, presented by Phoenix-based BillingTree and Oregano's.  Plus, fans will get satisfaction knowing that 100% of ALL ticket monies (i.e., the entire $25 and $100 ticket amounts) goes to powerhouse charities Childhelp® and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). "This is the second Rock Block," said Dan Willis of Phoenix-based BillingTree's Board of Directors. "The concert is a rousing event, and this year we couldn't be happier to have these hot groups whose music still resonates as a great time for all.  BillingTree has its home in Arizona and we are fortunate we can offer an enjoyable evening and, at the same time, donate all ticket monies to create a windfall for JDRF and Childhelp." BIG TICKET VALUES.  Rock Block tickets are on sale at or call 1.866.977.6849.  General admission is $25 and includes dinner by Oregano's.  The $100 VIP ticket is a complete package that includes seat adjacent to the stage, VIP preferred parking, dinner by Oregano's and drinks.  Doors open at 5pm.  ALL ticket monies go to charity.
Saturday, November 13th
2010 Rock Block Valley Rally Charity Ride. Ride to benefit your local Biker Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.) Ride begins at Buddy Stubbs Harley-Davidson located at 13850 N. Cave Creek Rd. in Phoenix. Sign in at 9am. Last bike out by Noon. $25 Registration includes Rock Block Concert ticket. Free poker hand included in registration. Door prizes at three stops ending at Rock Block Charity Concert featuring NightRanger, Skid Row, Firehouse and more. Free group tours at Buddy Stubbs Motorcycle Museum at 9am, 9:45 and 10:30. Questions to .
Saturday, November 13th
3rd Annual ZooRide "Go Wild for the Orangutans". All proceeds for ZooRide 2010 will benefit the Phoenix Zoo's Bornean orangutans. Route will begin at the Phoenix Zoo and end at Chandler Harley-Davidson. Private Train Ride Tours of the Zoo beginning at 7am, last ride at 9am for registered riders. Each train will have limited seating, so the earlier you get there the better. The first 250 people to pre-register will receive a ZooRide 2010 T-Shirt and collectors pin. $25 for Rider and $15 Passenger. Ride starts at the Zoo and ends at Chandler Harley-Davidson. Ride is a Free Poker Run that will take you on a scenic ride through the Tonto National Forest. Ride will include an optional "Wild Card" stop. Poker drawing will be held at Chandler Harley-Davidson. All motorcycles welcome. For more information email Click Here to register online.
Saturday, November 13th
9th Annual Vietnam Veterans Chili Cook Off & Poker Run. Chili Cook Off will be held at American Legion Riders Pat Tillman Post #117 located at 13623 N. 32nd St. in Phoenix. Registration of chili cooks at 9am. Tasting and voting for People's Choice Chili at 11am - 3pm. Prizes awarded at 4pm. Entertainment by Jon Scott Trio starting at 12:30pm. Poker Run sign in at Gino's Restaurant from 8-9am. $15 per rider, $5 passenger. Click Here for more information.
Sunday, November 14th
"Big Ride For Littles" Poker Run. Ride to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson. Join us for an awesome time riding through Tucson in the beautiful November weather!  Riders receive a custom event shirt and poker card. Pre-registered riders also receive a custom ride pin - limited quantities available, so sign up early! Individual - Ride Only $20, Couple - Ride Only $35. Ride start times: First Bike out 8:00am, Last Bike out 10:00am. Ride start location: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson, 160 E. Alameda Street. Same-day registration: 160 E. Alameda Street from 9:00am-11:00am. Click Here for more information.
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