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I would like to start off the letter this week to offer our condolences and prayers to all of those affected by the shootings in Las Vegas. Just when you think you have seen the worst part of humanity, some other deranged animal seems to show us it can be worse. I've seen the videos of the scene in Vegas and I can't imagine the horror that those people went through during that long 10 minutes of gunfire raining down on them. Not only those that were hit by bullets, but those that had to witness this heinous event will be scarred for life. We pray for them to get past this as well. God bless you all.

With all that is going on around us, I'm not sure what kind of world that we are living in today. But I do know it is not the one that I was introduced to 61 years ago. If this would have happened in the 60's, it would have been a monumental moment in time that probably would have scared people so bad that they wouldn't leave their homes. But unfortunately, in 2017, it seems to be a common occurrence that we are now numb to and forced to accept. We grieve, then go on about our normal daily lives.

The hate and division in this world today is so bad, it is hard to have a civil conversation with some people when you don't agree. I'm not sure when everyone got so divisive, but it has definitely reared its ugly head in the last decade for sure. I enjoy looking at Facebook to see what my friends are doing, but with all of the crazy conspiracy theories, fake news and ridiculous comments that are being shared, it is almost hard to even get through the garbage to see we are looking for. It's time for a change.

Let's all use the 20 second rule and wait before we share something on Facebook. If after 20 seconds you still think it has a redeeming value for your friends, then go for it. If not, pass it by. If we all did that, our Facebook feeds would hopefully come back to what we really want to see, how our friends are doing.

When we do have unfortunate incidents like the Vegas shooting, we get to see the true soul of our country. We are all willing to jump in and help those in need, and there were hundreds of instances of this going on during and after the shooting had stopped. I'm sure no one was doing a political check on those that were bleeding and dying before they helped them. We were all ONE at that moment, and we are all ONE today. Even though the political dividers couldn't even wait for the blood to dry before they started dividing again.

It is a difficult and sad world that we live in today. But after watching what happened in Vegas, I am now more convinced than ever, that there are way more good people in this country than there are bad and divisive people. Unfortunately, the divisive are the ones that are sucking all of the oxygen out of the room to keep driving the wedge. The good news is, we have control over what we watch, who we hang out with, and who we communicate with.

While we might not be able to change the world, we can at least make it a little better place to exist for ourselves. The following are 4 things that I have done to try and help myself:

1. I have curtailed my viewing of cable news by at least 80% over the last couple of months. Now only a few minutes a day to hit the highlights, that is all you need. Other than that is only talking heads with an agenda.
2. I have cut back Facebook viewing by at least 50% so that I don't have to roll through all of the garbage that people seem to think that we need to see. Unfortunately, whether you want to see it or not, you have to go past the headline to see what you are looking for.
3. I have begun to un-friend those who are on Facebook just to present a negative, divisive narrative while sharing ridiculous fake news, conspiracy theories and hateful opinions.
4. I also refrain from talking politics with anyone other than my immediate circle of family and friends. There is almost always never a good ending to talking politics with strangers.

This isn't going to fix the world, but it has made mine more enjoyable without the constant grind of negativity. One thing that I have replaced it with is simply listening to Pandora music while working, so that there isn't even a news spot in between songs. I've started doing more projects around the house and yard to keep me away from the TV. And of course, there is no better place to clear your mind and get away from the world than on your motorcycle. That is still the one constant that can keep me sane in a world of insanity.

I apologize for this not being a motorcycle related column today, but I have a very heavy heart for those in Vegas and would love to wiggle my nose and fix everything, but unfortunately that is not going to happen. Instead, I wanted to give all of those families our love and prayers while maybe starting a quiet movement to fix this country one person a time, starting with ourselves. We can do this by putting aside whatever negative emotions we have accumulated in our hearts over the years, and strive to get back to a better place in our own minds while being an example for others. It would make life a lot more enjoyable and would be a great start to a better environment for all.

Thanks for hearing me out.

Take 35 seconds to watch this video of Big and Rich singing God Bless America with the crowd waving their cell phones. These were people of all race, creed, color and political persuasion all being one. If we get rid of the negative influences in our lives, It can happen! Click Here to View.

God Bless America!

Ride Safe,

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Only 3 Fridays left before we go to Thursday on October 26th Bike Night at Westgate Entertainment District. Bike Night at Westgate Entertainment District will begin our 9th Fall Season with 11 nights total on Friday, September 8th from 5pm - 9pm. Yes, you read that correct, Friday night. Due to interest in Friday nights last time and some conflict with events at the arena, we have decided to do the first 7 Bike Nights at Westgate on Friday nights. For those of you putting this in your calendars to keep track, those dates will be Friday nights from September 8th - October 20th.

Here is where it gets a little tricky. Our first idea was to do the last 4 nights on Thursday nights and that is how we were going to proceed. Then Westgate got notified of an event happening at the arena on Thursday, Nov. 9th. So we are switching that one night to Friday, November 10th when we will have a big Veteran's Day celebration at bike night. So the last 4 nights will be on Thursdays, October 26th, November 2nd and November 16th for the last night. November 10th will be on a Friday. It was unfortunate that we couldn't keep all 4 Thursdays in a row, but with all the conflicts either way, this was the best way to do it. 

This is a great excuse for all to get out on the motorcycle and enjoy some cooler weather especially for evening riding. There was a lot of good feedback on Friday nights last time as a lot of people used it for a date night on the motorcycle and were able to stay out a little longer as for some it isn't a work night. 

Live Music:
Friday, October 6th: "The Visitors"
Friday, October 13th: "Supernatural"
Friday, October 20th: "Strangeland"
Thursday, October 26th: "Kung Fu Grip"

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Barry Caraway
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