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Greetings Riders,
Well, as the Valley of the Sun heats up to over 115 degrees, it is a good day to stay inside and do the newsletter. We are just a few days away from September when the weather will start to break and motorcycle events will really start to pick up. There is a big date coming up in September which I have been getting a lot of inquiries about. The 10th Anniversary of the 911 attack on the Twin Towers in New York and the Pentagon is this year and there are 2 large events that will be taking place that weekend that you might want to attend. 

2011 Ride Day 3
Independence Pass and Mt. Evans Colorado

This week I am going to continue the report of our recent 3450 mile 8+ day ride that will take us through Independence Pass and Mt. Evans Colorado. If you are just joining the newsletter or have missed the story of the eventful beginning to our trip and photos, Click Here to catch up. If you missed our daily updates with pictures on the Facebook, Click Here.
On the 2nd full day of the trip we left Ridgway, CO after visiting Canyon De Chelly, Durango and riding the Million Dollar Highway the day before with our sights set on Marble, Aspen, Independence Pass and Mt. Evans. Trying to catch up for lost time we got out early on Sunday morning to beautiful Colorado blue skies and continued up Hwy. 50 to Delta and headed East to Hwy. 133 North. As last week, I will have a map at the end and just highlight the major stops along the way.
Marble, CO.
Our first stop was to be the very small community of Marble, CO, population 131, located just 45 miles south of Glenwood Springs in the Rockies. We saw the sign for this town the last time we were down this road and were intrigued by the history that we read. Marble, as the name would imply, is home to the Yule Marble Quarry, one of the only Marble quarries in the United States. It was first incorporated in 1899 and now features 7 sites that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Known for its marble mines, this town has furnished marble for the likes of the Lincoln Memorial, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Municipal buildings in New York and San Francisco, and more. This was said to have been the largest marble mine in the world. In my opinion, if you are in the area, I would highly recommend taking the time to take this beautiful 9 mile ride on a narrow 2 lane road next to a stream to get there. It is well worth the effort for the 18 mile round trip and will be a memorable part of your ride. Another good stop about 6 miles up the road is the historic Redstone Inn.
Aspen, CO.
Founded as a mining camp in the Colorado Silver Boom and named because of the abundance of aspen trees in the area, the city is now a ski resort and an upscale tourist center that caters to the affluent and movie stars. I have never seen so many private jets at one airport as I did in Aspen. It makes the ramp at Scottsdale look pale in comparison. What I like about Aspen is the old town charm, old buildings and the setting at the bottom of the mountain now used for skiing. Aspen is a great stop to grab lunch at an outdoor patio and people watch. That is all great, but what really excites me is that it is also the gateway to the ride to Independence Pass.
Independence Pass, CO
Hwy. 82, aka, Independence Pass is the road between Aspen and Hwy. 24. It is 40 miles between the 2 locations and is the second highest paved mountain pass across the Rocky Mountains in Colorado reaching 12,095 feet. If you are traveling from Aspen it is about a 20 mile ride to the summit of Independence Pass. You will start your ascent up the mountain at 7980 feet on your way to 12,095 when you will soon see where the town of Aspen got its’ name as you will meander along the side of the mountain through several miles of Aspen trees. As you pass through the Aspens and then the pines to reach the summit, you will see green vegetation but few trees as you would at most higher elevations. This is where you will take you customary photo next to the sign. The views as you serpentine down the mountain toward highway 24 are spectacular and memorable. The next 20 miles are some classic Colorado riding with mountain vistas in almost every direction. Make sure to go out of your way to do Independence Pass while in Colorado.
Mt. Evans, CO.
Mount Evans is a destination all unto itself. There is really nothing there to do or see, but the view from it is almost incomparable as it carries the designation of being the “Highest Paved Road in North America”. So if you have seen the largest ball of twine in Branson, MO. or the largest spoon in Minneapolis, MN., you can put Mt. Evans on your list of excesses. Mt. Evans is really easy to get to as the entrance to the park is just 13 miles South of I-70 from Idaho Springs on Hwy. 5. Then it is another 14 miles to the top. The first approximately 8 miles of your ride is beautiful as you work your way on good asphalt through the pines and up the mountain to about 13,000 feet. Then at Summit Lake, the road gets narrow and REALLY rough as you start the next 6 miles that will take you up the final 1200 feet to the peak at 14, 130. This will entail lots of 10 mph switchbacks as you meander your way to the top where you can see for miles.
Mrs. C. had our own adventure to get to the top of Mt. Evans as we tried to do it in the late afternoon the day before, but couldn’t make it. When we reached the entrance to the park on this day it was just starting to rain a little. But we really wanted to get it done that evening so that we could head on to Sturgis area the next morning. Against our better judgment, we decided to go ahead and give it a shot even though these were not ideal conditions. Starting at 10, 700 feet, it was already getting cool, but the higher we got, the more it started raining, the colder it got and visibility was getting worse. As we rounded the corner heading to Summit Lake at about 13,000 feet I saw this big bolt of lightening come down about 1/2 mile away and hit the ground. At 13,000 feet, there is not much else for a lightening bolt to connect to except you and a random boulder.
Not wanting to become a Human Harley lightening rod, we decided to turn around just 1200 feet short of the top and live to take another run at it the next morning. Now we were faced with going 8 miles back down the hill with wet frozen fingers and hands knowing that we were that close to the top. I told Mrs. C. at the bottom that we would just go back to Idaho Springs, get a room and hope for better weather in the morning. Our prayers were answered as we awoke to blue skies and sunshine for our return trip to Mt. Evans. As it turns out, I’m glad we didn’t make it all the way up as we would not have had nearly the same experience as we did the next day. It is cold up there in the morning as it was 45 degrees with a wind chill of 34, but well worth the effort to make it to the top.
If you are in the area, I would highly recommend the ride to Mt. Evans, if for nothing else just to say that you have ridden the highest paved road in North America. It is exciting and you will not be disappointed. This is maybe the best picture that I took on Mt. Evans. It is a Marmet and they like to pose for pictures. 
CLICK HERE to see one of the cutest furry animal's there is. It reminds me of the gopher on Caddyshack.
Next week will take us from Idaho Springs to Custer, Sturgis and on to Gillette, WY.
Click Here for 181 beautiful photos of Marble, Independence Pass and Mt. Evans. Click Slideshow to view full screen for best viewing.
Click Here for Google Map of the day

See Story from Day 3


Fall Bike Night Schedule:
I am really excited to announce the new Fall Bike Night Schedules for Westgate and Riverview. We will be doing 10 weeks for the Fall season at both locations. There will be Live Music, Vendors and Theme nights with varying displays. Westgate Bike Night:

We are going to expand the frequency for the Fall season at Westgate as there will be 10 nights this year. Due to the Coyotes schedule and not being able to overlap on their games because they use events plaza, we will be doing 5 Thursday nights in a row starting on Thursday, September 15th through Thursday, October 13th. Then we will switch to Wednesday nights for the next 5 from Wednesday, October 19th through Wednesday, November 16th. This year we will be doing theme nights that will incorporate classic cars, music and Extreme Machines. The first one on September 15th will be 50’s Night featuring 1950’s vintage cars as well as 50’s Live Music featuring the band “56”. The next 2 will be 60’s and 70’s with classic cars reflecting the era. We will then move on to “Extreme Machines” bringing in for display the most exotic motorsports we can find for you to see. I am really looking forward to programming this season. There will be something new to see each week. Click Here for Schedule. Pass this on to your riding pals. If you would be interested in being a vendor contact me at . Mesa Riverview Bike Night:

This was just finalized yesterday. We will be doing 10 consecutive weeks at Mesa Riverview starting on Friday, September 16th and ending on November 17th. I will also be programming theme nights at Riverview with Live Bands, Vendors and static displays including the best of Monster Trucks, Power Boats, Sand Rails, etc. for you to view. The Photo Gallery will also be back with some new photos from the archives and from our trip this year. For those of you on the East side, we are looking to bring you even more fun this season. Look forward to seeing you there. If you would be interested in being a vendor contact me at .




As many of you know by now, Michael Jakscht, the truck driver who ran over the group of riders last Spring and killed 4 of them was on trial last week for this incident. It was declared a mis-trial which would allow this man to be released pending a new trial. I don’t personally know the particulars of this case as they were presented, but I do know in my heart that this man is guilty of SOMETHING, even if it is involuntary manslaughter or failure to control a vehicle. But something. To see him walk out of jail free from any punishment in my opinion would be just one more travesty of our legal system that seems to be being abused more and more. He is going to try to get out of jail this Friday at 11:30am. (Click Here for media report)


All of those that want a voice or have an opinion are welcome to come to the court on Friday morning at 11:30am ( 301 W. Jefferson ) though seating is limited and we ask that please leave room for the families and friends that are closest to this case first. Starting at 9:00 AM the group of friends and family would like to have a large showing of riders in a PEACEFUL show of support to line the streets of Jefferson St (Jefferson and 7th Avenue) to show the courts what, we, as a riding communities want to happen. Again, we are going to be there to gain support for this cause, not harm it, so this has to be peaceful at all times. This is more of a 'participation' event than a planned ride.  Show up and participate as you see fit.  Please don't expect someone to be gathering everyone up, explaining how things are going to work, and leading folks around. It's the number of bikes that show up and ride around that is important, not a well-planned parade down Jefferson.  Click Here for details.


If you would like to email the County Atty. your concerns about the release of Michael Jakscht, you can do so at Email:



Next Week


Friday, August 26th

Chandler Harley-Davidson Hot August Nights. 2012 Model Premier Open House. Aren’t you always looking for a good destination this time of year? Ride by Chandler Harley-Davidson to listen to some Live Music while checking out some beautiful classic cars. While you are there, see the remaining 2011’s we have on the showroom floor and then drool over the BRAND NEW 2012 inventory that is just arriving. This would also be the time to pick up some HD goodies. There will be 20% OFF on licensed Harley-Davidson products. Contact Deb at 480-496-6800 to register for the car and bike show. Trophies for the winners! Chandler Harley-Davidson is located at 6895 W. Chandler Blvd. in Chandler, AZ. 480-496-6800.


Saturday, August 27th

Buddy Stubbs Hogs & Dogs. Party with Buddy Stubbs Arizona Harley-Davidson on Saturday, August 27th, where the competition for top salsa recipe will be heating up! Mix up a batch of your best salsa and come prepared to taste the competition. Prizes will be awarded to first and second place finishers based on majority vote! Not a salsa connoisseur? Don’t fret, enjoy FREE food and drinks, a bikini bike wash, live music and tours of Buddy’s Museum from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information, or to sign up for the salsa contest, contact or call (602) 971-3400. Buddy Stubbs Arizona Harley-Davidson is located at 13850 N. Cave Creek Road in Phoenix, AZ. Check them out online at


Saturday, August 27th

American Legion Post 105's "Classic' Car and Bike Show. Fundraiser for our Vet's presented by S.A.L. & A.L.R. Event being held at The Thunderbird Roadhouse - SW Corner of 35th Ave and Thunderbird starting at 1:00PM. Pre Enter $15.00 per car or bike / Day of show $20. Poker Run $10 Single or $15 Couple. Raffles, Prizes, Food and Drink Specials, Live Music. For more information: Dan AT 602-938-1811.


Saturday, August 27th

Chester's Harley-Davidson Party on the Patio. Live Bands every Saturday at the Party on the Patio from 11-2pm. We have a lot going on at Chester’s Harley-Davidson. Click Here to see who is performing each week. This week August 27th, our Party on the Patio features live music with “The Visitors” and helping Liberty Wildlife. Free food, music all while helping our chosen charity each week. Each Saturday 11-2pm. Food, Fun and much more and it’s FREE. Chester's Harley-Davidson is located at 922 S. Country Club Dr. in Mesa, AZ. 480-894-0404.

Save the Date: Are you ready to party for our Rocktoberfest Oct. 8th. We have Paul Rodgers/Bad Company. Tickets are on sale at Chester's H-D. Let the good times roll.


Upcoming Events


September 16th-18th

11th Annual Thunder Valley Rally.

The three day Thunder Valley Rally will begin Friday afternoon with the Barley and Grapes Ride beginning in Old Town Cottonwood, making their way to Jerome and back down through the wine country of Page Springs, and of course making stops along the way for a bit of tasting. The run will end giving riders’ time to make it out to Stargazer Pavilion at Cliff Castle Casino Hotel to be entertained by Willie Nelson and Family beginning at 7:00 pm. If you would rather return to Old Town Cottonwood you will enjoy live music on Main street, vendors and some of Arizona’s premier bike builders.


Saturday will offer the Thunder Valley Rally Poker Run, beginning in Old Town Cottonwood at 10:00am and riding up the Oak Creek Canyon along 89a into Flagstaff and back down Lake Mary Road near Mormon Lake and finishing headed Northwest on State Route 260 back to Cottonwood. $4000 in cash prizes for the poker run.


At the end of the Poker Run riders and non-riders will be able to enjoy live music, featuring the 74th Street Band, Rudy “Boy” Experiment and national act Rehab from 3:30pm – 9:30pm in Old Town Cottonwood. The KA Cycles Bike Show will correspond with the music of the day right behind City Hall in Old Town at the Activities Park. The Show will award $500 prizes to Best Overall Bike, Vintage, Metric and Amateur classes. Winners of the bike show will be announced Sunday at 10:00 am. at the Activities Park to conclude the festivities.


Saturday, October 22nd

“Arizona On the Move” City of Peoria Centennial Celebration. SAVE THE DATE! This is one event that you will want to attend. Presented by SRP, this event includes a free community breakfast sponsored by Peoria Firefighters Charities, a 5K run (7:30 am start), family bike ride, Motorcycle Run to Prescott, kids arts and crafts, the Copper Chopper, horse and buggy rides, entertainment and much more! After the event, enjoy "Mogollon" in concert at Arrowhead Harley Davidson from 4 pm–7 pm.



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I think everyone liked Ronald Reagan regardless of your political persuasion. He did have a dry sense of humor but loved to gig the Dems. Here is a funny joke he did back in the 80’s. Click Here to View.

Anyone married or in a relationship has got to laugh at this one. It is called “Breaking the Barrier”. This is hilarious! Click Here to View.

Video of the Week: All magic tricks are amazing to me, but Chris Angel is better than anyone else with his illusions. You will not believe this one. Click Here to View. Click on the Video of the Week graphic on the page.


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