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Greetings Riders,
Wow! It seems like this Summer is going so fast. Hard to believe that August is just a few days away and I still don’t have a Summer ride planned yet. Got a few things I am kicking around, but nothing set in stone yet. The Blue Ridge Parkway still beckons me after all these years, but it just takes more time to get back East than I seem to be able to allocate. The Canadian Rockies up to the Banff/Jasper is a spectacular ride, always worthy of another look. And Colorado riding is full of beautiful scenery that never gets old. Those are a few of the choices that I am looking at right now, but as history would dictate, that could change as well. One thing I know for sure, my riding soul is in need of some wind. The bikes will be pointed in some direction in the near future.
Last week in the newsletter I talked about the the Antelope Slot Canyon Tours. If you are looking for a good quick trip, read my report on this from last week. Click Here to Read. 
I’m sure a lot of you are getting ready to head out to Sturgis in the next week or so. If you have never been, the Black Hills area features some of the best riding anywhere. That was going to be our ride this year, but due to other commitments, we couldn’t work it in this year. But if you are going, and want some ideas for routes along the way, I have listed a few below that would give you some neat roads to ride and places to see along the way.
Marble, CO.
Marble, CO, population 131, located just 45 miles south of Glenwood Springs in the Rockies. We saw the sign for this town the last time we were down this road and were intrigued by the history that we read. Marble, as the name would imply, is home to the Yule Marble Quarry, one of the only Marble quarries in the United States. It was first incorporated in 1899 and now features 7 sites that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Known for its marble mines, this town has furnished marble for the likes of the Lincoln Memorial, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Municipal buildings in New York and San Francisco, and more. This was said to have been the largest marble mine in the world. In my opinion, if you are in the area, I would highly recommend taking the time to take this beautiful 9 mile ride on a narrow 2 lane road next to a stream to get there. It is well worth the effort for the 18 mile round trip and will be a memorable part of your ride. Another good stop about 6 miles up the road is the historic Redstone Inn. Located on Hwy. Colorado Hwy. 133 just 33 miles South of Glenwood Springs at I-70.
Aspen, CO.
After riding through Marble, you can swing back around through Aspen and on to Independence Pass. Founded as a mining camp in the Colorado Silver Boom and named because of the abundance of aspen trees in the area, the city is now a ski resort and an upscale tourist center that caters to the affluent and movie stars. I have never seen so many private jets at one airport as I did in Aspen. It makes the ramp at Scottsdale look pale in comparison. What I like about Aspen is the old town charm, old buildings and the setting at the bottom of the mountain now used for skiing. Aspen is a great stop to grab lunch at an outdoor patio and people watch. That is all great, but what really excites me is that it is also the gateway to the ride to Independence Pass. Colorado Hwy. 82.
Independence Pass, CO
Hwy. 82, aka, Independence Pass is the road between Aspen and Hwy. 24. It is 40 miles between the 2 locations and is the second highest paved mountain pass across the Rocky Mountains in Colorado reaching 12,095 feet. If you are traveling from Aspen it is about a 20 mile ride to the summit of Independence Pass. You will start your ascent up the mountain at 7980 feet on your way to 12,095 when you will soon see where the town of Aspen got its name as you will meander along the side of the mountain through several miles of Aspen trees. As you pass through the Aspens and then the pines to reach the summit, you will see green vegetation but few trees as you would at most higher elevations. This is where you will take you customary photo next to the sign. The views as you serpentine down the mountain toward highway 24 are spectacular and memorable. The next 20 miles are some classic Colorado riding with mountain vistas in almost every direction. Make sure to go out of your way to do Independence Pass while in Colorado.
And now for one of the coolest stops. . .
Mt. Evans, CO.
Mount Evans is a destination all unto itself. There is really nothing to do when you get there, but the ride up is exciting and the view from the top is almost incomparable as it carries the designation of being the highest Paved Road in North America. So if you have seen the largest ball of twine in Branson, Mo. or the largest spoon in Minneapolis, MN., you can put Mt. Evans on your list of excesses. Mt. Evans is really easy to get to ass the entrance to the park is just 13 miles South of I-70 from Idaho Springs on Hwy. 5. Then it is another 14 miles to the top. The first approximately 8 miles of your ride is beautiful as you work your way on good asphalt through the pines and up the mountain to about 13,000 feet. Then at Summit Lake, the road gets narrow and really rough as you start the next 6 miles that will take you up the final 1200 feet to the peak at 14,130 feet. This will entail lots of 10 mph switchbacks as you meander your way to the top where you can see for miles.

Tidbits and Updates:
In spending some time on Google Maps, I stumbled across little button that is really cool. When picking back roads to ride, it is always nice to take a peek at what the terrain might look like before you go. Go into Google Maps, right click on a start point on the map of a road you want to see and click “Directions from Here. Click on the end point of the road you want to see and click “Directions to Here”. Then to the left of the map where it tells you the driving directions, there is a little button that says “3D” with an arrow next to it. Click that button and it will switch to Google Earth and automatically start taking you down the road. Very cool feature. FYI, Google Maps will ask you if you want to use the new version. I could not get this feature to work in that, so I reverted back to the original version.

This Week
Thursday, July 25th
Arrowhead Harley-Davidson is keeping Thursday Bike Night alive on the West side with a rotating bike night for the next 4 weeks. This week, July 25th will be at Hooter’s, 6:00 – 9 PM, located just South of 83rd ave. and Bell Rd. on 83rd Ave. in Peoria, just North of the dealership.
* VIP Motorcycle Parking
* Arrowhead Harley Girls
* Raffles
* Food and Drink Specials
See flyer for details. Click Here.
August 1st - Moon Saloon, August 8th – Cucina Tagliani, August 15th – Barrel Grill.
July 25 – 28
22nd Annual Too Broke for Sturgis. Hosted by ABATE of Arizona as our primary fund-raising event. Too Broke, is an Old School Biker Party. You can rest assured that the money raised goes to a great cause, fighting for your motorcycling freedoms. Everyone who attends is made to feel like family, even first timers. The 2013 event will be an ADULT ONLY party, attendees must be at least 18 years old to enter. Proof of age will be required, with or without an accompanying adult/guardian. You must be at least 21 years old to drink alcohol on premise. Just like the last 10 Too Broke celebrations, we'll be under the stars and beneath the pines in the cool North country of Arizona. What better way to beat the heat of the Valley in July. Too Broke for Sturgis is held at the Mormon Lake Lodge Campground and Arena. The area offers shade, camping with hot showers available, first-class biker entertainment, an assortment of vendors and awesome scenery. The Saturday Poker Run will take you on a tour of that awesome scenery! Live Music featuring Phat Bastard Friday and Saturday nights. And don't forget about the Miss Too Broke Contest, Tattoo Contest, Poker Walk, Bike Games, Wet Tee-Shirt Contest. Too Broke is just an all-around great old school biker party. $35 for weekend pass, $25 for Saturday pass. Abate members get $5 off for the weekend pass.
Saturday, July 27th
Buddy Stubbs Hogs & Dogs. Buddy Stubbs Arizona Harley-Davidson helps you battle the AZ heat in July with a Cooling Clinic during their monthly Hogs & Dogs! Join them on Saturday, July 27th, from 11AM to 2PM for FREE food, drinks, live music, a bikini bike wash and museum tours hosted by none other than Buddy! The Cooling Clinic is a part of their popular Educational Clinic Series taking place throughout the year. Their trained H-D® personnel will provide tips and tricks as well as showcase great H-D® products that are designed to help you stay cool while riding in that Arizona summer heat. Please RSVP early to reserve your space! Don’t miss this summertime escape at Buddy Stubbs Arizona Harley-Davidson®! Go to to RSVP for this great clinic. Buddy Stubbs AZ H-D® is located at 13850 N. Cave Creek Road, Phoenix, AZ. You can also check them out on the web at
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Blessings and Safe Riding To All,

Barry Caraway
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