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Greetings Riders,
Well, it is certainly that time of year here in the Valley that puts a little damper on recreational riding. If it is not the heat, it is the nightly dust storms or thunderstorms to dodge. Neither option is good when considering going for a ride. What it does do is create a little extra time to do some planning to get out of here and go to a more desirable climate, which is what I have been doing for the last few days. Seems like the hotter it gets here, the higher in elevation my riding desires go. So based on the last couple of weeks, it looks like Canada might get the call for some cooler riding.
In spending some time on Google Maps, I stumbled across little button that is really cool. When picking back roads to ride, it is always nice to take a peek at what the terrain might look like before you go. Go into Google Maps, right click on a start point on the map of a road you want to see and click “Directions from Here. Click on the end point of the road you want to see and click “Directions to Here”. Then to the left of the map where it tells you the driving directions, there is a little button that says “3D” with an arrow next to it. Click that button and it will switch to Google Earth and automatically start taking you down the road. Very cool feature. FYI, Google Maps will ask you if you want to use the new version. I could not get this feature to work in that, so I reverted back to the original version.
If you are looking for a good destination ride to get out of the area for a couple of days, and experience something really cool, head North to Page, AZ for the Antelope Slot Canyon Tours. We did this a couple of years ago and I often think about visiting it again as it is an experience like no other. I know Page itself is only 4300 feet in elevation, but it is cooler and you have to go over 7000 feet to get there.
Below is the article I did on the Slot Canyon Tour a couple of years ago and would encourage you to put this on your list of “Things to Do”. After clicking on the link's to the photos below, I'm sure you will agree with me.
Ride Safe and enjoy the Antelope Slot Canyon’s.

Antelope Slot Canyon Tour
Page, AZ
This week I am going to bring you a local ride opportunity that probably not many of you have done. I have lived here over 30 years and had never taken the time or effort to go to the Antelope Slot Canyons. Even though these canyons are world famous, they don’t seem to get that much publicity locally. These had been in the back of my mind as a destination for a long time, but just never carved out the time to do it. Probably because I didn’t know how cool they really were. Now that I know, I am eager to share it with you.
The Antelope Slot Canyons are located just 3 miles East of Page, AZ. off of Hwy. 98. There are 2 slot canyons in this area that are known as the Upper and Lower Antelope Slot Canyons. The Upper Slot Canyon is located just to the South of Hwy. 98 and require a .5 mile jeep ride to get to the start of the tour. The Lower Slot Canyon is located to the North of Hwy. 98 and you drive right to where you start the tour. So what is the difference between the two? I can’t tell you from personal experience about the upper canyon, but I can tell you about the lower canyon.
By the time that we got to Page I knew that we only had enough time to take one of the tours, so I wanted to get the best bang for my buck. The upper canyon entailed a ride to the start and I found out that it was not as deep as the lower and was not as long. The lower canyon is more of a hike at 1/2 mile long, much deeper and required some minor climbing around rocks with metals stairs throughout, was a longer tour, etc. This sounded more adventurous to us, so we chose to go for the gusto and get the best slot canyon experience that we could. And did we ever, it was outstanding!
To get a good visual, you might want to follow the links that I will have for you that will give you a photo of what I am talking about. When you pull into the parking lot of the Lower Slot Canyons you will see a small old plywood building with some picnic tables in front. This is where you will check in for the guided tour. The cost is a $6 reservation fee that will get you into other areas and a $20 fee for the tour. You used to be able to go take the tour on your own, but in August of 1997 a flash flood from a thunderstorm 5 miles up stream sent 50 feet of water through the slot canyon killing 11 tourists trapped in there. The water was so intense that it actually deepening the canyon by 4 feet. After a 9 month closure, they added some safety features and now require a guide with a good weather report from up stream.
When the guide is ready, you will walk down to a plaque with the names of those who perished in 1997 where he will give you the history of that event and the rules of hiking the slot canyon. Our guide happened to be the 26 year old son of the Indian owner of this slot canyon and was able to give us great insight as to the origin of it. The story goes that his Grandmother was playing in the area and climbed down into the crevasse in the ground and discovered the canyon. He said as a kid he played in there all the time, knowing every twist, turn and folklore about the images that had been etched into the walls by mother nature over the years.
From the plaque it is a short walk to what appears to be a small crack in the red rocks below your feet. There is no sign, no arrow that says “enter here”, just a crack in the ground about 2 feet wide. This is where you climb down and start one of the most unique outdoor experiences you will ever have. As you descend on a trail through this canyon of winding red sandstone walls reaching as high as 60 feet tall, you will notice the sunlight start to filter down the curved sandstone constantly changing patterns and shadows in many subtle shades of red orange and yellow depending on the intensity of the light. Some sections of the canyon are wide and bright, while others are very narrow with no light reaching the sandy floor.
Your guide will point out many rocks that the Indians have given names to over the years and the history behind them. Here is one that they called Eagle rock. Our guide also had recently taken up playing the wooden flute which added a cultural ambience to the tour that you wouldn’t normally get that made our tour even more memorable. Here is a photo of our guide. If you can arrange to get him I would highly recommend it.
As you descend the 1/2 mile hike that is taking you toward Lake Powell, the walls get higher, the colors and formations get more intense. You will traverse some makeshift metal stairways along the way before taking one steep stairway down that will leave you about 100 yards from your long stairwell ascent back to blue skies and about a 1/2 mile walk back to your car. The whole tour ended up taking about 90 minutes as our guide was more than willing to give us all the time that we wanted while he leaned against the sandstone walls serenading us with music from the flute. A truly magical experience that we will not soon forget.
We did this particular trip the end of June, but in a little different way, so you will be getting some bonus pictures in this gallery. I had been wanting to do a tour of the Grand Canyon from the air for about a year. There are only 3 corridors that you are allowed to fly over the Canyon at the low altitude of 10,500 feet. So I planned the trip to fly those corridors and then head Northeast to Marble Canyon where we landed to take a break and grab some tea at the Chevron station across the road. Check out this great picture of the Navajo Bridges on approach to the Marble Canyon runway.
From there we took off flying over Lee’s Ferry, Horseshoe Bend and Glen Canyon Dam before landing in Page, AZ. We rented a car and immediately went to the slot canyons to catch the best light for the tour. We then checked into the hotel, rested a bit and then back to the plane to take off for about a one hour sunset tour of Lake Powell. For those of you that are fans of Lake Powell and have been boating up there over the years, you will love the photos including some shots of the famous Rainbow Bridge from the air. Here is a good shot of the Antelope Lower Slot Canyon from above.
I would highly recommend a visit to the Antelope Slot Canyons. It is a very unique experience and one that you will probably do more than once. You could easily combine it with a trip to the Grand Canyon North Rim or on your way to Bryce or Zion. From I-17 and the Loop 101 it is 270 miles to the Antelope Slot Canyons. Just take I-17 North to Hwy. 89 in Flagstaff and follow that to Page. Then go East on Hwy. 98 five miles till you see the sign to the Lower Antelope Slot Canyon.
See 118 photos of Grand Canyon, Marble Canyon and Lake Powell from the air as well as photos from the Lower Antelope Slot Canyon. (Click On Slideshow in upper right for best full screen viewing)
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