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Greetings Riders,
Well, you might have noticed that there was no newsletter last week. It was the first time in 12 years that I have missed a week of a newsletter, but it was unavoidable. Mrs. C. and I were out of the country for a few days and where we were staying had little to no communication. More about that adventure next week. They said they had Wi-Fi, I paid for Wi-Fi, I connected to Wi-Fi, but it was worse than the 28k baud dial up modems that we used back in the day. In fact, it acted like a 1k dial up. Pretty much un useable. So those plans were scrapped and I just decided to not worry about it and break my string of 12 consecutive years. Not a bad run. Besides, how much can YOU be thinking about riding when there are a series of 118 degree days. It was a good week to miss.
Part of being off the grid is that you really don’t know much about what is going on in the world around you. I got one of those KTAR breaking news texts on my phone about the 19 Firefighters being killed in Yarnell, then communications ceased for a few days and we weren’t able to hear much about it after that. When we got back to the States and found out the impact of what had happened we were deeply saddened by this tragedy. Especially happening in an area that we all know so well and enjoy riding through so often. Mrs. C. and I give our condolences to all of the families who lost their loved ones, and to those in Yarnell who lost their homes in this raging fire. Very sad to say the least.
We got back home on Sunday afternoon. After having some time to catch up on what had happened, I decided that I wanted to at least pay my respects in person by attending the memorial service in Prescott Valley on Tuesday. Ernie Lizarraga emailed me Monday night and asked if I would like to ride up with the Wind & Fire group on Tuesday morning. Riding up with a group of firefighters sounded like a good idea so I graciously accepted the invitation and met them at 0800 Tuesday morning for our short ride to Tim’s Toyota Center in Prescott Valley.
After a short stop in Cordes Junction to meet some others, we arrived at the center around 10am. There were already hundreds of fire trucks, hot shot trucks, busses and other support vehicles lining the streets. There were literally firefighters who came in from all over the United States  and Canada to represent and show support for their fallen brothers. It was truly amazing to see all of the different patches on uniforms and trucks that were in attendance.
All the tickets to the Toyota center were given out to firefighters and families, but they had a giant screen and speakers set up in the parking lot to the West for onlookers who wanted to be a part of the event and show their respects. The screen and the quality of sound was excellent making the viewing enjoyable. The Red Cross was set up there in numbers to pass out cold water, flyers and sunscreen. They did a wonderful job trying to keep everyone comfortable in the heat with no shade. Fortunately, it was in Prescott where it was only 90 degrees. As I was standing there lamenting how hot it was, and thinking about leaving early, I reminded myself how hot that these hot shot firefighters must get in all of that gear, then sucked it up and stayed to the very end. Those guys do not bail on us, I won’t bail on them.
The Memorial service was outstanding. It was a moving tribute to these 19 heroes who walked selflessly into the face of danger to try and save the forest and the homes of the people in Yarnell, but ended up paying the ultimate sacrifice as winds abruptly changed and drove the fire right back at them. All of the speeches were excellent. I’m not a big fan of Joe Biden the politician, but he gave one heck of a heart felt talk that day reflecting on personal interactions with firefighters saving his family in the past. One quote he had was that “All men are created equal, and then a few become firefighters”. Nice job Joe.
The most emotional part of the this 2 1/2 hour program was when Brendan McDonough, the lone surviving member of the 20 man Granite Mountain Hot Shot team took to the stage and recited the “Hot Shot Prayer”, and then tearfully said, “I miss my brothers”. You could tell it took all he had to get up there, but he was determined to do it for his guys. A very touching moment that brought tears all around, including me.
The program ended soon after that as 4 Harrier jets did a low pass from the East over the center and pealed out into the missing man formation. It was now 1:30 and time to make the run back to the heat in the Valley. After a quick stop for food in Cordes Junction I made it back home around 3:30 PM having plenty of time to reflect on what I had just seen. It is so sad to read all of the stories about the families, children, spouses, brothers, sisters and parents that these young guys left behind. I even heard that there are 3 unborn children as well. They will need a lot of help and will be getting it.
We have focused on the families of the fallen, and rightfully so, but there are still residents in Yarnell that will be suffering for a long time. In the paper this morning they talked about the loss of the families in Yarnell that lost their homes and everything they had. The paper stated that over 30% of them had no fire insurance and were at a total loss and left with nothing. A lot of these people are retired on fixed income or low income. These are the very people that the Hot Shots were trying to protect. We can’t forget these people either and should figure out a way to help them. I’m sure the Yarnell 19 would want it that way.
As usual, I took several photos from the day. Click Here to View.

This Week
Thursday, July 11th
Arrowhead Harley-Davidson is keeping Thursday Bike Night alive on the West side with a rotating bike night for the next 6 weeks. This week, July 11th will be at the Tilted Kilt, 6:00 – 9 PM, located just South of 83rd ave. and Bell Rd. at 16840 N. 83rd Ave. in Peoria, just North of the dealership.
July 18th – Fox and Hound, July 25th – Hooter’s, August 1st - Moon Saloon,
August 8th – Cucina Tagliani, August 15th – Barrel Grill. 
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Saturday, July 13th
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Saturday, July 13th
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Next Week
Saturday, July 20th
Buddy Stubbs Anthem Harley-Davidson U-Turn Clinic. Buddy Stubbs Anthem Harley-Davidson helps you combat the dreaded U-Turn during this month’s Hogs & Dogs! Join them on Saturday, July 20th from 11AM to 2PM for FREE food, drinks, a bikini bike wash and U-Turn clinic provided by TEAM Arizona! Did you know making a U-Turn is one of the most challenging maneuvers for a rider to accomplish? Join us for this great clinic and go away with great tips and tricks to practice. To RSVP for the clinic go to Buddy Stubbs Anthem H-D® is located at 41715 N. 41st Drive, Anthem AZ. You can also check them out on the web at
Saturday, July 20th
Arrowhead Harley-Davidson Bikes and Bikinis with the Arrowhead Harley-Davidson Girls. Don’t miss this always popular Arrowhead HD Bikini Contest that starts at 2 PM. The winner of the contest will win a $300 Cash Prize. So dust off your bikini and enter by emailing Michelle at for information and to register.
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Wednesday, July 24th
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Until Next Week,
Blessings and Safe Riding To All,

Barry Caraway
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