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Greetings Riders,
Well, I’m sure I’m not the only one that is getting sticker shock every time I fill up the SUV at the gas pump these days. The last $90 fill up hit home pretty hard. As a result, I have been using the bike as much as possible especially while the weather is still bearable during the day. Since I am getting ready to go to Mesa for a bike night meeting, which is a 90 mile round trip for me, I decided to figure out how my “break the Arabs” campaign was going. Since I have put 4000 miles on the Mako Glide in the last 4 months, this would be a good time to figure out how I am doing. Here is how it breaks down:
The SUV gets 13 MPG. The Glide gets 40 MPG.
4000 miles at 13 MPG = 308 gallons of gas. At $4.00 per gallon = $1232.00.
4000 miles at 40 MPG = 100 gallons of gas. At $4.00 per gallon = $ 400.00.
This comes out to a total savings of $832 ($208 per month) that won’t be going build a Silver plated Mercedes or roadside bombs. It is not going to “break the Arabs”, but I feel good that at least $832 is not going to them.
To put this in perspective for my trip today. If I were to take the SUV for my 90 mile round trip, it would cost me $27. Taking the Glide costs me $9. A savings of $18 in just one afternoon. More than enough for a good lunch.
Northern Arizona Wine Ride
To follow up on the newsletter last week, I mentioned a new route I had discovered through the Northern Arizona Wine Country that I wanted to share with you. Most of you reading this that live in Arizona and ride a motorcycle have probably been to Jerome at least once. For a quick day trip from the Phoenix area it is a good destination. A popular route to Jerome is to go up through Wickenburg, Yarnell, Prescott and up 89A to Jerome, which is a great way to go, but I have another way, through the Verde Valley wine country.
Not many know, including myself, that Arizona is becoming well known for their vineyards and wine making. There are 2 regions in the State big in winemaking now that include Southern Arizona around Elgin/Sonoita, and Northern Arizona focusing around the Verde Valley area which is where I will be focusing on. Even though Arizona wine making started in 1973 in the Sonoita area, the last 5 years has seen a huge increase in the wine industry as there are now 45 licensed and bonded wineries throughout Arizona with numerous tasting rooms around the State.
Arizona has three major growing regions, all in the high desert. The first region is in southern Arizona in the Sonoita/Elgin area. The Willcox area in Cochise County was the second area to come on board. And now the Verde Valley is our third region for growing grapes. Arizona's high desert produces a climate ideal for vines. Hot daytime temperatures cooling off at night is the perfect recipe for a happy grape. Most of the vineyards can be found between 3800 and almost 6000 feet in Northern Arizona's Verde Valley. The Verde Valley has similarities to some of the great wine producing regions in the world. It has the sunshine and heat to develop great fruit. The valley also has the unique rocky soils that help the vines produce fruit with great flavors and concentration. These soils and stressful growing conditions force the vines to struggle to survive. This struggle causes the vines to put their energy into developing less abundant but higher quality, more intensely flavored fruit.
Now that you know a little history of Arizona wine country, let me tell you about a great 200+ mile loop to enjoy it. During Bike Week a group of about 14 bikes took this route and we all had a great time. My starting point and end for this route is I-17 and the Loop 101. Starting from here go 78 miles North on I-17 to exit 293 for Cornville Rd. Turn left on Cornville Rd. and go 8 miles NW to Page Springs Rd. Watch your odometer for 8 miles because the road sign for Page Springs Rd. on your right is very small and you will likely blow right past it. A landmark would be a country store. Turn right on Page Springs Rd. and go 4 miles to Page Springs Cellars.
Page Springs Rd. is definitely a jewel of a road in the Verde Valley area and one that is captivating leaving me wanting to return again and again. It is absolutely beautiful and serene with all the twisties as it takes you on a 25-30 mph ride following Oak Creek past 3 Verde Valley wineries as well as the Page Springs Fish Hatchery, the state’s largest coldwater fish production facility, producing nearly 700,000 trout a year. My only knock on this road is that it is not long enough. But the 8 miles you will ride on it will be very memorable as you serpentine your way through the valley with mountains on each side along Oak Creek enjoying the green vegetation and trees that the Verde Valley has to offer particularly during the late spring time frame.
Our first stop was Page Springs Cellars. This is a very good place to start, and in my opinion the best overall winery experience in the Verde Valley area. This winery is run by Eric Glomski who has become northern Arizona’s prince of grapes. He consults with or creates wines for several other Arizona producers. But he concentrates his best efforts on the wines made for his own label. The winery and features an outdoor patio and a selection of cheese plates and appetizers. Eric set our group up for a fantastic private wine tasting experience on the leather couches in a room just off the main room. We tasted six wines and learned about the detailed characteristics and vinting procedures of each one. I am the first to admit that I am not a wine expert, nor even drink it that much, but the experience was enlightening and enjoyable to share with friends.
Page Springs Cellars has won several awards for their wine, but in 2011 they took home 2 of the 22 Jefferson Cups, out of over 630 wines, among several other prestigious awards. A great step forward for Arizona wines. After our tasting, we were all treated to a tour of the winery starting outside in front of the vines to learn about the nuances of growing the grapes. Then we were led to the back of the building to understand the technology of crushing the grapes to extract the juices. and on to learning about how they barrel the wine to let it mature. The flavors they produce has everything to do with the type of barrels they are in, how old the barrel is and how many times it has been used. I had no idea there was so much technology that goes into making wine, but it is very educational and interesting.
After the tour we took the walkway through the vines to an overlook of Oak Creek. Be sure to do this. It is very beautiful and peaceful just to hang out there for a while by the creek. Our thanks again to Eric and his crew at Page Springs Cellars for making this stop a memorable one. Thanks also to Mitch Levy, who was in our group and also a winery owner for setting this up for us. Call 928-639-3004 for details on tastings and tours or click here for emails of specific areas. Tell them sent you. This whole area is best viewed after the leaves have started to come back on the vines and the trees along the road. Mid May should be perfect. 
There are 2 other wineries you can visit on Page Springs Rd. as well. They are Oak Creek Vineyards & Winery, open 10am – 6pm daily and Javelina Leap Vineyard and Winery, open 11am – 5pm daily that are within 1/2 mile of Page Springs Cellars open 11am – 6pm daily and till 9pm Friday and Saturday. Northern Arizona Wine Tour Map
Once you are through with the wineries continue on Page Springs Rd. another 4 miles to 89A where you will turn left and ride 5.5 miles to Mingus Ave. You will see a sign leading you to Old Town Cottonwood. Turn right on Mingus Ave. and go 2 miles to Main St. Turn right on Main St. that will take you 1.3 miles to Old Town Cottonwood. I have been to Jerome countless times over the last several years and had never been through Old Town before. This is a really quaint little town that is in the midst of a rebirth largely due to the wine industry in the area. There are a few restaurants on Main St. One that we seem to go to every time is the Tavern Grille. The food here is as good as anything you can get in Scottsdale. And the ambiance with a huge center bar and TV’s is great. And for a food tip, their gourmet Mac and Cheese with chicken is outstanding. Mrs. C. loves their Seared Ahi Tuna.
There are several wine tasting locations on Main St. as well as many curio, antique, clothing and even a olive oil store. If you are in the mood for ice cream, not far from the Tavern Grille is an ice cream and candy store to cure your sweet tooth. If it is a great burger or milk shake you are looking for, stop at Bing’s Burger Station just as you are coming into Old Town. And if you are into tons of antiques of all shapes and sizes, it is worth your while to take a walk through Larry’s Antique’s right next to Bing’s. Lots of cool old stuff in there. On your way out of Old Town, you can take a walk back into the 60’s and stop at the Ye Ole’ Hippie Emporium. Not a lot of biker wear in there, but lots of bright tie dye apparel and curio to view.
Old Town Cottonwood has become a regular stop for Mrs. C. and myself over the last year. Not only is it a motorcycle destination, we have flown up there many times just for lunch at the Tavern Grill. Old Town is only 1.5 miles from the airport so it is a good little walk and a way to get out of the fast pace of Phoenix while seemingly going back 50 years in time. We recommend a visit in the near future.
From Old Town Cottonwood, continue North on 89A for the 8 mile ride through Clarkdale on to old mining and ghost town of Jerome where you will find the Spirit Room, more tasting rooms, the Haunted Hamburger and many more shops to visit. Most of you have been to Jerome, so I won’t go into that much more. Suffice it to say that you could spend half a day here easy exploring the old town.
Now get ready for the best section of pure riding on this route. The 12 mile ride over and Mingus Mountain down to Prescott Downs is one of the best short rides in the State for sure. As you leave Jerome on 89A toward Prescott you will ride through red rocks around a canyon with sheer drop offs as you climb through the pine forest through twists and switchbacks to over 7500 feet in elevation before descending through more of the same to Prescott Valley. They sell T-Shirts in Jerome that say I survived 158 curves in 12 miles on 89A. I haven’t counted myself, but I can assure you that you will be plenty busy while riding this stretch of road. It is almost hard to do because you want to soak in the beauty, but you really need to keep your eyes on the road. A fabulous stretch of motorcycle road that gets a 5 spokes rating from Cyclerides. And to top it off, it has been freshly entirely repaved and is like butter to ride. Put it on your “to do list”.
When you reach the bottom of this great stretch of road, if you are not ready to turn around and do it again, continue on 89A to Fain Rd. Turn left on Fain Rd. and follow it 7 miles to Hwy. 69. Turn left on 69 and follow that 20 miles through Mayer and on to Cordes Junction at I-17. Go south on I-17 for 48 miles back to Phoenix at I-17 & Loop 101.
I highly recommend this route for a great day ride of over 200 miles through North Central Arizona. I give this ride 4.5 spokes out of 5 for a perfect mix of riding, scenery and stops to make for a fantastic day with your spouse or a group of friends. As with any route, there are options along the way. Use the Google map to see what works for you.
Click Here for Map of Route.
Click Here for Photos of the day.
Northern Arizona Wine Tour Map
Useful Links:
Verde Valley Wine Trail
Arizona Vines and Wines Magazine – Excellent resource for touring wineries in AZ.
Exploring Arizona Wine Regions
Northern Arizona Wine Tour Map
Arizona Wine Growers web site.
Great map guide and information about Arizona wineries.
Tavern Grille – Great food in Cottonwood.

Tidbits and Updates:
**Thanks to all who attended the Westgate Bike Night presented by the Law Tigers last week in the alternate location. I had no idea how it would work out, but the response to the temporary venue at Westgate was overwhelmingly positive. We ended up with a really nice bike show in the center area. Chances are we will have it again in that area. This week we will be back on Coyote Blvd. as usual with Live Music by Leon J. and Juke Joint. See you there. Click Here for Photos from the night.
**If you were at any of the events during Arizona Bike Week this year, chances are your picture might be in this gallery. Rusty Childress has posted 1083 pictures from Bike Week and there are as usual, some very interesting character shots. His photography is outstanding. Take a look to see if you are in there. Click Here to view.

Bike Nights
Every Wednesday Night
Starts Wednesday, April 25th
Irish Republic Bike Night in Downtown Chandler. Bike Night in Downtown Chandler is back! Begins Wednesday, April 25th. For those of you in the East Valley, Irish Republic restaurant and bar in downtown Chandler is hosting a bike night on Wednesday nights. There will be motorcycle parking out front with Food and Drink specials. Bike night is from 6 PM – 9 PM. Location is 58 S. San Marcos Place in Chandler, AZ. For more information go to
Every Thursday Night Westgate Bike Night presented by The Law Tigers: Don’t miss our third night!
Where: Westgate City Center, Loop 101 and Glendale Ave. SE Corner. Next to Arena.
When: Thursday nights beginning March 29th – June 28th
Time: 5 PM – 9 PM
What: Bike Night. Live Music, Food, Fun, Vendors, Motorcycles and Sturgis Style Cruising down Coyote Blvd. Live Music with Sour Diesel Trainwreck.
You will enjoy Live Music with “Leon J & Juke Joint” featuring their great Rock and Blues sounds.
Food and drink specials include: Calico Jack's - $3 Tacos, $2 Bud and Coors Original, The Shout House - $7 Burger, Fries, and a Beer, Shane's Rib Shack is offering a FREE 10 piece Traditional Chicken Wings Basket with the purchase of any Full Rack Rib Plate. Value $7.99. Saddleranch - Chicken Tacos for $5.50, Classic Pints of Draft Beer only $2.50, Large Pilsners of draft for only $4.50. Margaritaville: 15% Off Food with “M” class license.
Click Here for Flyer.
I would like to give special thanks to our Sponsors of the Westgate Bike Night.
Please visit their booths at the event and click their links below to learn more about them.
Presenting Sponsor The Law Tigers
Law Tigers is a professional association of motorcycle injury lawyers who help riders every day. Our association of motorcycle accident attorneys consists of a skilled group of personal injury lawyers whose mission is to support and promote the well being of motorcyclists. Dedicated to rider safety, awareness, and education, we are committed to the riding community. Find an attorney near you from our network of motorcycle accident lawyers or call Law Tigers, toll-free, at 1-800-529-8443. Our lawyers are available -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Arrowhead HD
Your local Harley-Davidson dealership and proud sponsor of the Bike Night. Stop by and see the latest in what Harley-Davidson has to offer. Speak to one of our trained sales staff about what Harley-Davidson motorcycle would be right for you. We are located just South of 83rd Ave. and Bell Rd. 623-247-5542.
Curly's Customs.
Curly's Customs is a full service Custom Paint & Body Shop for the motorcycle enthusiast. We refinish Harley Davidson and Metric motorcycles. Our goal is to provide high quality workmanship & materials at a very reasonable price. Curly's is located at 12030 N. 111th Ave. in Youngtown, AZ. 623- 977-0339. Stop by and see them at Bike Night.
Ridenow Powersports
Stop by and talk to our staff at bike night or at one of our many valley locations. We feature many brands including Polaris, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, Can-Am, BMW, Victory, KTM, Spyder, and Ski-doo. Click Here for a list of our locations.
This Week
Saturday, April 21
HOGS WITH HEARTS Charity Ride. Scottsdale HOG Chapter presents its third annual HOGS With Hearts Charity Ride to support MDA Summer Camp. Summer camp allows kids with muscular dystrophy a rare opportunity to spend a week away from their families in the cool pines at Camp Shadow Pines on the Rim taking nature hikes, riding horses, playing wheelchair soccer, attending a prom, and various other events over the course of the week. It is a great time for all the kids and is it an important break from their daily routine of dealing with muscular dystrophy. Let’s help as many kids as possible attend camp! Registration is from 8:30 to 10:00 with all bikes back by 3:00. We have a new route and new ride format! Pre-registration is $25 (single rider) and $35 (two-up) and includes a pin, ride shirt and lunch for each rider/passenger. Registration at the event includes pin and lunch. Breakfast is available at our first stop and is free with the purchase of a beverage. Pre-register by April 12 at On-site registration also available (does not include ride shirt). Everyone has a chance to win $250 in cash prizes. And don’t forget the raffle prizes and share the wealth! Ride starts and ends at Harley Davidson of Scottsdale, 15600 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale. For info email Sue at
Saturday, April 21st
1st Annual Southern Arizona Poker Run to benefit the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics. Run will begin at the Florence Prison Outlet Store on the corner of Hwy. 79 and Butte Ave. Participants must have completed all paperwork to include release, etc. in order to participate in the run and draw a poker hand. Prizes for the best and worst hand. $25/$15. Includes shirt, poker card and pin for all paid riders. Pins to first 200 riders. Registration 8-9 AM. 8:30 AM ride begins. See flyer for registration form and details.
Sunday, April 22nd
2nd Annual Rustler's Run to benefit the AZ National Guard Emergency Relief Fund. Registration begins at 8AM with Kick stands up at 10AM. Starting at the VFW Post at 7720 E. Wilshire Dr. in Scottsdale. $20 Solo/$30 Couple. Plenty of Raffle Items also 50/50 Raffle.
Next Week
Buddy Stubbs Arizona Harley-Davidson Hogs and Dogs. We are hosting a new Clinic Series in addition to their monthly Hogs & Dogs event on Saturday, April 28th, from 11 am to 3 pm! The dealership will be serving FREE food and drinks along with live music as they kick off their new Clinic Series specifically designed to give you education for a better ride! The classes will be for those who are interested in learning more about their Harley-Davidson motorcycle, gear, and accessories that create a safe and complete H-D experience. The inaugural Service class will cover things like scheduled maintenance, safety checklists, brake inspections and much more. Come join Buddy Stubbs AZ H-D as they get you on your way to being a more informed H-D rider!  Space is limited so please email or call (602) 971-3400 to register. For more information go to and click on customer corner. Buddy Stubbs AZ H-D is located at 13850 N. Cave Creek Road, Phoenix, AZ 85022.
Sunday, April 29th
Ride Against Suicide. In Memory of the Beardslee brothers! Sunday April 29th Starts at Chesters Harley Davidson and goes thru a nice ride of the lake and river ending at Baseline Pub and Grill! Check in is open from 9-11am. Last Bike out by 11am. 1st 150 registered riders get shirt and gift bag. Lunch included! Register at RIDE #2. Bikers Shine for Starbright Saturday May 12th. No Excuse for Child Abuse " Check in at Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale 9am-11am. This ride heads to the "westside" ending at Tailgaters off 67th Ave Great ride! Great Cause. 1st 125 registered riders get shirt and bag!! Lunch Included! Register at 
Upcoming Events
Saturday, May 5th
Inaugural "Blues, Bruise and BBQs". A Major Festival event ‘Ride In’! Bring your bike and your babe and Ride in literally, to an all day Music Festival with National Festival Favorite The Delgado Brothers Headlining the event coming in from Los Angeles CA. This event has a Biker Village that will be hosting Bike games, contests, and plenty of FUN all day long! The Biker Village supports Children’s Cancer and is hosted by The Americans Motorcycle Club. There are several rides forming to help support this cause and will Ride into this event. Bikes have an opportunity for ‘VIP inside the event Parking in the Biker Village’ for only $5 per bike. General Admission is only $10 per person.
The music Festival will also featuring Blues Hall of Fame acts: Leon J & JukeJoint - Big Nick and the Gila Monsters -Bill Tarsha and the Rocket 88’s - Paris James - and Geo Bowman. Other acts on the line up are national acts Christopher Robin Band, and the popular Wiley Ones. The Festival also has a BBQ Village with over 50 BBQ trucks, Beer tents and VIP cocktail lounges, a Bar in the Biker Village where the fun will commence, as well as a Body Painting Competition and the event finishes the night with a MMA Fight Card on location in the 2 Knuckles professional Fight Zone.
Don’t miss this opportunity to show off your Bike, Show off your Babe, play some bike games, and enjoy incredible music, food, and drinks as you Ride In, to this amazing event! May 5th. 10am-11pm, 101 & I-10 at the Fear Farm Location the West Side Sports Complex. Go to for more information.

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Police pursuits are always a grin. This one has music. Click Here to View

Here is a good example of too much style over substance. Click Here to View
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