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Greetings Riders,
Really? Measurable snow in Phoenix? I have lived here 32 years and I can only remember 2 other times where we have had that much snow fall, much less stick to the ground. Quite a site to see for sure. (Click Here for pics) Definitely not a day to have ridden your bike to work. It has been a tough year so far to get in any good riding, but as I look to the extended forecast, it looks like starting on March 1st we are going to have about 9 days of sunny and in the 80’s before dropping back to the high 60’s and low 70’s. Won’t be long till we will be wishing we had those days back again.
I have had quite a few inquiries about the emissions testing for Arizona that was rumored to be ending in February. I did a little investigation and it appears that it has been pushed back to April now. So we are going to have to wait a little longer. I will keep you in the loop. There are plenty of rides coming up this weekend that you can see below and we are only 6 weeks away from the pre rally days of Arizona Bike Week. It will be here before you know it. Looking forward to getting some weather for some meaningful riding to some destinations around the State and Southwest that I can share with you.
In the meantime, every couple of years I like to share with you the things I have learned about riding over the past few years and strive to not make those mistakes again. Here are my "Top 10" that come to mind that you might have experienced yourself, and will probably recall from this newsletter the next time they happen to you.
1.  Putting on rain gear. If it looks like rain, smells like rain, and there is rain on the pavement, it is probably raining. It is now officially PAST time to put your rain gear on. Put rain gear on PRIOR to all of the obvious signs.
Lesson: Error to putting on rain gear too soon. It only takes a couple of times of getting drenched to learn this one.
2.  Learn that "E" on the gas gauge actually does mean empty. It does not stand for "E-ternity of Gas". I sometimes tend to get those confused. Figuring out how far past the "E" you can ride is useful in the game to see how far you can go on a tank of gas. To win the game you are able to ride into the gas station and actually put more gas in the tank than it holds. Losing the game involves a call to AAA from the side of the road. My record is now 5.3 gallons in a 5 gallon tank.
Lesson: Walk 3 miles for gas in 100 degrees and you won't make that mistake again.
3.  Estimating time to ride to destination.  Getting it through my head that 350 miles of riding through mountain passes and twisties is going to take considerably longer than 350 miles on a Montana freeway. One of my more famous quotes on a trip; "It is only 350 miles, we should be there by 3pm." I am reminded of this quote at 5pm by Mrs. C. when we are still 100 miles away.
Lesson: Learn it. Always OVER estimate how long it will take.
4.  Be sure bike is in neutral when starting. After 35 plus years of riding, this one still tends to get me every once in a while. Nothing much worse than going to your bike at a bike night, thinking it is in neutral and pushing the start button to find out that you were wrong. However, it is quite entertaining for all of the people that saw you make this common rookie mistake. Pull in the clutch or make sure it is in neutral before pushing the start button.
Lesson: Don't be the subject of the jokes for the rest of the day.
5.  Confirm that the kickstand is secure before dismounting. I had this happen in Ouray, CO. a few years ago. I put the kickstand down on the severely sloped main St. a little too straight up. The wind was blowing pretty good and when I got about 4 steps away from the bike I heard a big crash. It had blown over. Fortunately no serious damage to levers, etc. and I was able to ride it.
Lesson: Make sure that bike is stable on kickstand.
6.  Directions. No matter how much I like my GPS and no matter how many times it has saved me, road signs still trump the GPS. If you know you are supposed to be on I-70 West and the sign clearly says I-70 West, go with the sign.
Lesson: Know what you know.
7.  Eating regularly. I am the kind of guy that will eat a big breakfast and be good until we stop for dinner. My thought is that stopping to eat is "Burning Daylight". Not everyone shares my thoughts on this. Much easier on yourself to stop and get your spouse some food when she is ready for it. Generally the only source of real discussion on our trips.
Lesson: Keep your wife well fed. Makes for a more enjoyable ride.
8.  Be aware of under dressing. Realize that standing still in the sun with a short sleeve t-shirt on in 60 degree weather does not feel the same as riding 70 mph in the same temperature and attire. Over dressing will never be a problem for me.
Lesson: Learn how to "Layer" properly. It is easier to deal with too many clothes on than it is to freeze for 100 miles. Error to over dressing.
9.  Make sure saddlebag lids are latched before riding. Not only do you lose your personal belongings out of the bags, it can be perceived as an amateur move. It is very embarrassing when the guy in the minivan pulls up next to you and points to your saddlebag lid flapping in the breeze.
Lesson: Can be very expensive if your leather jacket flies out.
10. Stop taking off with kickstand down. Rookie mistake #1. It is embarrassing to have someone point at your kickstand when you are riding to find that it is still down. It also makes left turns much more challenging. Page 12 in the riders manual advises against this activity. Never can figure out how I forget this. Usually stems from being distracted just as you take your bike off of the side stand.
Lesson: Dangerous. Stop doing it.
Ride Safe!

I would like to announce that we will begin the 2013 Spring season of the Westgate Bike Nights this year on Thursday, March 28th running every Thursday through June 27th. We are already working on programming for bike night to make it even bigger and better than in years past. I look forward to seeing all of you on opening night, Thursday, March 28th. Save the Date! We have limited space for vendors, if you would like to be a vendor, please contact me at .

This Week
Saturday, February 23rd
Buddy Stubbs Arizona Harley-Davidson Hot Rods & Harleys. Buddy Stubbs is hosting a Hot Rods & Harleys show at the dealership! Come by on Saturday, February 23rd to enjoy amazing automobiles from a time gone by. If you would like to enter your classic car or custom motorcycle in the show simply e-mail Sweet cars, cool custom bikes, FREE food and drinks, what’s not to love? The event will run from 11AM - 3PM with prizes and trophies given away @ 2:30PM. In addition to the already great festivities, Buddy Stubbs H-D will be hosting live music by the 50’s rock band Come Back Buddy! Of course there will be tours of Buddy’s Motorcycle Museum and more! We look forward to having everyone join us and feel free to call Phillip with any questions at (602) 971-3400.
Saturday, February 23rd
Superstition Harley-Davidson 2nd Annual AZ HogFest & Benefit Ride. Event time is from Noon to 9:00pm. Ride leaves Sacaton at noon following the "Ira Hayes - Iwo Jima Flag Raising Ceremony". Ends at Superstition Harley-Davidson with a huge party. Whole Hog Competition. People's Choice Best Damn BBQ Competition. Live Music featuring "Trailer Park" Beer Garden. Ride Benefits VFW Post 7968 Charities. Single Rider $20. Rider & tail Gunner $30. Ride voucher includes lunch. Party is FREE and open to the public. All bikes welcome. Register at or at Superstition Harley-Davidson, 2910 W Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ 85119.
Saturday, February 23rd
Rotten Rottie Rescue Poker Run. On Saturday February 23 please help support the Rottweiler's in our county shelters by helping us help them! We are going to be kicking off this game at Porkopolis at 1445 S. Arizona Ave (AZ Ave and the 202) at noon. Riders will be collecting poker cards at various stops in the valley and then return to Porkopolis to see if they claim the best or worst hand. Winners will get a Prize. There will also be some great Raffles to be won! Drink specials to enjoy. Music along the way! The event will be hosted by Brady Bogan from the morning show on KUPD! If you do not have a bike and want to play along anyway, you are welcome to ride in you car, truck, golf cart, whatever you want! Register early at get a free Rotten Rottie Rescue t-shirt!
Saturday, February 23rd
Buckeye Air Fair. For those of you looking for a ride or something to do in the West Valley. Stop by the Buckeye Air Fair located at the Buckeye Municipal Airport located at 3000 S. Palo Verde Rd. in Buckeye, AZ. 9:00 AM – 3 PM. FREE admission and parking. Activities for the whole family including Car Show and Motorcycle Display, Helicopter, Hot Air Balloon rides, Vendors and Exhibits, Static Airplane Displays and Fly-Overs, Police and Fire Rescue Demonstrations and Simulators, Science and Technology Education Expo, Skydiving, Remote Control Jet Demonstrations and much more. See web site for all details.
Saturday, February 23rd
Biker Information Guide Bike Night at Renegade Tap & Kitchen. Starting at 3 pm till 10 pm with Happy Hour prices the whole time. Nationwide Vision Center has made a donation to Crickets Benefit Fund in the form of a complete Lasik Surgery Package for someone to win at our February 23 Bike Night. If you know anyone that would like or need this procedure we will be auctioning it off along with a host of other great gifts. We will be starting at 3 pm at Renegade Tap & Kitchen on Shea Blvd. at 94th Street, Rain or Shine. The restaurant will be giving us Happy Hour prices on drinks and appetizers all day and night. Jim Moore will be drawing the name of the winner of the custom painted refrigerator at about 7:30. There will be door prizes and fun for all. Renegade is located at 9400 Shea Blvd. just east of the 101 Fwy, on the South side.
Next Week
Friday-Sunday, March 1st-3rd
Checkered Flag Run.  The Checkered Flag Run is a weekend in Phoenix, Arizona hosted by Phoenix International Raceway, Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino, and The Radisson Hotel. The weekend culminates with motorcycle rides to Phoenix International Raceway to watch NASCAR Drivers tear up the track at the NASCAR Subway Fresh Fit 500 on Sunday March 3rd, 2013. Tickets: Available for $25 starting February 1st, 2013 or while supplies last. Each ticket grants you entrance into the block party and dance. Discounted Multi-cultural tickets to the NASCAR Subway Fresh Fit 500 on  March 3rd, 2013 at Phoenix International Raceway can also be purchased for $35 from February 1st through March 2nd, 2013. You may also purchase your Checkered Flag Run tickets and NASCAR tickets at Chandler Harley-Davidson, Arrowhead Harley-Davidson, Chesters Harley-Davidson, and Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation. After March 2nd, 2013, NASCAR tickets will also be available at Phoenix International Raceway at the regular gate price, if available. See web page for details of activities each day.
Saturday, March 2nd
Inaugural Tillman's Ride 2013. American Legion Pat Tillman Post 117 ALR Hosts Pat Tillman’s Ride 2013. Proceeds Benefitting - Military Assistance Mission & Pat Tillman Foundation. Sign-in 8-10AM. Event Starts at:  Chester’s Harley Davidson - 922 South Country Club, Mesa, AZ. Event ends at: Toby Keith’s for a Huge Party.  Sponsored Stops for this event are: Rula Bula, Buffalo Chip, Greasewood Flat, and Toby Keiths in Mesa. Pre-Registration On-Line at MAD4VETS.ORG (starting 1/12/13) Or Day of the Ride Chester’s Harley Davidson - 922 South Country Club, Mesa, AZ. $20.00/$30.00 with Passenger. More information at Events and Raffles at Each Stop. End of Ride at Toby Keith’s for a Huge Party Celebrating ALL OUR Heroes who have served.
Upcoming Events
April 10th - 14th
Arizona Bike Week 2013. Feeling charitable? This year there will be 13 charity rides during the ten days of Arizona Bike Week!  These runs are a great way to meet new people, reconnect with old friends and see some great scenery, all while supporting some very worthy causes. Not to mention that every ride that occurs from April 10 – 14 includes admission to Cyclefest and that night’s concert.  You can check out the complete list of official ABW rides and get registered at Many of these rides offer preregistration incentives such as discounted fees, t-shirts, pins, etc.   You can get more details on these rides and all the activities and events planned for Arizona Bike Week 2013 by picking up a Guide to Ride or visiting  

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I don’t think I would want anything to do with this non motorized flying contraption. Click Here to View.

Oh my gosh, this is one heck of a ride. At about 2:15 it starts getting really interesting. Click Here to View.

Video of the Week. For you stunt riding lovers, this is a very creative video made by Robbie Maddison at the bone yard in Tucson using plane parts for stunts. Very cool video. Click Here to View. Click on the Video of the Week graphic on the page.

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Until Next Week,
Blessings and Safe Riding To All,

Barry Caraway
"The Road Is Yours - Take The Ride"

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