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Greetings Riders,
Wow! What a wild weather week we are having here in the Valley of the Sun as well as most of the Midwest and Northeast. I think today is the coldest high temperature, 43 degrees according to Weather Bug, I have seen in Phoenix in the 30 years I have lived here.  And when you throw in the wind chill, it is really cold for us thin blooded desert rats. Wind chill in a Phoenix weather forecast is about as rare as a one piece bathing suit on South Beach, but it has added to the excitement around here. But, I will take this all day long compared to what I have seen back East. A day or 2 in the 40's is not half bad compared to 2 feet of snow and below zero.
Many of you will remember that horrible day on March 25th, 2010 when the news of a sanitation truck that ran over 8 motorcycle riders started filtering through the motorcycle community. Phones started ringing and text messages lit up  all over the valley as riders started checking on their buddies to see that they were alright. I had just arrived at Westgate to set up for bike night when the news started trickling in to me. Needless to say, the topic of the night was that a sanitation truck driver high on meth had rear ended 8 motorcycles stopped at a traffic light on Carefree Highway. The details were still sketchy, but we knew that four riders died that day with 4 others severely injured, one critical and hanging on to life.
As we all learned the names of those that had passed away and mourned them, we were trying to make some kind of sense out of this horrible senseless tragedy that had shaken a very tight knit community of motorcycle riders to the core. The talk of the evening was that these were innocent victims sitting at a stop light and that it could have happened to any one of us. As we were looking for any hope  and positive news out of this horrific crash, the word that a Phoenix Fire Captain named Ernie Lizarraga was one of the critically injured and he was clinging to life. We all hung on every report that we could get on Ernie's condition. Even though he was in a coma, we were hoping for any news that he was going to make it, along with the other injured. In some ways, Ernie became the poster boy for all of us to direct our hope and prayers to, while trying to find something positive out of this absolutely horrendous circumstance.
A question that I frequently get are inquiries as to how the injured are doing. Unfortunately, I didn't have any good answers. But I got a call from my buddy Scott Pasmore of TV 3 last Friday saying that he was going out to the fire station to do a story on Ernie Lizarraga  and I jumped at the chance to go see him. Even though I didn't know Ernie personally, him being a part of the motorcycle and Cyclerides family, I was very excited to see and hear about his recovery.
I'll admit that I was a little nervous to see Ernie, because I really had no idea what condition he was going to be in.  After suffering a list of broken bones including 6 vertebras, nose, eye socket, 8 ribs and the Tib/Fib on the right leg, he also had 2 collapsed lungs. But the most damaging injury was a brain shear which is a complete separation of the brain from the skull that caused total memory loss from one day before the accident to 30 days after. As you might imagine, this causes all sorts of problems which he has been working through in therapy for the last 8 months. But as we walked up to the community room of the fire station, Ernie opened the door and greeted Scott and I by name and thanked us for coming. His wife Lorri and his daughter Cianna were also there with him.
The simple report is, he is doing extremely well, especially considering what he has gone through. He walks with a little limp because of the Tibula Fibula break, and has some slight speech issues due to the brain injury, but besides that, he is very sharp with a great sense of humor and has had what appears to be a miraculous physical recovery. But what is even better than that is his incredibly positive attitude and outlook on life.
Ernie's family had put together a photo album of all of the photos from the accident, memorials, etc. Scott asked him what he thinks when he looks at pictures from the accident. Ernie said, "It was a mess, it was a big mess. But I don't dwell on what happened, or who did it, I look forward, you know. You've got to." It was truly an inspiration for me to hear him say that, as a lot of people could rightfully have been resentful and angry in his shoes. But his attitude is so positive that he obviously doesn't want to waste good energy on what has been done, but wants to save it for what is to come. What a wonderful outlook on life, we could all aspire to that.
Scott asked him if he wanted to ride again. His answer was a resounding YES and that he is working daily in therapy toward the day that he can get on a motorcycle again. He is hoping that within the next 2 to 3 months that he will be able to do that. He is working on riding a bicycle right now. His wife Lorri said she thought it would be impossible to keep him off of a motorcycle.
My visit with Ernie Lizarraga and his family was definitely an emotional and uplifting experience for me. It was so inspirational to see a guy that has been through so much, be so driven to overcome his physical setbacks and get back to his former way of life. He has his sights set directly ahead with goals in mind, only glancing in the rear view mirror for perspective and not spite. My brief time with Ernie helped me look at what I consider challenges in my life not being as tough as I thought they were. Ernie said he couldn't thank everyone enough for all of their help, and that it REALLY does help to see when so many people care. By the way, the man driving the truck is still in jail on one million dollar bail and will stand trial starting the end of March.
I thought it would be great for everyone to share some time with Ernie and allow him, in his own words, to personally thank all of you for the support you have given him. So I asked him if he would like to be my Guest of Honor on the first night of the Westgate Bike Night, Thursday, March 31st. This day falls only 6 days past the one year anniversary of the accident. He was very excited to do that, so we are going to kick it off by welcoming Ernie Lizarraga back from rehab as well as honoring all of the victims from that devastating accident. I don't have details of the others injured that day, but I have heard that they are all recovering well. I hope to have them there that night as well. Ernie's personal goal is to ride his motorcycle again and very possibly into Westgate that night. We will all be rooting for him on both accounts. Stay tuned for more details in upcoming newsletters.  
Thanks Ernie for brightening my day and sharpening my focus. You are truly a bright light to all of those that you touch with your wonderful attitude, great smile, outlook on life and perseverance. God Bless you, your family and your continued rehabilitation.
Ride Safe,
Click Here for the TV 3 story with Scott Pasmore.
I shot some video of the interview that is unedited. I think you will find it really interesting hearing Ernie and Lorri describe the past few months from the accident. Click Here to View.
Click Here for Photos of the day.

Tidbits and Updates:
The question that I get most when I am out and about is: "When is the Westgate Bike Night going to start?" After a meeting with Westgate management on Tuesday, I now have that answer. Westgate wanted to begin the bike night as soon as we could in March, but due to Coyote game conflicts with the arena on Thursday nights, the first night that we could start it is on March 31st. The good news is that we are going to be able to run 14 consecutive nights without interruption through June 30th. We are now in the planning stages for programming for each of these nights and look forward to seeing you again this season. If you would like to be a sponsor of this event, email me at .
The Archives section of is now updated. If you have missed a past newsletter or need to refer to one, go to Archives in the menu bar at .
Attention Ladies!
Wow! We now have 70 Woman that have submitted their photo to the 2011 Women Who Ride photo gallery. I decided to kick off 2011 with a new Women Who Ride photo gallery. If you are a Woman who rides your own bike, send me a good photo of yourself either riding the bike or a beauty shot sitting on or standing next to your bike. Email them to and I will add them ASAP. Click Here to see the Gallery, or you can always see it on the front page of .
Reader's Rides Gallery!
Since a lot of you are probably starting to get the same itch that I am to ride and have probably taken a look at some of your trips the last few years. Send me a couple of your best photos from the locations you have been. Preferably next to a sign, landmark or landscape that we might recognize. This will be the beginning of the 2011 Reader's Rides Photo Gallery. Email your photos to . Look forward to sharing your rides with you and others. Click Here for the Gallery.

 This Week

Friday, February 4th
Chester's Harley-Davidson Motorcycles On Main. Join Chester’s Harley-Davidson at Motorcycles on Main in Downtown Mesa on Friday, February 4th!  Always on the first Friday of every month, this outdoor event lets you park and show off your bike STURGIS STYLE with parking on two blocks.  Free auto parking for your car-riding friends, four beer gardens, four live bands and great restaurants to enjoy.  6-10 PM, and no cost to enjoy the festivities.  Please visit for details! Chester's HD is located at 922 S. Country Club Dr. in Mesa. 480-894-0404.

Friday, February 4th
Arizona Stand Down Motorcycle Ride. Help support Homeless Veterans by joining Arizona’s Motorcycle Community on the Official Procession to Arizona Stand Down sponsored by Stand Up and Stand Meet Veterans, be a part of the opening ceremonies and know that you stood up for Homeless Veterans. Monies go directly to Arizona Stand Down as we help those Veterans who need our support and help for their service to this United States. Ride registration begins at 7:00 a.m., Post 41, American Legion, 715 S. 2nd, Phoenix, Arizona. $ 15.00 per person with ALL monies going to the Homeless Veteran Cause. Briefing 7:30 A.M. KSU 8:15 A.M. Ride to Arizona StandDown Friday Morning 8:15 A.M. Feb. 4, 2011.

Saturday, February 5th
Red Hot Threads Grand Opening. A lot of you remember Against the Wind Leathers that was located next to the Billet Bar in Scottsdale. With the closing of the Billet, Jennifer decided on a new start and has moved the business to Cave Creek and changed the name to Red Hot Threads. Not only has the name changed, but they have added several new lines to their already extensive lines including Rockabilly and Hotrod clothes, Lucky 13, Too Fast Clothing, Living dead souls, Felon, Sailor Jerry among others. To celebrate the move Jennifer is having a Grand Opening at the new location in Cave Creek at 6245 E Cave Creek Rd, the Turquoise bldg next to Frontier Town. 480-945-3458. There will be a car show, bike show, vendors, pin up girls and Live Music with rockabilly band Rhythm Dragons. Event time is 11am - 4pm. Stop by and see the new store and merchandise.

Saturday, February 5th
Desert Rose presents our 11th Annual Chili Run/Cook Off.  Proceeds to benefit the Susan G Komen for the Cure.  Think Pink.  Live Music.  Beer Gardens.  Red Bull Lounge.  Meet the lovely ladies of Miller Lt & Jagermeister.  93.3 will be broadcasting from the event. Meet Ruby Cheeks.  Tons of prizes and giveaways.  $10 donation, all the Chili you can handle.  Come out and help us "Save the Ta-Ta's".  Saturday Feb 5th  11am- 2pm. Desert Rose Bar 18300 S. Old US Hwy 80 Arlington Az 85322. Visit us Event Coordinator: AJ Hunter (480) 703-1634
February 1st - April 30th
Chester's Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra Giveaway.
Looking for a new bike, have a little extra time on your hands and know a lot of people? Chester's HD is giving you the opportunity to win a 2011 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra for a little effort on your part. Giveaway program starts February 1, 2011, and ends April 30, 2011. Just bring someone you know into Chester's Harley-Davidson to buy a new bike. You must accompany buyer to the dealership and have proof of purchase signed off by the General Manager. Buyer must agree to Chester's Harley-Davidson's terms of sale and cannot already have a deal pending at Chester's.  Validity of referral is at the sole discretion of the General Manager and could be denied. The person who brings in the most new bike sales wins a 2011 Harley-Davidson Road Glide® Ultra. Referrals must be contracted and take delivery of a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle at Chester's Harley-Davidson by April 30, 2011. Winner must refer a minimum of three sales to qualify.  There will be no ties.  In the event that 2 or more persons bring in the highest amount of qualifying buyers, the winner will be the person that reaches the minimum of three sales first. Winner is responsible for all applicable sales tax, license and doc fees. Click Here for details.
Next Week
Saturday, February 12th
Chester's Harley-Davidson 5th Annual Chili Cook-Off. Sign Up Your Chili to win prizes and trophies! Categories are: Best Overall Chili, Hottest Chili, Most Unique Chili, Best Display, Best Named Chili. We supply the electricity. You will make the chili at home, and bring it to plug in and serve! OR be a judge! Spoons for tasting and ballots are only $5 and ALL proceeds benefit the Arizona Animal Welfare League. Live music by Tin Weasel. 11am-1pm. Spend $100 or more in MotorClothes and roll the dice to receive a sweet discount during the event. Call 480-894-0404 to register, or e-mail Chester's HD is located at 922 S. Country Club Dr. in Mesa, AZ.
Sunday, February 13th
Copper Basin YMCA Motorcycle Run & Poker Tournament. Registration at 8am. Free Pancake Breakfast for all registered participants. Ride Leaves Copper Basin YMCA located at 28300 N. Main St., San Tan Valley at 10am sharp. Lunch served at 1pm at Copper Basin YMCA. Free Poker Tournament to follow. Registration: $30..00 per bike. Entry fee entitles you to a pancake breakfast and lunch for all registered participants. One T-shirt per bike, one entry for motorcycle run, one entry to free poker tournament and one goodie bag. $25..00 to register for additional spot for lunch and free Poker Tournament. $10.00 for extra T-shirts. For general information or to become a sponsor, contact Anita Lopez at or 480.882.2242. Or visit us at All proceeds benefit the Copper Basin YMCA Strong Kids and Families Campaign.
Sunday, February 13th
3rd Annual "Ride For Love". Presented by the American Legion Riders of Arcadia Post 138. All proceeds to go to Maverick Calloway. Maverick is 15 years old and has a condition called Endocarditis and is in need of an operation to replace his heart valves. Sign in from 9-10am at Evil Twin Custom Cycles located at 2534 W. Broadway in Mesa. Donation $25.00 single, $30.00 per couple. Fun, Dancing, Raffles. Stops at American Legion Posts 39, 91, 2 and The Rogue Bar. End Stop D.A.V. with live music by: Crusin' from 1-5pm.

Upcoming Events

February 25th-27th
Checkered Flag Run. The Checkered Flag Run is a weekend in Arizona hosted by the Second II None Phoenix Motorcycle Club, Phoenix International Raceway and Talking Stick Resort and Casino. The weekend culminates with an escorted motorcycle run from Talking Stick Resort and Casino to Phoenix International Raceway to watch NASCAR Drivers, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson tear up the track in the SUBWAY Fresh Fit 500, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race, Sunday, February 27th, 2011. 3 days of activities and fun.

This is quickly becoming a very big event. Here are a few details of what is going to happen:
For $35.00 this is what you get, all inclusive: 
Friday Feb. 25 - Meet and Greet at Talking Stick Resort 5-9pm (includes 2 drinks Hosted by 3 Amigo's Tequila)
Saturday Feb. 26th - Picnic at Hacienda Harley-Davidson 11-6pm (Food, Fun, Games, Music and more) 
Saturday Feb. 26th - Leather and Lace Ball at Talking Stick Resort 9p-2a (Miss Checkered Flag Contest)
Sunday Feb 27th - Police Escort to PIR, Subway Fresh Fit 500 from Talking Stick Resort 8am 
When you get to PIR you will have reserved seats, VIP motorcycle parking and: 
Largest Motorcycle Club present wins $5,000.00, Largest Female Club present wins $2,500.00, Largest Social Club present wins $1,000.00, Bike Show like no other judged by Paul Yaffe, Brian Klock and Rick Hatch. Bike Show winner $3,000.00 and escorts PIR President to winner circle to present Subway Fresh Fit 500 trophy. All this for only $35.00. For more information or to buy tickets call Ed LeClere at 602-315-0711. Or go to register your group or buy tickets.

Saturday, February 26th
Hogs with Hearts Poker Run. Hacienda HOG Chapter 97 is hosting the Second Annual Hogs with Hearts Poker Run. This run is in support of the MDA Children’s Summer Camp at Camp Shadow Pines east of Payson, Arizona.   We’ll be giving away over $5,000 worth of raffle prizes so don’t miss out on your chance for some great prizes as well as making a difference in a child's life. The entry fee is $25 for a single rider and $35 two-up. Fee includes a t-shirt for the first 100 registered riders, ride pin, coffee and breakfast supplied by Dunkin Donuts at the start, lunch and live music at the end.  The ride will start at Hacienda Harley-Davidson.  There will be prizes for high and low hand as well as dozens of raffle prizes including a Shell Vacation Club week valued at over $2100. Best Hand grand prize is $250 cash.  Ride Registration is from 8am - 10am at Hacienda HD located at 15600 N. Hayden Rd. in Scottsdale. All Bikes Welcome.  Join us for a great 120 mile ride through beautiful Arizona scenery and make a huge difference in a child’s life.  More information and online registration at

March 30th - April 3rd.
Arizona Bike Week 2011. Arizona Bike Week is a little over 2 months away. The dates this year are March 30th - April 3rd for Cyclefest at Westworld in Scottsdale. Musical acts this year include Skid Row, Warrant, Heart and Buckcherry. Pre-Rally Days start Friday March 25th with the Chester's Harley-Davidson Backstage Biker Bash featuring Gretchen Wilson and the Herndon Brothers in concert. There are lots of RV and tent camping options available. Go to for tickets and more information.


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