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Greetings Riders,
Hard to believe that the month of January is almost over. Touring season will be on us before we know it. If you missed last week’s newsletter featuring my Top 5 destination rides in Arizona, Click Here.
We didn’t get any riding in last weekend for a couple of reasons. We had 2 family birthday parties to attend last weekend that were ironically on extreme ends of the birthday scale. On Saturday it was our Grandson’s First birthday party. It has been a blast watching him grow up in the Grandparent roll. Click Here for a picture of Mrs. C. and I with him. On the other end of the spectrum on Sunday was the birthday party for my Father who turned 87. This provided a rare opportunity to have 4 generations in the house. Happy Birthday to both of them.
After the party on Saturday we were able to go out to the Barrett Jackson Auction to look at the incredible cars that were going through the auction that day. We happened to be in the tent when all of the 2 million dollar plus cars went through. My favorite one was this 1933 Pierce Arrow. A beautiful salon car. The most unique in my mind was the Tucker that went for $2.65 million. Only 51 of them are in existence. If you ever take a ride to the Napa Valley area, be sure to plan a stop at the Francis Ford Coppola Winery in Geyserville, CA and visit the Coppola museum there where you will see the original Tucker from the movie as well as a lot of memorabilia in his movie gallery including the Godfather and Apocalypse Now.
Click Here for my photos of the Barrett Jackson auction.
10 Things My Motorcycle Has Taught Me
Every couple of years I like to share with you the things I have learned about riding over the past few years and strive to not make those mistakes again. Here are my "Top 10" that come to mind that you might have experienced yourself, and will probably recall from this newsletter the next time they happen to you.
1.  Putting on rain gear. If it looks like rain, smells like rain, and there is rain on the pavement, it is probably raining. It is now officially PAST time to put your rain gear on. Put rain gear on PRIOR to all of the obvious signs.
Lesson: Error to putting on rain gear too soon. It only takes a couple of times of getting drenched to learn this one.
2.  Learn that "E" on the gas gauge actually does mean empty. It does not stand for "E-ternity of Gas". I sometimes tend to get those confused. Figuring out how far past the "E" you can ride is useful in the game to see how far you can go on a tank of gas. To win the game you are able to ride into the gas station and actually put more gas in the tank than it holds. Losing the game involves a call to AAA from the side of the road. My record is now 5.3 gallons in a 5 gallon tank.
Lesson: Walk 3 miles for gas in 100 degrees and you won't make that mistake again.
3.  Estimating time to ride to destination.  Getting it through my head that 350 miles of riding through mountain passes and twisties is going to take considerably longer than 350 miles on a Montana freeway. One of my more famous quotes on a trip; "It is only 350 miles, we should be there by 3pm." I am reminded of this quote at 5pm by Mrs. C. when we are still 100 miles away.
Lesson: Learn it. Always OVER estimate how long it will take.
4.  Be sure bike is in neutral when starting. After 35 plus years of riding, this one still tends to get me every once in a while. Nothing much worse than going to your bike at a bike night, thinking it is in neutral and pushing the start button to find out that you were wrong. However, it is quite entertaining for all of the people that saw you make this common rookie mistake. Pull in the clutch or make sure it is in neutral before pushing the start button.
Lesson: Don't be the subject of the jokes for the rest of the day.
5.  Confirm that the kickstand is secure before dismounting. I had this happen in Ouray, CO. a few years ago. I put the kickstand down on the severely sloped main St. a little too straight up. The wind was blowing pretty good and when I got about 4 steps away from the bike I heard a big crash. It had blown over. Fortunately no serious damage to levers, etc. and I was able to ride it.
Lesson: Make sure that bike is stable on kickstand.
6.  Directions. No matter how much I like my GPS and no matter how many times it has saved me, road signs still trump the GPS. If you know you are supposed to be on I-70 West and the sign clearly says I-70 West, go with the sign.
Lesson: Know what you know.
7.  Eating regularly. I am the kind of guy that will eat a big breakfast and be good until we stop for dinner. My thought is that stopping to eat is "Burning Daylight". Not everyone shares my thoughts on this. Much easier on yourself to stop and get your spouse some food when she is ready for it. Generally the only source of real discussion on our trips.
Lesson: Keep your wife well fed. Makes for a more enjoyable ride. 
8.  Be aware of under dressing. Realize that standing still in the sun with a short sleeve t-shirt on in 60 degree weather does not feel the same as riding 70 mph in the same temperature and attire. Over dressing will never be a problem for me.
Lesson: Learn how to "Layer" properly. It is easier to deal with too many clothes on than it is to freeze for 100 miles. Error to over dressing.
9.  Make sure saddlebag lids are latched before riding. Not only do you lose your personal belongings out of the bags, it can be perceived as an amateur move. It is very embarrassing when the guy in the minivan pulls up next to you and points to your saddlebag lid flapping in the breeze. 
Lesson: Can be very expensive if your leather jacket flies out.
10. Stop taking off with kickstand down. Rookie mistake #1. It is embarrassing to have someone point at your kickstand when you are riding to find that it is still down. It also makes left turns much more challenging. Page 12 in the riders manual advises against this activity. Never can figure out how I forget this. Usually stems from being distracted just as you take your bike off of the side stand.
Lesson: Dangerous. Stop doing it.
Enjoy this beautiful weekend we have coming up and ride safe.

Tidbits and Updates:
**REMINDER: There are already over 900 riders Pre-Registered for The Arizona Centennial Ride Sponsored by Law Tigers coming up on Saturday, February 11th. Only the first 2000 are guaranteed shirts and pins. If you are interested in getting a T-Shirt or Ride Pin for this once in a lifetime event, I would suggest that you pre register to guarantee that you get one. For a registration of $25 you will get a Centennial Ride T-Shirt, Ride Pin, One ticket entry to win the Copper Chopper and be able to participate in the ride. On site registration will start at 10 AM at Mesa Riverview. Ride will leave at 2 PM. This will be an escorted ride led by Dierks Bentley and the Copper Chopper that will go through Downtown Phoenix and on to the Capitol building where Phoenix Best Fest will be in full swing. T-Shirts and Pins will be available until they run out for on site registration, Pre Register to guarantee your collectibles. Only 16 Days till the Ride of the Century. CLICK HERE to Register.

This Week
Thursday, January 26th
Men’s Garage Party (For Men Only) at Chester’s Harley-Davidson sponsored by Tilted Kilt. This is basic training for guys who are ready to ride. Come have some fun 6-9 PM while learning about the lifestyle. Ride already? Don’t worry, bring a friend that does not ride and show him what he is missing. RSVP today at 480-894-0404.
Saturday, Jan. 28th
Chester’s Harley-Davidson Huge Dirt lot party 9am-6pm with Jared Blackstone on acoustics and dirt cheap food while we give you what you want, Dirt Cheap used bikes. Don’t miss this event. Band and food 11-2pm
Get ready for NASCAR with discount tickets at Chester’s H-D. 25.00 gets you in all Checkered Flag events as well as the NASCAR Bashas’ Supermarket 200 at PIR and motorcycle parking.
Chester’s Harley-Davidson is located at 922 S. Country Club Dr. in Mesa, AZ.
Saturday, January 28th
Buddy Stubbs Hogs & Dogs Chili Cook-Off. Buddy Stubbs Arizona Harley-Davidson will once again ring in the New Year with a Chili Cook-Off! If your chili recipe is as polished as your chrome or if you simply consider yourself an expert sampler, be sure to join them on Saturday, January 28th, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., to take part in the festivities. Prizes for 1st and 2nd place will be handed out along with FREE food, drinks and museum tours with Buddy. To sign up for the chili contest or for more information contact or (602) 970-3400. Buddy Stubbs Arizona Harley-Davidson is located at 13850 N. Cave Creek Road, Phoenix, AZ 85022, or on the web at
Saturday, January 28th
Chandler Harley-Davidson Classic Car Show and Used Parts Swap Meet. Join us for our always anticipated Classic Car Show and Swap Meet. See some fantastic classic cars and get some bargains on used parts that you have been needing. Or clean out the garage and come sell those extra parts. Registration starts at 9 AM. Trophies awarded for car show winners beginning at 2 PM. No vendors or new items. Used parts and merchandise only. To pre-register contact Kevin at 480-496-6800. Chandler Harley-Davidson is located at 6895 W. Chandler Blvd. in Chandler.
Saturday, January 28th
AZ STaR 9th Annual "Paws of Life" Poker Run. This Poker Run will benefit Arizona Search Track and Rescue, Inc. a non-profit organization that provides specially trained dogs and personnel to locate missing people. Entry fee will be $10.00 per person. Registration will begin at 10:00 am at the Steel Horse Saloon located at 1768 W. Bell Road, Phoenix, AZ. Kick stands up at 11:00 am. Last card will be at 5:00 pm at the Steel Horse. First 100 participants will receive a ride bag and a ride pin. One of the stops will include the K9-Games Training facility where there will be different types of demonstrations by the Search and Rescue Dogs of AZ STaR. .
Entire Month of January
Month of January
Arrowhead Harley-Davidson “New Year – New Tires”. Penny Tire Special for the entire month of January. Purchase the rear tire at retail and receive the front tire for a PENNY! First tire at retail price and the lesser retail value will be at one cent. No other offer combined. Must be installed at Arrowhead Harley-Davidson at 16130 N. Arrowhead Fountain Ctr. Dr. in Peoria, AZ. 623-247-5542. Please mention this advertisement to receive the special pricing.
Month of January
Chandler Harley-Davidson “New Year – New Tires”. Penny Tire Special for the entire month of January. Purchase the rear tire at retail and receive the front tire for a PENNY! First tire at retail price and the lesser retail value will be at one cent. No other offer combined. Must be installed at Chandler Harley-Davidson at 6895 W. Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ. 480-496-6800. Please mention this advertisement to receive the special pricing.
Upcoming Events
Saturday, February 11th
Arizona Centennial Ride Sponsored by the Law Tigers. Plan to attend this “Once in a Lifetime” event to celebrate 100 years of Arizona Statehood. This will be a DPS escorted ceremonial ride of approximately 15 miles that will take us West on the Loop 202 to I-10 through downtown Phoenix past Chase Field and West on Jefferson to the Capitol where we will end at the Centennial Best Fest featuring a performance by Dierks Bentley. This will absolutely put a rumble in Downtown Phoenix like they have never heard before. I can’t wait. The cost for the ride will be $25 per person that will include participation in the ride, a commemorative t-shirt, ride pin and one (1) ticket for the drawing to win the AZ Copper Chopper. On site registration will start at 10 AM at Mesa Riverview. The t-shirt and ride pin will be in limited quantity so you will want to pre-register to guarantee that you get these collectible items. Once they are gone that is it. There will be a very cool patch that will be available to purchase at registration. I will have a picture of that in a couple of weeks. Click the following link for a picture of the shirt design that I took with my cell phone at a meeting. This will be shirt back.

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Barry Caraway
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