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Greetings Riders,
I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year. Hopefully all of your New Year resolutions, hopes and dreams will come to fruition. Isn’t it funny how the change of the calendar, virtually one day, can change your whole attitude or outlook on life and the future? I mean, how much can really change by just turning the calendar page from December 31st to January 1? It all happens in one second, how much can it really make a difference? Well, on paper not much, but in our attitude it can be monumental, and our attitude is what really determines how we perceive things to be.
The change of the calendar can help us to wish a bad year good riddance and make our cup half full again, instead of half empty. What I have found over the last 56 years is that it is not the rolling over of the calendar that is going to make a difference. It is the changing of our own mindset and attitude that will ultimately make things better. I read someplace that we have 2 choices when we wake up in the morning. We can decide that it is going to be a good day, have a positive attitude and make the best of it that we can. Or we can decide that it is going to be a bad day, begin with a negative attitude and set that course of action for the day. If you start the day with the glass half full, instead of half empty, your boss might even seem nicer, that extra 20 pounds might only seem like 10, and your spouse might even start responding kinder to the new you. Give it at try.
This start of a new year can also serve as an attitude adjustment to give us a fresh start in our mind. Start this new year believing it will be better than the last. Personally I try to start every day looking for the good in my life and deal with the curve balls as they come, rather than getting up looking for the curve balls and never seeing the blessings as they come. Attitude is everything. At least START your day seeing the good and work from there.
Being an avid rider and one that enjoys seeing our country from the seat of a motorcycle, a good mental health moment for me is just to stop and take a few minutes for daydreaming. One of my favorite things is to browse a map to see places that we haven't been, to look at old ride photos on the site, or when I'm sitting in traffic, start planning that next big journey in my mind and imagine how it might be. I love this quote by Albert Einstein, "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." I would encourage everyone who has been thinking about getting on that motorcycle for a good long trip on the open road to start imagining that today, and don't miss the opportunity to finally make it happen. Click Here for plenty of ideas to get you going. Or check out some of our recent riding and flying photos at the Cyclerides Smug Mug page.
Happy New Year to you all. I look forward to what we will find on the open road.

Next Week
Sunday, January 13th
Celebration of Life for Charley Vidal. As most of you know, Charley Vidal lost his battle with cancer last month. He was a long time friend of the motorcycle community and will be missed by many. A celebration of life for Charley Vidal will be held at Charley’s favorite hangout, The Hideaway in Cave Creek at 2 PM on Sunday, January 13th. There will be words from a few of his friends, a permanent plaque placed at the Hideaway and a release of balloons to Charley. All begins at 2 PM.


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Until Next Week,
Blessings and Safe Riding To All,

Barry Caraway
"The Road Is Yours - Take The Ride"

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